March 19, 2021

The one moment in Sunday’s Grammy Awards that wasn’t anti-American propaganda came when comedian Bill Burr did some of his defiantly non-PC jokes, and the Twitter peanut gallery’s heads predictably exploded. The cries of “Racist!” prompted one person to point out that Burr’s wife, actress Nia Renee Hill, is black. That sparked what has been dubbed the worst tweet ever, from a (white) writer and self-proclaimed “thought leader” in New York, whom I will mercifully not name. He replied:

“While I'm not suggesting Bill Burr is a racist, a white man having a non-white wife can sometimes be a sign of racism. So you shouldn't assume someone isn't racist just because they own a minority sex servant. They may very well have one because they're racist.”

That earned him the honor of a personal reply from Nia Renee Hill. It was just five words, two of which I can’t repeat here, but you can read them all at the link, along with the observation that this is how you respond to leftist idiots calling you a racist on Twitter, not by issuing groveling apologies and quitting Mumford & Sons.

With the Grammy Awards having devolved into a leftism-preaching porn show that’s driven away most of its audience, it’s nice to remember the days when great musical talents graced the telecast. One of them is Tina Turner, who scored a dozen Grammy wins during her career. She made her last album in 1999 and gave her farewell performance in 2009, but her music lives on, both on record and in the hit Broadway tribute show, “The Tina Turner Story.”

This month, a new documentary called “Tina” debuts which is reportedly both a personal bio and Turner’s way of “bowing out” to her fans. She’s now 81 and has suffered ill health, including a kidney transplant, cancer and a stroke. She also still has nightmares and PTSD from her abusive childhood and first marriage to Ike Turner. But now living in Europe, she is reportedly at peace with her past and happily married to her second husband, record producer Erwin Bach.

The New York Post has a great article on Tina and the documentary with fascinating quotes and some great photos.

Check it out. It will remind you of a time when you could turn on the Grammy Awards and really see “the best in music.”

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