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April 7, 2021

I was watching a news program last night and was disturbed to see that in interviews with people on the street, they were repeating the false claim from President Biden, the media and other Democrat activists that the Georgia voting laws were “Jim Crow on steroids.” They’re not even Jim Crow on blood thinners.

It was a depressing example of how partisan leaders and media figures who are willing to lie about an issue can mislead the public. Georgia’s new election laws are no more restrictive than those in most other states. In many ways, they make voting easier, for instance, by expanding early voting. The voter ID aspects are favored by large majorities of Americans, even blacks (to vote, just show the same ID you use to pick up baseball tickets, get onto a Delta flight, enter a Coke shareholders’ meeting or tour the Biden White House.) Even those that tighten some laws only tighten the illegal loosening that made so many people distrust the 2020 election, but they’re still looser than they were in 2018.

The claim that these laws are anything like what blacks had to endure under Jim Crow is not only provably false, it’s insulting to people who lived through that time and actually suffered under those (Democrat) laws. At the link, Valerie Richardson of the Washington Times talks to some of those people and reminds us of what Jim Crow voting laws really meant: poll taxes, “literacy tests,” requirements to own property and more, backed up by threats of violence.

You’ll see why one associate political science professor at a historically Black college said the comparison of Georgia’s laws to Jim Crow “passes through ‘nonsensical’ into offensiveness.”

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  • James Voorhies

    04/11/2021 07:28 PM

    Hell no. Go home

  • Dennie Lambert

    04/08/2021 11:54 AM

    It is a shame that the main stream news media, are all lying backstabbing organizations working for the Left with no consideration for the truth. People need to wake up and stop believing anything the media says. They are just lying scumbags that doesn't care anything about their listeners. What a shame