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March 5, 2021

When voters in Georgia were about to decide in a runoff whether or not to leave the Senate in the hands of the GOP, then President-elect Biden promised that if they elected the two Democrats, “those $2000 (COVID relief) checks will go out the door.” (Sounds like bribery for votes to me, but I assume the authorities will overlook that.)

Well, the voters elected two far-left Democrats, and here’s what they’ve got to show for it.

In the latest version of the bill in the Senate, the $2000 checks have shrunk to $1400 (unless you’re a federal worker, then you get one every week), and income eligibility has shrunk from $100,000 a family to $80,000, which means 8 million fewer Americans will get aid than got it under Trump.

To quote punk rock icon Johnny Rotten, “Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?”

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  • Linda Colombo

    03/10/2021 09:18 PM

    It was Bribery, and I stated that when he promised that to the people in GA. But no one again would hold Joe Biden to any of his crimes he has committed. The big one is the Joe and Hunter Involvement with China and Ukraine. It's just unbelievable that these Democrats can say or commit any crimes and nothing happens. They get away with everything. Kamala Harris is another one on her involvement with BLM.

  • Karen Foster

    03/06/2021 07:52 PM

    Not my President!

  • Thalia Sanders

    03/06/2021 06:51 PM

    I believe the Georgia runoff election cheated, too. That’s all right, we will be better prepared for the next election.

    I gotta funny filling America wasn’t first. In addition, it isn’t even Tuesday, and he’s already signing something, and I don’t know if Congress sent this to him, or not. If so Nancy made a fast turn around. Let’s see how fast this will get into the hands of the people who really need it... people are really hurting in SilverSpring, MARYLAND USA ????

  • Donald Edward Wolf

    03/06/2021 06:08 PM

    As Americans we can only start voting the Democrats out in the 2022 midterm elections. The inflation I see coming with the $15 min wage will really hurt us retired people on Social Security.
    We will need a much larger increase. We cannot keep up with the inflation we have already seen. Will you bring it up. It is our investment of a lifetime for old age and it keeps shrinking. A 4-5% increase will not even do it and forget adding the $1400. That is a one time payment to those hit hardest by the covid down turn. We on Social Security need an increase set in concrete and a good one.
    Best to you and keep the truth coming in.
    Don Wolf
    Mesa Az

  • Goodguy014

    03/06/2021 11:59 AM

    Biden just a commie liar when he can remember what he said. Belongs in a nursing home memory care unit.

  • Katrinka Perry

    03/06/2021 11:38 AM

    I am telling you - our Good Lord is watching. What the democraps are doing is illegal - they don't care about the American Population. They are making way to illegals. Yes i am a Republican and all President Trump did was help America and all the Democraps are doing is trying to destroy America. My family was Army & Air Force as far back as I can track and they are rolling in their graves now. God Please Help US.

  • Pamela S Morrison

    03/06/2021 10:30 AM

    I am just curious who is considered a Federal employee? I was hired by the Census three times and have to commence work.

  • dick freese

    03/06/2021 09:38 AM

    Trump kept virtually every promise he made that was in his power. So far Sick looking Biden has failed to keep virtually every promise or twisted the facts beyond recognition. Yes we have been cheated by the phony smiling Biden crew and the corrupt henchmen on his team.

  • C..Diaz

    03/06/2021 02:27 AM

    YOU BET IS B RIBERY----Democratas asquerosos --Sucios