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April 30, 2021

While we wait for the results of the Maricopa County election audit, there’s more being revealed about how the 2020 presidential election was conducted that should concern us all.

This story relates to the hair-splitting some do when it comes to categorizing social media censorship as actual CENSORSHIP; that is, the denial of constitutionally-protected free speech rights. Virtually everyone would agree that if the government does this, it’s censorship. But if a private company such as YouTube or Facebook does it, the argument goes, it isn't. That's their business, we’re told, so it's their call. That’s what their lawyers maintain, anyway.

But what if private business and government are working together to censor communication? And what if the communication relates to an election?

Judicial Watch announced Tuesday that they have documentation that during the 2020 election, California government officials colluded with Big Tech to censor social media posts in the United States. State officials apparently pushed social media companies Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to censor posts as “misinformation.” And since they all were members of the same political party –- guess which one? –- this was done.

A big motivation for Judicial Watch to look into this was that they themselves were targeted in this way on social media. They’ve documented that YouTube (owned by Google) was contacted directly by a state official on September 24, 2020, and told to remove a Judicial Watch video. According to Judicial Watch, the video, which concerned voting by mail, was removed three days later. They filed their request for documents under the California Public Records Act after seeing a December 2020 report that revealed the California Office of Election Cybersecurity had surveilled and asked the social media giants to remove or flag as “misleading” at least two dozen messages.

Once again, the infinitely patient Judicial Watch finally got a response to their request for records, and this time if was in the form of 540 pages and a supplemental 4 pages of documents from the California secretary of state.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, now has evidence that SKDKnickerbocker –- a Washington-based communications company that developed the Biden presidential campaign’s vote-by-mail program in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Wisconsin (there are those states again) –- was involved in the censoring of speech during last year’s election period. As reported in THE EPOCH TIMES in a premium story, “the company did this by sharing its “Misinformation Daily Briefings” with California officials, who then passed them on to media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google for dissemination, according to Judicial Watch.”

The process worked like this:

BIDEN CAMPAIGN =====> SKDKnickerbocker =====> California Office of Election Cybersecurity =====> FB, Twitter, Google, etc. =====> CENSORSHIP

Fitton said, “These new documents suggest a conspiracy against the First Amendment rights of Americans by the California Secretary of State, the Biden campaign operation, and Big Tech.”

He added, “These documents blow up the big lie that Big Tech censorship is ‘private’ --- as the documents show collusion between a whole group of government officials in multiple states to suppress speech about election controversies.”

A spokesperson for the California Office of Election Cybersecurity described the public-private collaboration this way: “The Office of Election Cybersescurity in the California Secretary of State’s office monitored and tracked social media posts, decided if they were misinformation, stored the posts in an internal database coded by threat level [!], and on 31 different occasions requested posts be removed. In 24 cases, the social media companies agareed and either took posts down or flagged them as misinformation.”

At the time that pesky December report came out, this spokesperson said, “We don’t take down posts; that is not our role to play.”

Well, no, they PERSONALLY don’t take them down. They simply suggest to the big social media companies, who agree with them politically, that THEY take them down, and then social media does the deed. This spokesperson skillfully used language to put a more refined spin on this: “We alert potential sources of misinformation to the social media companies and we let them make that call based on community standards they created.”

But we know how “misinformation” is defined in today’s political climate. It means “conservative speech.” It has almost nothing to do with objective truth.

Here’s an example: a Facebook user who implied having voted more than once with multiple ballots had that post taken down on October 31, 2020. And if anyone posted anything about voter fraud, receiving multiple ballots in the mail, or seeing thousands of unopened ballots in a dumpster, and that was routinely taken down. Heck, they’re STILL removing posts that allege voter fraud took place, even posts that offer statistical evidence and comments from cyber experts that support the claim. That type of post is not “misinformation” –-- it is opinion that has not been debunked, no matter what Jimmy Kimmel says.

According to Judicial Watch, SKDKnickerbocker lists Biden for President as its top client for 2020. Here’s more about SKDKnickerbocker’s connection to Biden from a press release dated November 12 of last year, right after the election.

“Biden campaign’s Anita Dunn heads back to SKDKnickerbocker,” the headline reads. “Dunn had been working with the President-elect’s team before the Democratic primaries began,”

Before the primaries, Dunn was working at SKDK and part-timing for Biden. But she later took full leave to be a part of Biden’s campaign. She was in charge of “message coordination, in particular with SKDK.” At the time this press release was written, the transition period was starting and Dunn was easing herself back into the agency.

“Dunn has a long history of working on Democratic campaigns,” it says, going on to cite her senior staff role during President Obama’s 2008 campaign. Read this release; it’s an eye-opener when you consider that this person was likely spearheading the work the campaign was doing with state government offices, which in turn collaborated with social media.

Something about this smells really bad.

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Comments 1-18 of 18

  • Michelle Ferrer

    04/30/2021 04:03 PM

    On the assumption that more evidence shows this is true, which won't surprise me, what do we do about it? If Big Tech and the Democratic Party are in collusion to rig elections and/or subvert free speech, what is the recourse?

  • Allen Hare

    04/30/2021 03:43 PM

    After all we know to be true about all the Laws of our Country being broken by the Commie Democrats....WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING ARRESTED AND STANDING TRIAL ? Are Government officials EXEMPT from all the Laws they pass in Washington.......we certainly are. All we hear is TALK TALK TALK.....BUT NO REPRISALS BY THE LAW FOR THEM.

  • Kenneth (Ken) E. Lawyer

    04/30/2021 03:15 PM

    On Guiliani's search and seizure by the FBI: When will Republican leaders come together and begin a legal push against these leftist tactics? All we ever hear is whining but nothing seems to ever be litigated. Why aren't the Trey Gowdy's and Ted Cruz's not joining together and legally pursuing a remedy to these kinds of attacks? If Gowdy has truly never lost and Cruz has so much Supreme Court experience one would think they could come up with something!!!

  • Ken Lawyer

    04/30/2021 03:09 PM

    I really appreciate Judicial Watch. I am a supporter and member. Thank you for sharing the information because we probably would have never heard it from anyone else. Please continue your thoughtful and informative work. We appreciate you, sir! Hopefully, some time in the near future we will be able to find a team of Republican leaders who begin to pursue a legally aggressive posture that will put our country back on the constitutional track it was once on.

  • Janet Witmer

    04/30/2021 02:55 PM

    Jimmy Kimmel needs to stick to what he thinks he does best.

  • Brad Rhoade

    04/30/2021 02:53 PM

    ok - so, there was censorship? What are you guys going to do about it!!! ???

  • Phillip Moomjean

    04/30/2021 02:29 PM

    Gov. Huckabee, we have been hearing of these election problems now since before the 2021 election was stolen from President Trump. Now with the continuing evidence that seems to be piling up can you please explain what is happening in Washington to bring the Dem's to justice and accountibility? Where are the patriots that should be guarding our constitution and our country? Are they content while wringing their hands, to allow the inevidable destruction of our government. It's as though everyone knows that there is election fraud but it remains allowed! Unfortunately there will be a consequence to this!


    04/30/2021 02:20 PM

    I have been wondering why all the "officials" at the contested voter sites seemed to be for the
    "socialists-democrats" in the way observers were mistreated. The so called "social distancing "
    and even threathening of the observers and even kicking them out seemed to be the rule of the day. Where there any voting places that were not ruled the the socialists.

  • Jeanie L Muegge

    04/30/2021 02:18 PM

    How do we raise children to be ethical when social media, news media sources, and our top politicians can behave unethical and truly criminal? They just keep getting away with everything.

  • Jvv

    04/30/2021 01:51 PM

    I am furious and disgusted about the collusion between Government and big tech to censor conservative views. We all "knew" this had to be true, but here is the concrete evidence. What infuriates me most of all is feeling helpless. NOTHING is ever done to stop them from doing it over and over again. It's literally in our face and they get away with it.

    We can't even vote them out because they cheat and keep their power.

    I won't give up the fight no matter what, but I will tell you that there are people around me who say they will never vote again because it won't change anything.

    I plan to drag them to the ballot box on election day.

  • Robert Mascari

    04/30/2021 01:18 PM

    If this isn't a reason to repeal Section 230, I don't know what is!!

  • Eleanor Hanlon

    04/30/2021 01:17 PM

    I know they found that President Trump won the election abd the voter fraud that went along with it. My question is how can we have President Biden removed from office before he destroyer our beautiful USA.

  • Jennifer Paniagua Gibson

    04/30/2021 01:10 PM

    But this was a no brainer back then that this was happening!!! Why didn't the government, then Republican, do something about this then... when it mattered? I think it is a bit too late to cry over spilled milk now. It was allowed to happen then and unless it is addressed at a congressional level it will continue to happen in the future. When media and government plot together you are sure headed towards communism.... sad but true. Check other countries paths. We are in trouble.

  • Neva Irwin

    04/30/2021 01:02 PM

    Huck please correct those glaring spelling errors. It was really serious today!! Thanks N

  • Alan Nash

    04/30/2021 01:00 PM

    Thanks for clearly documenting state-directed censorship. Speaking out is an important part of this long war. May we persevere against these enemies as God gives us strength.

  • Charles Simmons

    04/30/2021 12:27 PM

    1. Since integrity among governing democrat officials and their sponsors and facilitators has been for decades at an all-time low, nearly zero, the American experiment in self-government cannot survive.? Apparently the democrats aspire to be totalitarians for all. Without integrity in public office, trust is impossible. And without trust, the American experiment in self-government cannot survive.?
    2. Where is the Durham report? Lying to conceal reality and heavy redaction seem likely, if the report ever is to be made public.

  • Stephen Russel

    04/30/2021 12:07 PM

    This piece is why Im wary of:
    CA Recall
    2022 races
    Unless resolved
    Big Tech is a Threat & disease
    It blocks anyone & NOT accountable
    Yet Varney praises Big Tech.
    OK Amazon, BUT it can censor Product reviews?
    yes Im angry & ticked that a For Profit Co. can censor me

  • Bruce Deming

    04/30/2021 11:58 AM

    "And if anyone posted anything about voter fraud, receiving multiple ballots in the mail, or seeing thousands of unopened ballots in a dumpster, and that was routinely taken down."
    "That type of post is not “misinformation” –-- it is opinion that has not been debunked, no matter what Jimmy Kimmel says."
    Opinion, really? All states have laws regarding the disposition of ballots after the election, and there are federal laws that dictate the time they must be retained. A photograph of unopened ballots violates both state and federal laws, and provides proof positive that voter fraud occurred. No opinion necessary.