March 18, 2021

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  • "Anti-racists" target their own neighbors; time to strike back
  • Must-Read
  • The Washington Post's Source: It was more of a summary
  • Bioweapons Research?
  • New Podcast 
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee



"Anti-racists" target their own neighbors; time to strike back

By Mike Huckabee

I’ve made it clear how I view identity politics and the “anti-racist” movement –- that it’s actually the most racist thing to come along in this country since the days of Jim Crow.

So, how far will “anti-racists” go to further their blatantly racist (anti-white) agenda? The DAILY WIRE has a must-read article --- long, but well worth your time --- about what a school district in Loudoun County, a DC suburb in Virginia that happens to be the wealthiest county in America, is doing to try to shut down parents who disagree with their anti-racist curriculum. Keep in mind that these are the people who work at high-level jobs in Washington, DC; tragically, they make up our elite “leadership class.” The article is by Luke Rosiak, who has investigated some important stories that the mainstream media totally ignore, such as the mystery surrounding the Pakistani family servicing the DNC computers.

Read the DAILY WIRE article here.

In short, there’s a private Facebook group called “Anti-Racist Parents of Loudoun County,” which also includes current and former teachers, that has compiled a list of parents suspected of disagreeing with actions the schools have taken, including their teaching of “controversial racial concepts.” Their stated purpose, in part, is to “infiltrate, use “hackers” to silence parents’ communications, and “expose these parents publicly.” As...RACISTS!

They're doing this even though their communications include no evidence of racist behavior by the parents targeted. The parents were simply objecting to, wanting a debate about, or even just being neutral about “Critical Race Theory.” According to Critical Race Theory (CRT), anyone who objects to Critical Race Theory, questions Critical Race Theory or is even neutral about Critical Race Theory is a racist who is automatically considered an enemy by Critical Race Theory.

One “racial consulting” firm, the Equity Collaborative out of California, was paid close to $500,000 by Loudoun’s public school system, which has, according to the DAILY WIRE, “flooded its curricula and policies with racial rhetoric.” Members of the district staff were required to undergo “Equity in the Center” training to promote the idea of racial injustice and the urgency of making up for it.

Some of the people in this Facebook group use pseudonyms, but the DAILY WIRE has identified them as being “a 'Who’s Who' of the affluent jurisdiction outside DC, including school staff and elected officials.” Again, our leaders. They were looking for volunteers to help them with their activities, which a local pro-CRT mom helpfully listed online. Note especially #2...

1) Gather information (community mailing lists, lists of folks who are in charge of the anti-CRT movement, lists of local lawmakers/folks in charge).

2) Infiltrate (create fake online profiles and join these groups to collect and communicate information, hackers who can either shut down their websites or redirect them to pro-CRT...websites.

3) Spread information (expose these people publicly, create online petitions, create counter-mailings).

4) Find a way to gather donations for these efforts. Volunteering is great, but these efforts can be costly and not everyone has extra funds readily available.

The mom wrote, “I’m losing any hope that remaining civil towards these people changes anything. Avoiding these people isn’t enough to stop the spread of their evil rhetoric.”

"These people"?

According to CRT, saying that people should be judged by their character and NOT by skin color is "evil rhetoric." The story out of Loudoun County is in some ways reminiscent of the witch hunts in Salem, Massachusetts, as a group of wealthy, obsessed suburban white women takes radical measures against what they see as evil in their community.

Fortunately, one of the parents in this school district happens to be former Trump Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior, who appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show Wednesday night. He said the targeted parents have a name for the “Anti-Racists Of Loudoun County,” which I like a lot better: “Chardonnay Antifa.”

Prior said he found out through a reporter’s inquiry (I’m assuming it was Rosiak) that he personally had made their list –- twice. His two transgressions: He had gone to a school board meeting to speak up about First Amendment concerns in the schools (how dare he?), and last October he had written a strong op-ed in THE FEDERALIST about Critical Race Theory being used in Loudoun County public schools. Here it is --- highly recommended reading.

But writing this article doomed him. He said a neighbor alerted the group and put him on the list.

"I don’t know what country it is, I don’t know what neighborhood it is anymore, but I do know that this is happening everywhere,” he said. “Everywhere in America. And that’s why I think it’s important for people to go out there and talk about this.”

"It’s problematic in Loudoun County,” he added, “because the Loudoun County attorney was actually in this group. Now, I don’t know if she was participating in any of this, but she’s a member of this group.”

He noted three ways for “cancel culture avengers” to counter the “cancel culture commandoes”:

1. fearlessness

2. substance

3. mockery

My staff and I are all for using these three approaches as “avengers,” and we particularly see the power in MOCKERY, which has the added benefit of being highly entertaining. (See our Dr. Seuss parody, “How The Left Stole Reading.”) In fact, it was Loudoun County that first made news for deciding to “de-emphasize” Dr. Seuss because of “strong racial undertones.” Surprise, surprise.

These “anti-racists” can’t seem to comprehend that they, themselves, are racists of the highest order and are, as such, easily mocked by those who reject their perverted, toxic theory. It’s just that so many of us have become terrified of "cancel culture." Are leftists really going to cancel half the country (and I think it’s actually many more) if we stand up? We can just as easily decide to cancel THEM, and that’s what we have to do.

A theme has certainly emerged this week: George Orwell and "1984," with neighbors literally informing on each other providing the latest similarity. (The first two were disappearing language and high-tech surveillance.) We can no longer sit back and let these people fulfill their sick agenda. Don’t let them get away with targeting those in their own community, their own neighbors who have the courage to question and reject their horrid agenda.


By Mike Huckabee

PJ Media has an exclusive report on President Biden ordering a US Navy “stand-down” of all global operations while sailors are forced to undergo training to recognize and combat “extremism” in their ranks. The author is a sailor who had to experience this “training,” writing under a fake name for obvious reasons.

He exposes what our sailors are being told and why he found it so alarming. It amounts to leftwing brainwashing, in which “extremism” is defined solely as people who told rightwing views. He says they’re being told that it's extremism when election protesters attack Capitol police officers, but not a word about Antifa radicals attacking Portland police officers. They’re warned that “white supremacists” might join the military to try to gain weapons skills, but nothing about inner city gangs that have been trying the same thing for years.

He says that across the entire “training” session, there was a consistent, chilling drumbeat of demonizing the right as extremists and deafening silence about the left: “It seems odd that in 2020, when we saw 1,000 riots with varying levels of violence, our training would be centered on the one riot connected to the right and ignore the 999 connected to the left.”

He writes, “As true Americans, committed to our fellow servicemen and women, we should reject all extremism unequivocally from any source. My concern is that this blatantly political training is not only bad, it’s counterproductive. Extremists feed on paranoia, and the Department of Defense just fed them a healthy dose of it.” He warns that because of this, extremists of all stripes will go undercover, but nobody will be looking for the ones on the left.

I’d say if you wanted to look for leftist extremists in the Navy, you should start in the Pentagon with whoever ordered this.

The Washington Post's Source: It was more of a summary

By Mike Huckabee

The Washington Post claims they have not actually “retracted” their story about a phone call in which President Trump allegedly told George election investigator Frances Watson to “find the fraud” in the 2020 election and she’d be a “national hero.” They've merely clarified it. They’d like us to believe it’s one of those “fake but true” stories liberal outlets are so fond of spreading. Follow me on this:

First of all, the Post outed their anonymous source of the original quote as Deputy Georgia Secretary of State Jordan Fuchs. Fuchs defended herself, saying, “I believe the story accurately reflected the investigator’s interpretation of the call. The only mistake here was in the direct quotes, and they should have been more of a summary.”

So even though the original quotes from the Post’s story were the crux of the outrage over it, and were cited verbatim in Trump’s second impeachment trial, they actually were not his words but a “summary” of his alleged intentions as interpreted by someone who was quoted by someone else who wasn’t there, or as that’s known in court, “hearsay.” Well, no wonder the Post is standing by it. What more do you need than that?

But as Arthur Bloom at The American Conservative points out at the link, this only scratches the surface of the disturbing news about this story. Read it all. I’m not even going to try to summarize all the convoluted twists of this story, but it could possibly involve a state official secretly recording a phone conversation with the President (which may have been recorded in Florida, where that’s illegal) and misrepresenting its contents to the media while trying to destroy the evidence.

There are also allegations that Fuchs was obsessed with the Washington Post and may have also been the source of another leaked phone call with Trump from 10 days later. She denies that, which if true means there’s more than one recorder/leaker of private official phone calls in the highest levels of the state government.

By the way, if WaPo really believes that “Democracy dies in darkness,” how come they print stories with such shadowy sources?

Bioweapons Research?

By Mike Huckabee

Aside from questioning the most honest and transparent election in history, the other big story of 2020 that social media won’t allow anyone to discuss is the real origin of COVID-19 (hint: it’s in China.) So you probably didn’t hear this story. But David Asher, the former lead investigator for the State Department’s task force on tracking down the origin of the virus, told Fox News that in his personal view, the virus not only escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but might have been the result of research on a bioweapons program.

This is someone who’s worked on some of the most classified intelligence investigations under Administrations of both parties, including uncovering Pakistan’s nuclear procurement network and North Korea’s secret uranium enrichment. He believes this virus might have been a “weapons vector gone awry” that wasn’t deliberately spread, but that somehow leaked and turned into “the greatest weapon in history,” killing millions of people and wiping out up to 20% of global GDP. Also that the Chinese Communist Party has been engaging in a massive cover-up for 14 months as their economy roared back.

But hey, what does he know? I’m sure the techies that Facebook and Twitter hire to censor posts that mention the “Wuhan flu” know far more about this subject than he does.

New Podcast

Biden is still hiding as of this week’s publication of The People’s Podcast, which marks his 55th day in office without a press conference, breaking a 100 year record on presidential evasiveness. Here to discuss the president’s Q&A allergy is media watchdog Joe Concha, who ponders the question we’re all thinking: With such kid gloves treatment from the press, what exactly is Uncle Joe so afraid of? Plus, Governor Huckabee weighs in on Andrew Cuomo’s plunge from pandemic prince to pitiless pervert and offers some wisdom to the embattled New Yorker, from one three term Governor to another.


A Reader Writes Back...

Thank you for endorsing "Recall Gavin Newsom." Often times, I feel no one from Washington is listening to us or cares. I'm from California, my husband is white and I'm African American (true African American, born in Africa and naturalized American). We are not white supremacists and it's not about color or party (no shocker there pulling out the race card). The governor needs to do his job! Ask Newsom why he locked down small businesses throughout California, but his wineries in Napa were fully operational and how he dined out, mask free, to celebrate a birthday at a very expensive restaurant. This, along with his other inabilities to run our state, except into the ground, is WHY we want him gone. Perish the thought he should some day be our president! I honestly believe Newsom didn't think the recall would get this far, because the other attempts failed. Just like the democrats didn't think Trump would take the presidency, govenor gav, thought he was untouchable!

America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Canyonlands National Park, visit its website here.

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  • Vernon Thompson

    03/19/2021 11:16 AM

    Letter to NV Gov!
    Dear Governor Sisolak:
    The conduct 2020 Presidential Election in NV was a disaster which left more questions than answers. The citizens do not trust the conduct of the election nor the results. This should never be repeated again!
    Why did we have the problem? It happened because the NV Legislature succumbed to national pressures to permit Universal Mail-In Voting using the Pandemic as the excuse. The Legislature created AB4 which you signed that laid the groundwork for the problems we saw. It provided for ballots to be mailed to all registered voters which was irresponsible in itself because the voter rolls had not been trued up as required by Federal Law. When over 200K Clark County ballots were returned as undeliverable that should have been a clue, I believe that there were at least 3 Counties with more registered voters than eligible voters of legal age. That is reckless and careless!
    In addition the Bill permitted unlimited, uncontrolled Ballot Harvesting. That coupled with mailed ballots is an open invitation for rampant fraud. Unfortunately, there were no specific and strict provisions to ensure election integrity. You even rejected the SOS’s attempt to control ballot harvesting. California successfully parlayed Mail-In Ballots, Ballot Harvesting and Jungle Primaries to create a One-Party State which is an unmitigated disaster. As a member of the Ruling Elites, I am sure that has appeal to you but I guarantee that the citizens will resent it mightily.
    Did we have fraud? Sure! There is always someone somewhere who will try to cheat. The question in light of AB4, how much fraud and will any of it be punished? After the Primary there were questions about fraud and whether it was investigated. The response was that the SOS didn’t receive any complaints - “nothing to see here.” That is no longer true. The Republican Party delivered a long list of very specific charges to the Secretary of State that should be investigated. (Attached) The fact that the courts ignored or refused to review the evidence should be ignored!
    Nothing will happen without your direct involvement and leadership.
    • The SOS should be instructed to conduct the investigation and provided the resources to do it. A complete forensic audit including voting machines!
    • The Legislature should be instructed to repeal and replace AB4 which means an open forum where proposals from all sides are entertained. That means an open Legislature – not the way this session is being run as Democrats only!
    • If there are violations of the law discovered from the investigation they should be prosecuted and publicized in an effort to deter future problems.
    • Registered Voter rolls should be trued up! If this had been done the problem would not have been as severe. Those Registrars of Voters that failed in 2020 should be terminated!
    • An AB4 replacement should contain mandatory Voter ID. Forget the “suppression” nonsense.
    • Ballot Harvesting should be prohibited or severely restricted with controls.
    • There should be standards for signature verification. (no more 40% electronic verification!)
    • Everything should be done to encourage “in-person voting” and every effort to minimize human involvement and handling of ballots.
    • There should be strict and clear standards for Poll Watchers as well as the observation of vote counting! Transparency a must unlike 2020!
    We cannot survive as a country unless the American Citizen’s vote and right to vote is not protected. We should never have another NV election where the outcome is in such serious question. Failing to make the changes necessary to meet that objective should be severely punished. Another election conducted like 2020 should result in mass resignations in the NV executive branch!
    Here are some of the specifics filed:
    Summary of Evidence
    · Process Fraud - including things like Clark County deliberately mailing 81,000 ballots to known inactive voters, mail being improperly forwarded to known bad addresses by the US Postal Service, insufficient checking of signatures on returned ballots, and lack of meaningful observation of the vote count.
    · Illegal Cash for Votes schemes operated on tribal lands statewide.
    · Illegal Mail Ballots Cast as detailed below:
    42,284 duplicate votes cast by voters with matching name, address and birthdate
    15,164 out of state votes (non-student, non-military)
    8,842 votes from commercial addresses
    3,463 votes from vacant properties
    3,262 votes from non-existent addresses (vacant lots, etc.)
    2,468 votes from voters who have permanently changed their residence address to another state
    1,506 votes from deceased voters
    3,987 votes from non-US citizens
    Each of these 80,976 cast votes ties back to a specific voter record, and these details were included in the 8,000 pages of evidence filed with the district and Nevada Supreme courts by the Nevada GOP. Additional info on these categories is at the following links:
    · 120 page report on open vote buying: https://nevadag_pp,org/cash-for-votes-in-nevada/
    · Duplicate voters:
    · Non-Citizen votes:
    · Out of state voters: https://nevada,
    · USPS Whistleblower report: https://—
    · Poll Worker affidavits:

  • Joyce Kanlan

    03/19/2021 12:39 AM

    ??I believe& interpretation. First, I “believe” is an opinion, like feet, everyone has them&they all stink. Second, “interpretation”. How one interprets something is most times interpreted differently from someone else. Like an opinion, a thought, an idea. It’s YOURS&YOURS alone, not “Truth”. But, I guess their ??is like perception, if it’s ????true or real to them, to them it’s then truth. As long as ??has control (2Timothy 3rd chapter), we must pray without ceasing for our ????Country& our leaders! It’s time Patriots to sound off! Stand United, peacefully call,write(old school),email,visit your representative&DEMAND they ACTUALLY DO the work you hired them to do!!????????

  • Dusty

    03/19/2021 12:26 AM

    Love the reader on Calif Newsom who is actually born in Africa now a US Citizen and very upset on what Gov has done per his shut down and yet he does what he wanted like eat out no mask and runs his own winery okay: She is also married to a white man and tired of the race card being used? As all are now over an d over dividing us more then they are trying to say we are racist per being white? Amazing I go to a black man dentist in Atlanta for several years as an old white lady. His skin color does not mean anything to me I go per he is a good dentist white , black, pink yellow? Had black friends good ones and can not stand a few white friends or people . STOP this in the media and in our schools.. As Martin Luther King said to judge someone by who they demonstrate they are not the skin color not direct quote but he meant what I use to judge who I like or not? Washington Post going back on lies now what good does this do to tell the truth after months of an election and when millions of us Conservatives were tossed off Facebook and other TECH controlled places ? Now we see the KARMA ofGov CUOMO and what was done per the shut downs in NY and deaths . Sexual is secondary to this where were these women months ago years ago? Too late.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    03/19/2021 12:21 AM

    Target neighbors. Snitches, liars, causing fear, doubt &confusion like ??& past dictators are what we see today b/c our Ignorant under educated people DO NOT KNOW their history. THIS is what the left wants. Undereducated, ignorant, blind,deaf&dumb sheep&ostrich like immature easily led 16 year olds to vote(for FREE this&that!). We are physically watching in real time 2Timothy chapter 3. ????, Now is the time for all good men&women to come to the aid of their country!????????. 2Chronicles 7:14.

  • Dan Klaffke

    03/18/2021 11:47 PM

    I have the solution to "Global Warming". This is much better than any government program. It is a given, that the sun warms the Earth - hence "Global Warming". Every Rooster knows that it is their crowing that causes the sun to come up. Here is the solution: We must eliminate all roosters and then the sun will not come up any more, and there will be no more "Global Warming!!!"

  • James Evart

    03/18/2021 09:47 PM

    As killing babies in the womb should always be called MURDER, so, should these programs promoting race theory be called racism PERVERTED........ OR........PERVERTED RACISM?

  • Robert Rhoades

    03/18/2021 08:36 PM

    By now you have heard of the shooting in Atlanta Massage Parlors. It is odd to me that so many are trying to turn this into a hate crime: whites against Asians. But I have heard no one mention the trafficking of Asian girls into the sex industry in America. Why did Robert Aaron Long shoot so many Asians? Was he trying to single out Asian women? No. It seems these young women are the ones who are mainly "employed" (captured into) the sex industry called massage Parlors. They have been enslaved. And even after this tragic shooting no one has the guts to say the real tragedy is the sex slave business.

  • Paul Kern

    03/18/2021 05:26 PM

    It is very sad to see so many accept the swamp's perversions and lies.
    I have had to go to outlets outside the nation to get real news as most honest reporting is blocked or banned by Big Tech, MSM, and even the CDC now
    I know some military guys who are telling me in Afghanistan they are being resupplied. Both ammo and food are in short supply.
    I read now that George Soros Open Society is now being banned in other nations by governments, while imperfect, have a higher regard for their citizen's freedoms than ours.
    As a believer I am angry that so many religious leaders have become SJWs themselves.
    Wolves in sheep's clothing.
    I imagine God has witheld his hand of blessing and now letting us reap the results of our sins.

  • Tom Davis

    03/18/2021 04:53 PM

    Dear Governor: I have to admit to being worried, very worried over the ineffectual response the GOP has over the myriad Biden trauma's inflicted to date. I'm not seeing much of a legislative push back, not much litigation, no hint of impeachment of Biden for non-constitutional EO's, no "threat" of succession. The radical railroad has left the station. As much as I dislike Bill Maher's presentation, his recent one on China was spot on. We are a very silly people. It seems the GOP tries to go along to get along only to get kicked in the teeth (or worse). We're in a nuclear war and we brought Miss Manners as our consiglieri. When will our response get aggressive? A huge fan, Tom

  • Tommy Burns

    03/18/2021 04:20 PM

    Governor, it is just so frustrating to see how "utterly foolish and senseless" some people are among all the races who are falling for the demoncrats <the demonize anyone who does not agree with them>, the liberals, socialist/communist, they are all in the same "basket". I get so tired of their demonizing us conservatives, calling us "racist" when we are not "racist", "xenophobes" when we do not hate foreigners, we just want them to come the right and proper way. We are in need of legal immigrants since "they" <the democrats, liberals, socialist/communist> have murdered approximately 65 million babies <the next generation of Americans>. Are they so utterly foolish and senseless that they do they not understand that, it is primarily a bunch of old "white" people <Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the Clintons, Al Gore, John Kerry and other "old white men and women> that are pushing these divisive thoughts and ideas in order to keep their power and control over the people. These old "white" people <and I am an old white person who has black, Hispanic and Asian friends and a black daughter-in-law>, these old democrat "white people" are not going to give up their "white privileges" <you see that with John Kerry without his mask and on his private plane spouting his elitest attitude about he deserves special considerations because of who he is. I Pray the Prayer of Nehemiah 4:4-5 on them every day. BTW if you read Nehemiah chapters 1-8, you will see a picture of the last four years under Trump, pictured here <fake news, false claims, lies, derogatory remarks , etc.>

  • Frank Braun

    03/18/2021 03:52 PM

    re: Loudon county schools: Hey parents, are there no alternatives to these "woke" schools? How about some good Christian schools instead?

  • Ann Atwell

    03/18/2021 03:07 PM

    Governor Newsom is Nancy Pelosi's nephew. Does anything else need to be said. He is as incompetent as his aunt. All democrates think they are above the laws of the land.

  • Pat J Green

    03/18/2021 02:57 PM

    With a 24 years in the military and 10 of those in the Navy I can just imagine how this training to recognize and combat "extremism" will go, the first time that some young sailor gets upset with his or her NCOIC for chewing them out then they will head to some college educated young ensign and the next thing a career sailor's life is ruined. The military needs to do one thing and one thing only and that's to protect this nation from those who would do us harm

  • Shea Oakes

    03/18/2021 02:52 PM

    Thank you for all you and your family are doing to “right” this ship! Regarding anti-racism in education I HIGHLY suggest you read this article about what is happening in Wake County, the largest county in NC, a typically red state.

    Thank you!


  • Jj

    03/18/2021 02:50 PM

    How can u tell if you are dealing with a communist liberal. I think if you listen to constant interruptions, fake know it all statements that only fit an anti American value and the person talks how he is putting dishes away everything he does is the only way it should be done one way no debate on a better way you might be with a communist liberal they are not fun or healthy to be around


    03/18/2021 02:21 PM


    In the 1950s - I was a teenage "white" Farm worker ............ working with "blacks" from the inner city bused out to the farms ........... we were working to pay for school clothes. The farms were owned by Asian men who had white wives ........... and MUTI RACIAL children !!!! These "multi racial" Asians now have children and grandchildren - some have great grandchildren ................
    Any Asian and every part Asian Multi Racial must be livid at the "garbage mouths" of the Liberal Democrat Socialists !!!!!

    I have had several Hispanic gardeners - no clue which "variety" - I do not speak Spanish - and we manage to communicate .......... How do they feel about "color of skin" ???? being the major consideration for "value" ?

    "Black" farmers were awarded GOVT TAX PAYER $$$$ What about all the Asian and Hispanic and "multi racial" farmers ?????

    Native Indians were here first - what about Indians ?

    This subject needs to be eliminated !!!!!! permanently !!!

  • Floyd A Unger

    03/18/2021 02:18 PM

    I wonder....does anyone remember going to the restroom at a gas station ?? that had a sign saying “white only”?..or the door to a bus station with the same sign?

  • Beverly Nolan

    03/18/2021 01:43 PM

    Why is everyone asking why it is taking so long for the first press conference of the president? The answer is so obvious. It takes a lot of time to write those carefully crafted questions and disperse them to the right people. Those people will have to follow a precise order, meaning your question is first and you are second etc., etc in order to keep the answers on the teleprompter in the proper order. Does anyone really think Biden is capable of doing this on his own? Poor silly people.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    03/18/2021 01:38 PM

    It isn't that half the country has any fear of the Cancel Culture cowards and clowns -- we just don't care.
    I live in a Blue State (but was proudly born in Texas) and I can tell you that here we do not care.
    We dont support or do that stuff and despise those who do.
    Those affected are panty waist Leftists and when two mad dogs are eating each other who cares?
    Good riddance to both.
    I agree -- the Nation will not stand this for long and it will not end well for the Blue Reich.

  • Ann Goff

    03/18/2021 01:21 PM

    I would appreciate it if you could comment on Franklin Graham’s encouraging pastors to tell their congregations to get the vaccine AND that Jesus would get it!! Common on man!! Is he for real?? I have heard it all now . Not his business to tell people what they put in their body . What happened to freedom?

  • Laurie Keiski

    03/18/2021 01:20 PM

    So MLK engaged in “hateful rhetoric”! Interesting. Also, I fear the new SecDef posed a serious threat to the country. He may have earned his stars legitimately but like Colin Powell, he is now way left.

  • Charlotte Brees

    03/18/2021 01:10 PM

    I would love to listen to your poscast. However, I will NOT pay for information that should be free to EVERYONE.

  • William Bevington

    03/18/2021 12:54 PM


  • William Fuhrer

    03/18/2021 12:45 PM

    What if persons put crosses or 10 commandments on their door to show THIS HOUSE ISNOT RACIST

  • Elizabeth Jennings

    03/18/2021 12:42 PM

    <SIGH>, no double <sigh>. This is getting hard to read (in that it is discouraging) not in that it is not true and real.