April 30, 2021

One of the benefits of being a subscriber to the Huckabee newsletter is that from time to time we offer you practical advice you can really use. And today is your lucky day –- this is one of those times.

So, here’s what we recommend: If some morning at 6AM, a group of FBI agents knock on your door with a warrant to search your home and confiscate any electronic devices on the premises, just let them in and invite them to make themselves at home while they raid it. Offer them a refreshing beverage to enjoy as they look through all your personal things. When they encounter a phone, laptop, hard drive or any electronic device and ask you if it belongs to you, tell them, “No, it belongs to Hunter Biden.”

They will immediately turn away from it and ignore it, leaving it exactly as they found it. Then, when they encounter the next electronic device and ask you whose it is, tell them, “Oh, that one belongs to Hunter Biden as well.” They will ignore it and keep looking. Guaranteed.

You might even offer it to them, and assure them that it has evidence of President Biden committing various crimes with his son, Hunter.

Trust us, they’ll react as if the device were radioactive. Not only will they not take it, they won’t even bother to take a peek at what’s on it.

At this point, you might just save everybody’s time by saying to the agents, “Come to think of it, every piece of electronic equipment in the area covered by your warrant happens to belong to Hunter Biden.” The agents will immediately head for the door. “Sorry we bothered you,” the lead agent will say. “Thanks for the delicious beverage,” the last one will say as he politely closes your front door on the way out.

Don’t believe me? Rudy Giuliani would.

Little did he know that when FBI agents raided his residence on Wednesday and were told that three hard drives found there belonged to Hunter Biden --- and they did --- the FBI would have no interest in them whatsoever. What they were after were all of Giuliani’s devices, which, according to his attorney, are “replete” with communications protected by attorney-client privilege.

NEWSMAX cites a source close to Giuliani who says, “For two years, Rudy was [Trump’s] personal attorney, knew his whole legal defense in these probes, and also was the point man on all the election stuff. They used this warrant to get information on Trump. This is about the weaponization of the Justice Department for political purposes.”

We have speculated that the “election stuff” is at least part of what they want to see. Victoria Toensing, who had her phone confiscated by the FBI on Wednesday as well, has some ties to Ukraine but also has been working on Giuliani’s team to uncover election fraud.

The probe into Giuliani is widely reported to be focusing on his activities in Ukraine, involving allegations that he failed to register as a foreign agent with the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA, when he advocated for the dismissal of the U.S. ambassador in Kiev. But he maintains that he was acting not on behalf of foreign nationals but in the interest of his client, President Trump.

As Tucker Carlson pointed out on Thursday night, Giuliani is at least the third attorney to have his personal communications with President Trump seized by the “Justice” Department. The former NYC mayor was a guest on his show. It’s a must-see interview.

What I want to see now are the circumstances surrounding this warrant: who applied for it, who approved it and with what justification. This is very serious; we’ve got a DOJ that obviously is on a search-and-destroy mission, one that operates under two completely different standards of “justice.”

In the meantime, if FBI agents show up at your door with a warrant to take your electronic devices, you know what to tell them.

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  • rodney d burke

    05/04/2021 01:23 PM

    that was political hit job on Rudi, since they didn't want to get evidence on Hunt er, there is no investigation. This is Gestapo tactics, FBI knows Rudi has the good on The ambassador, her aide and joe in this Ukraine debacle. That's okay, they are about to get bit in the ***** by their own criminality

  • James Mullen

    04/30/2021 03:25 PM

    Hey hey ho ho Biden and the FBI gotta go!

  • Janet Witmer

    04/30/2021 03:00 PM

    The FBI has lost all creditability. Exactly what the enemies want.

  • Curtis Hakes

    04/30/2021 02:52 PM

    If we Lived in a banana republic with no representation the only alternative would be to take up of arms and pray and Wate For God’s supernatural direction. Remember when we wait for God for his judgment they can’t touch Him when it comes to prosecution! They can only prosecute the church! And that gives God more reason for their judgment!

  • Daphna Yurfest

    04/30/2021 02:46 PM

    DOJ is deep state, they want Rudy’s laptop and phone so they would know how to railroad the election fraud investigations... if they know first hand what he got they will know what to protect or destroy... material or witnesses...

  • Martha Story

    04/30/2021 02:32 PM

    I cannot believe what happened to Giuliani! What is keeping our beloved US from becoming, like he says, Berlin before the wall came down!! It is so depressing and heart breaking! It is not our free US anymore and we fear for our very lives! Like a governor said last night on Fox, we are scared for our lives, our children, our church, our homes, our jobs, everything! Thank you, Lord, for the courageous people like you and your team that keep telling us the truth and work toward freedom again.

  • Twila Flowers

    04/30/2021 02:22 PM

    Your information on the DOJ and the FBI is frightening and very concerning, What has happened to truth and honesty in our most honored people? Who is controlling these groups? The Communists or Hitler? How can they get away with this? Mr. Huckabee, I so appreciate you and what you are doing for all of us, I just always feel frustrated as I would like to contribute to the cleanup of all this. Our country is vital to our freedom. Again thank you and God bless you. Twila

  • Pierce G Smith

    04/30/2021 01:04 PM

    It strikes me that retaliation by Democrats/Biden could be the reason(s) why Rudi, and other members of the Trump team are being attacked for their allegiance to the Republican Party. Petty but very probable.
    Some where down the road I would not be surprised if I came under scrutiny as
    I have been critical of 1st Obama, and now Biden. And one other thing worth mentioning, there has been talk of a 3rd term for Obama. I personally think Biden is not that smart, but Obama might be coaching him,3rd term maybe, yes.

  • Catherine Crippen

    04/30/2021 12:54 PM

    It seems to me that they (democratic denizens of the swamp/feds) want the information that is privileged attorney client/attorney information so that they find something - anything - to use against former President Trump going forward.

  • Debbie Hernandez

    04/30/2021 12:52 PM

    Thanks Mike for the use Hunter Biden!! I am monitored on FB. When I post, there's a delay before it posts! I'm a hard conservative and a Trumper!! I don't use the other medias, but I probably would be censored there as well. I'm glad Hunter Biden is good for something!!!

  • Dave Brown

    04/30/2021 11:53 AM

    Could you please ask all churches and men of God to take a specific day and pray and fast for the end of covid 19. You influence is strong with your website and TV show. Many people will listen.

    Thank you,

  • Robert Anthony Helton

    04/30/2021 11:29 AM

    Joe Biden should be removed from 'office', although Joe did not win it, and Tried for Treason and crimes against America and Americans.