April 27, 2021

Making official the “Biden Administration’s change in direction” of immigration law “enforcement,” the Department of Homeland Security announced that illegal aliens who fail to depart the US will no longer face fines, and ICE will work with the Treasury Department to cancel the existing debts of those who have already been assessed fines.

Meanwhile, as Democrats around the nation are decriminalizing everything from illegal border crossing to rioting, shoplifting, drug-dealing and prostitution, a woman in Oklahoma discovered she was a wanted on a felony rap for failing to return a rented VHS tape to a video store in 1999.

Caron McBride was getting married and when she went to change her name on her drivers’ license, she discovered there was a complaint against her for felony embezzlement filed in 2000 by The Movie Place in Norman, Oklahoma, for failing to return a VHS copy of “Sebrina, The Teenage Witch.” She says she never even watched that show and suspects her then-boyfriend’s daughters rented it in her name. But she now thinks she knows why she was let go from several jobs: they ran a background check and found she was accused of felony embezzlement.

The county DA’s office agreed to drop the charges, but that doesn’t make her problems magically disappear. She’s already suffered financial hardships, and now she has to sue the state to clear her record. If it’s any consolation, The Movie Place went out of business in 2008, and “A History of Violence” was the last major movie released on VHS in 2006. So she's long outlived both the store and the video format.

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