April 29, 2021

There’s nothing I love more than the smell of shattered liberal media narratives in the morning, so here are the results of a new Fox News poll that found that 77% of Americans support having to show an ID to vote.

The poll also found that President Biden’s handling of the pandemic is the only issue on which his approval rating (58%) is above 50% (again, he inherited the vaccines and distribution system from Trump.) On guns, border security and immigration, he’s in the mid-30s.

And in a ranking of the issues Americans care most about, the economy ranked #1, followed by gun laws, health care, infrastructure, illegal immigration and racism. Climate change was ranked last. Oh, sorry: the "climate emergency" was ranked last.

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  • Sonny Chance

    04/29/2021 11:01 AM

    We finally began to recognize the fact that our democracy is under attack and being systematically destroyed by the marxist machine that now control the so called democratic party. The media has rampantly driven their narrative since before President Trump was elected. The constitution has been violated minute by minute 24-7.
    The only response I have received from the many conservative candidate I financially supported are requests for more money. My PO box is literally stuffed everyday with request for more money in order to "stop" these attacks and the people behind.
    These request seem more about exploiting our national crisis than uniting those of us who still believe in America, freedom and democracy. Just more talk, political theatrics and wasted paper.