April 22, 2021

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  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • North Carolina Shooting
  • One Great Political Cartoon Is Worth 1,000 Words
  • Stacey Abrams Grilled By Congress
  • Two Companies Push Back Against The Woke Left
  • Dershowitz intends "to look at those [voting] machines"
  • A Reader Writes Back...
  • America The Beautiful


Mike Huckabee


But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Matthew 6:33 KJV


North Carolina Shooting

By Mike Huckabee

Wednesday in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, a black man named Andrew Brown Jr. was shot and killed by police as they were attempting to serve a warrant. It’s a tragic story; but as of this writing, virtually no details are known about what happened, and the bodycam footage has yet to be released. Maybe racist police officers gunned him down for no reason, or maybe he pulled out an AR-15 and opened fire on them, or it could be anything in between. As of this moment, nobody knows. Yet it’s already being treated as if it’s that first scenario: another senseless police shooting of an unarmed black man.

I am going to do something revolutionary here and not give a lot of unfounded opinions based on assumptions without facts. Lebron James just gave us a great example of what happens when you do that.

James tweeted out a photo of the officer who shot a black teenage girl in Columbus with the words “YOU’RE NEXT” on it. It’s unclear whether he meant prosecution a la Derek Chauvin or an implicit threat of violence of the type you should be responsible enough not to send out when you’re a prominent figure and role model who has millions of followers, some of whom might not be all that stable.

When James received blowback over the fact that the officer actually stopped that girl who was charging at another black girl with a knife in her upraised hand, and that he likely saved the other girl’s life, he deleted the tweet. When he discovered it had been saved and circulated, he accused his critics of using his tweet to create more hate and racism, adding the hashtag, “#ACCOUNTABILITY.”

I’m with him; I’d like to see people take more accountability for not thinking before they click that “Tweet” button.

It would also be nice to see the media take some accountability for pushing false and misleading narratives that inflame violence and racial divisions. Looking at you, NBC News.

One Great Political Cartoon Is Worth 1,000 Words

Stacey Abrams Grilled By Congress

By Mike Huckabee

You likely missed Stacey Abrams, the Democrats’ standard bearer for fighting election security laws, being grilled by Senate Republicans, but here’s how that went.

And for the record, here’s what my friend and new Utah Rep. Burgess Owens had to say about Abrams’ insinuation that black Americans are somehow incapable of obtaining an ID.

Two Companies Push Back Against The Woke Left

By Mike Huckabee

I like the trend I’ve been seeing recently of companies that were intimidated into kneeling to pressure from the “woke” left suddenly developing spines after the majority of their customers started speaking up in opposition (so keep it up, it’s working!)

Two heartening examples today:

1. Simon & Schuster CEO Jonathan Karp was asked by some employees not to publish an upcoming book by former Vice President Mike Pence. Unlike some other noodle-spined publishers I could name, he refused. Instead, he wrote a letter to them, reminding them of what the job of publishing entails:

“Our role is to find those authors and works that can shed light on our world. Regardless of where those authors sit on the ideological spectrum, or if they hold views that run counter to the belief systems held by some of us, we apply a rigorous standard to assure that in acquiring books, we will be bringing into the world works that provide new information or perspectives on events to which we otherwise might not have access.” The company will “therefore, proceed in our publishing agreement with Vice President Mike Pence.”

And what horrible price will he pay for saying “no” to his wokester staffers? I predict none, other than having to worry about what to do with all the money he’ll make from selling a lot of books. As for the employees who complained, they can always find jobs elsewhere. I’m sure there’s a long line of unemployed English majors waiting to fill their places if their politics are more important to them than their paychecks.

2. The back-pedaling of “Woke-a-Cola” is picking up speed, with Coke now announcing the “resignation” of their General Counsel who was aggressively pushing “diversity” measures, such as threatening to yank Coke’s business from law firms that didn’t have at least 15% black attorneys. He was replaced by a veteran Coke executive and moved to an “outside consulting” position that is non-exclusive and expires in one year. I wonder if Coke will renew that deal?

Perfect Metaphor

By Mike Huckabee

No matter how hard he may pander to the left, President Biden is learning what Harry Truman said: If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog. A dog wouldn’t turn and bite him, like BLM just did

And it would probably leave less poop on the lawn than the green radicals just did.

I wonder if they realize what a perfect metaphor for the doomsday environmental movement they created by spreading a big load of manure on Earth Day?

Dershowitz intends "to look at those [voting] machines"

By Mike Huckabee

As we reported Wednesday, Alan Dershowitz is working with Mike Lindell, CEO of MyPillow, as a legal advisor to him and his team in his fight against Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion had sued him for $1.3 billion for defamation. MyPillow is fighting back with a $1.6 billion lawsuit against Dominion, claiming that as “an agent of the government” (working under contract to the government to tabulate elections), Dominion is infringing on Lindell’s First Amendment rights when it tries to shut him up. “This may be one of the most critical First Amendment cases in the history of the United States,” Lindell said Monday.

That day, in a marathon interview on Lindell’s new channel at (“The Voice Of Free Speech”), Dershowitz described the importance of this suit to First Amendment freedoms. “For the purposes of the lawsuit, Dominion is the nation,” he explained, as the government is using their devices to count our votes. The government, through Dominion’s actions, is not respecting Lindell’s freedom of speech.

“Our position is that Dominion IS the government, for the purposes of the First Amendment,” he said. “The government delegated to them the most important governmental function, namely counting votes in a presidential election, and they are therefore subject to criticism in the exact same ways that the government would be subject to criticism in that situation, and criticism of how a government conducted a presidential election is the highest bar protecting the First Amendment right to criticize such action.”

Dershowitz compared Dominion's attempt to shut down speech about the election to the attempts by President John Adams to shut down newspapers that supported Thomas Jefferson in the election of 1800 –- even the paper that belonged to Benjamin Franklin’s nephew –- with laws called the Alien and Sedition Acts. “With a few exceptions,” he said, “we have had true freedom of speech since that time. The era in which we now live, however, is one of the most severe attacks on free expression...” He was talking about “cancel culture.”

It’s hard to believe our country passed something like the Sedition Act, but I agree with Dershowitz that our current government’s liaison with Big Tech seems to be creating the same sort of environment. (We don’t get jailed, at least so far, but we do get canceled.) According to, the Sedition Act outlawed any “false, scandalous and malicious writing” against Congress or the President, and made it illegal to conspire “to oppose any measure or measures of the government.”

History buffs will enjoy reading about the Sedition Act here.

This key point emerges from Dershowitz's argument: Dominion is trying to keep anyone from suggesting that their machines were compromised and involved in election fraud while also preventing anyone from seeing their source code, which would show whether or not those claims are valid. This litigation involves access to the all-important source code. They intend to seek access, and Dershowitz said he believes they’ll be able to look at it.

“I believe we’ll be able to look at those machines, he said.

As Dershowitz explained, “It’s as if MyPillow were accused of having a secret poison in its formula that you couldn’t tell by looking at the pillow, and then MyPillow said, ‘We’re not going to give you our formula; we’re going to keep it hidden from you.’ That’s just what they’re attempting. They’re attempting to conceal their behavior while also attempting to discourage you from entering the marketplace of ideas.”

In other words, Dominion is trying to have it both ways. They’re using “lawfare” to inhibit anyone from discussing their machines and the possible role they played in election fraud, and at the same time preventing anyone from having access to the source code and doing a forensic analysis that would tell the tale.

Dershowitz said that “you don’t have to be a conservative” to see that what Dominion is doing in threatening the media with litigation –- they’re also suing FOX NEWS –- is incorrect. He said that Dominion, as “a government actor” is “misusing the power provided to them by the government to censor free speech.”

“They’re trying to shut you out of being able to sell you products in stores,” he told Lindell. “They’re trying to silence you, and they’re doing it as the government of the United States. That’s why I’m in this case.”

According to THE NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL (a subscription service), Dershowitz is teaming up with another “storied First Amendment attorney,” Nathan Lewin, as well as attorneys from a Minnesota law firm that has previously worked with the firm Clare Locke –- which is representing Dominion in this litigation. This is the team that filed the motion on Monday to dismiss Dominion’s lawsuit against Lindell. The Minnesota team also filed the countersuit against Dominion in Minnesota federal court, “alleging the voting company is harassing MyPillow in a McCarthy-esque effort.”

Lewin, 85, goes back to the days of Robert Kennedy’s Justice Department, where he helped prosecute Jimmy Hoffa. He also represented Jody Foster, former attorney general Ed Meese, President Richard Nixon and John Lennon, and I’ll bet you’ve never seen those names together in one sentence before.

A Reader Writes Back... 

God Bless you Mike Huckabee. My first Newsletter. I know what I am reading will be the truth and nothing but the truth because of you. I want this country to go back to the great place it was prior to the last election. I want that for my family. Support our police. Support our veterans. Support our citizens who really need help. And those who do not like it here in the US or my state, go somewhere else that will make you happy.

America The Beautiful 

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Yosemite National Park, visit its website here.

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Comments 1-22 of 22

  • Ruth Egan

    04/24/2021 02:50 PM

    I am so grateful for the usual serving of truth and balance you served up today, especially that great cartoon and the court suit of Lindell!

  • Virgie Sinyard

    04/23/2021 10:58 AM

    The question appears on your Morning April 22 addition, "Is Joe Biden fit for presidency?". No he is not but if he has to step down, look what we have to look forward to having for president....a giggling lunatic. Is there an hope for the future?

  • Ann atwell

    04/23/2021 09:44 AM

    I really hope that Mike Lindell wins his case. My question is, will the dominion machines still have the 2020 information or will they have been wiped clean. From all I can read about Alan Dershowitz, Mile Lindell has one of the best lawyers in the country. As I was reading some of the letters sent to you, I have to agree with Joesph Healy, I would like to know how many white people nationwide who have been shot be black cops. It is becoming abundantly clear, that groups like BLM, made up of both black and white, get away with anything. The victims of their abuse just have to sit back and take whatever they dish out.

  • Dale & Janelle Johnson

    04/23/2021 12:23 AM


  • Savoir Faire

    04/22/2021 08:06 PM

    Re: Perfect Metaphor
    Want a friend in Washington? Get a dog!
    Even Bidens dog is biting ..................

  • Joyce Kanlan

    04/22/2021 07:06 PM

    Look at the voting machines. What has Americans turned into when we watched in real time Democrats covering up, hiding, concealing voting places? We watched, in real time Democrats kicking out observers so the cheating,lying,deceiving deceptive dishonest poop could go on! We saw boxes of ballots snuck in, counters removed, democrat employees counting FAKE ballots, re-running some countless times and WE DO WHAT? We SAW Biden rally’s& the 12 people there vs Trumps rally’s with THOUSANDS there. We KNOW who was supported, we KNEW the actual WORK Trump accomplished and the 47 years of NOTHING Biden. Yet, Biden took our WH & is working feverishly to destroy our God&Country, our jobs, put us back w/Obama’s HIGHEST unemployment joblessness food stamps&welfare! We have the RIGHT to SEE IF democrats lied,decieved, stole our election! We are at this writing STILL a FREE Country, not yet a socialist Democratic godless country like Bidens friends in China. Stand Strong America! Be Courageous! God Bless America ????!????????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    04/22/2021 06:56 PM

    Push Back! Come on ???? America! I’m sure you’re old enough to remember World War 1, World War 2, Plus all the past wars we FOUGHT for FREEDOM, for RIGHTS& Liberty! Socialist Communist leaders TAKE, RIP it from you, STEAL it, leaving you, the citizens (peasants) NOTHING! It takes NO SPINE to give in to a minority of haters, deceivers, godless intolerant intimidating bullies who use violence. No spine. Get up America ????! Stand Strong! Be Courageous & fight, push back for God&Country! STAND for SOMETHING or FALL for anything! God Bless America ????!????????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    04/22/2021 06:47 PM

    Grilled by congress. Over& over again, black government officials can be racist, show discrimination, start tensions like Waters, behind microphones stirring pots, agitating people and CRICKETS! Blind eyes, heads turned, ignored, no one stops improper malicious behavior of a democrat! Abrams can say ignorant comments assuming Blacks can’t get, or it’s more difficult for blacks to attain I.D. They rent, buy & or lease cars& homes, they USE I.D.! Abrams speak like Black Americans are incapable! But, NO ONE puts her in her place when the poop comes running out of her mouth! Why is that!?

  • Maris K Hodges

    04/22/2021 06:39 PM

    I want to be positive but have to admit the only way to be is to stop watching news. And I am tired of politicians asking for money when they do nothing to fix the problems that exist. We went from intense money gathering for the election to jumping head first into fund raising for 2022. I have not seen one person held accountable for crimes except for those innocent conservatives that paid the ultimate price for bogus charges against them. I am just going to focus on Summer and flowers and trees that did not burn in my state. Sorry but when Republicans had complete control they did nothing and it sure wasn't the first time it has happened.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    04/22/2021 06:30 PM

    Carolina shooting. Whether it’s Lebron James or some average American. Why not BE ACCOUNTABLE take personal responsibility and SHUT UP until you KNOW the FACTS? Why on earth do people insist on pot stirring unnecessarily? Talking poop about some maybe, could be, possibly, I’ll bet it’s.....whatever! Shut up, Zip it, Close it, WAIT until actual FACTS are known, then, go speech does not give you the right to lie, deceive use deception dishonesty demented perverse propaganda for making you feel important or all knowing of your made up facts.

  • Paul Kern

    04/22/2021 06:19 PM

    It is sad that most of the real news is from Australia and the Epoch Times. They are not afraid to call the left Marxists and are willing to be honest
    Why is it only those not a part of the establishment, including church hierarchies are willing to expose the lies being used to keep church members in the dark. I learned the alien crisis startedbin the 1980's when church NGOs brought in thousands of Somali Muslin who took over blue cities and now working with the Communists in Minnesota.
    It looks like the end times are upon us and few are prepared

  • Teresa Carstensen

    04/22/2021 05:14 PM

    About the book publisher Simon and Schuster!...
    They are the company who has REFUSED TO PUBLISH the book written by one of the police officers involved in the Breonna Taylor incident. They are censoring "the other side of the story" from readers. I believe another publisher has since decided to publish the book, but don't put S&S in the "un-woke" category just yet.

  • Joseph Healy

    04/22/2021 05:05 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    In reference to the first story, how about reporting every white person who is shot by police within 24 hours of its occurrence? And whether it was by a white or black policeman?

  • William Fuhrer

    04/22/2021 04:53 PM

    The politicians who buy into America is SYSTEMIC RACISM have a tendency to allow riots and allow people to take over cities; insi in both the Senate and House votes should take as to which politicians know that United States ....LAND OF THE FREE is SYSTEMICALLY RACIST

  • Stephen Russell

    04/22/2021 04:31 PM

    New Norm 2:

    Remote juries
    No ID juries for cases
    Suspects tried in jail or other venue
    No more public trials
    Televised executions?
    Jurors cant speak due to intimidation.
    Mob Rule
    Death Wish Justice.
    (from Chauvin verdict)

  • Stephen Russell

    04/22/2021 04:21 PM

    Lockdown/Mask questions: for survey use , other
    Applies to Non Medical positions etc only:

    o Do U like wearing mask
    o Do U feel safe with mask on alone
    o Do U like lockdowns despite economic issues
    o Do U want to work again
    o How long do U wear a mask
    o what do U think when elites DONT wear masks but till you do.
    o Would U wear a mask If its NOT needed?
    o Why
    o Do U want more lockdowns
    o Do U like being "used" for politics & power & NOT for science IE lockdowns
    o Do U believe Fauci.
    o Did U hear other Medical professionals denounce lockdowns.
    o Do U want a For Profit Co blocking information U should know, ( Big Tech)
    o Do U want For Profit Companies telling U how to Vote.
    o Do U want For Profit companies to censor YOU online for your values.
    Is this fair.
    What would U do.

    & examine Stanford Study on why Masks dont work.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    04/22/2021 04:14 PM

    Thank you for the updates. Praying truth is revealed. What is going on in this country is wrong and needs to be corrected. Evil and lies are everywhere and I pray for God to bind the evil. God bless America.

  • Almeda Foy

    04/22/2021 03:43 PM

    I saw a news story telling of the price increase for toilet paper and many other paper products, indicating a shortage of paper. There might be enough paper to cover the need if they would quit printing more money. (chuckle but it's really not all that funny.)

  • Floyd A Unger

    04/22/2021 03:27 PM

    Thank you.....Hmmmm

  • Sandy Gardner

    04/22/2021 02:21 PM

    God bless those who still possess and use their Common Sense! Praying this country turns back to God and evil is stamped, “Canceled.” MAGA N KAG 2022 and beyond.

  • Jerry

    04/22/2021 01:51 PM

    As an Army Veteran from back in the late 60's the restraint it takes to be civil while recording ones thoughts can be overwhelming . Human beings continue to get bigger, stronger, faster, physically. As that has happened over the last 60 years what happened to the Humans brain? In most cases in the Urban areas the brain has remained dormant and maybe had become dull with drugs the Suburbs has taken a liking to the use of drugs also the Mexican cartel and Joe Biden know this and is accelerating the supply the market, with his open borders. Every one wants to sells these drugs and wars keep going for turf dominance. The drug use makes people do things unlawful to support the habit and often are finding themselves in trouble with the law. They kill police or fight with police and someone gets killed. The IQ for this behavior is very low we may thank the feeble educators and one parent of kids lack, of safe conditions in schools where gang members run the hall ways. The hate America, is being taught and the hate one another is also part of the new school replacing history and reading ,is where the foundation of the society is today. Lack of a higher IQ in the General population are being manitulated by hate and communist leaders. I just hope people that don't look like a member of the CCP can endure the CCP way of life if you want to call that living.

  • Robert Byrns

    04/22/2021 01:10 PM

    I am a poll worker in Ohio. Our instructions claim that the Dominion voting machines we use are NOT connected to the internet as they record the individual ballots, nor are the machines at election headquarters connected to the internet as they tabulate the results from the individual machines in each precinct.