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April 4, 2021

Without apology, one of my favorite weekends of the year is Easter weekend. The beauty of spring after a harsh winter certainly helps, but it’s not the weather that endears me to this time of year. It’s that Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, a reminder that no matter how hopeless circumstances seem to be and how helpless we may feel to deal with the pressures of our life, Christ has already overcome the WORST thing that can happen to us, which is our actual death. My sins are the ultimate cause of my death, but those are forgiven by the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. Sometimes we complain that we didn’t get some benefit we feel we deserve. I’m reminded that I didn’t get the consequence I deserve for my sins. If Jesus can separate me from my sins and the eternal consequences by giving me everlasting life, then nothing else in this life is really that big a deal.

If you are facing a disease or a health crisis, it can be overwhelming and discouraging. If your finances are stressing you out because you simply don’t have the resources to meet your absolute needs, it can be frightening. Broken relationships with family or friends can leave you overwhelmed with loneliness and a feeling of isolation.

But Easter is the heavenly reminder that an earthly problem is never final.

I’d be dishonest if I didn’t say I truly am concerned about the direction of our nation. I fear that we are spiraling into darkness and that’s affirmed by the news this week that for the first time in US history less than half of Americans attend church at all; it may have been aggravated by Covid lockdowns and church closures, but it’s bigger than that. Younger Americans have been raised to believe that what they feel, think, and believe is more important than what God says in His Word, the Bible. Standards are no longer Biblical standards, but the constantly changing cultural standards that allows everyone to be his or her own God. We ban prayer and Bible reading in schools and public places, we scoff at the notion of honor, loyalty, fidelity in marriage, restraint and control of our passions, and have adopted the moral standards of the times of the Judges, when every man did what was right in his own eyes.

Be glad I’m not God! I would run out of patience long ago! But Easter is the reminder that God hasn’t given up on us just yet.

During this weekend, focus less on the things that overwhelm you in fear about your health, finances, or relationships. Think about a God who didn’t just send us a book to read, but who sent His son to die for our sins, and freely give us a life that never ends. Yes, He overcame death itself, but the real Easter is when He overcomes your excuses and objections and becomes your Savior and Lord. Celebrate what God has done for you this weekend. Quit worrying and start living. He’s alive, and in him, so are you!

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  • Alan Cogliano

    04/10/2021 04:19 PM

    Thanks Governor, Blessings on you and your family. As a student of God's word and His Prophecies I pray for his return as it seems it cannot be far off. I pray that many will come to regard Him as the only hope. I would add that those who follow you consider what you wrote in this tribute.


  • Sharon Faulkner

    04/08/2021 11:27 AM

    Mr Blue it is not " bashing" to condemn China...nor does it put anyone in danger. That lie is used by the Left to censure speech. Your last name is right.

  • Sarah Menne

    04/06/2021 12:48 AM

    Thank you for caring so much about America and for our spiritual growth as well as our political knowledge. We treasure your insight and knowing we're receiving honest and truthful information. God bless you and your family, now and forever.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    04/05/2021 09:32 AM

    Why do these polls about Church attendance never consider that many Christians like myself don't attend brick or stone and glass churches but online - and frankly as dangerous as it's getting to be a Christ follower that may be fellowship of the future.

  • Sonya Moore

    04/05/2021 07:53 AM

    You don't know how much I needed to hear those words of truth and wisdom. Although I celebrated Easter and listened to the service it was a tough day. Last Easter was my father's last holiday meal with the family. Not only that making it a rough day but of course the continuing restrictions of the virus are taking their toll. Trust in God that he is with us gives me strength. Thank you for your words of wisdom and reminding us that He is always with us.

  • Rebecca Boyer

    04/05/2021 07:45 AM

    Thank you for bringing truth and faith to the masses. God’s blessings to you and your family!

  • Sandy Trombly

    04/05/2021 05:45 AM

    It’s not just that younger generations are raised to value their feelings over the word and teachings of Christ. It’s the hypocrisy of the Church and it’s leadership that solidifies that. I have been told by the Church that I am a member of that I cannot come back to in person worship if I cannot or will not wear a mask for the entire service and that a shield is not acceptable as it’s not approved by the CDC. Yet many months ago one of our City Commissioners was photographed in church for service without a mask.

    At one point last year I was told I cold not organize a prayer group on the property of the Church under any circumstance (the Church was closed for in person at the time) that it was a liability issue. However, a group of people on the worship committee was photographed having a (socially distant) social gathering in the parking lot.

    This hypocrisy is what some see that drives the anti-organized religion/church divide. It is what kept me from joining one myself for years. I thought this church was different, I joined. I got involved. Then the pandemic pulled the curtain back. I’m currently seeking a new church and am “settling” for one that at least is treating the people like intelligent adults not contagion despite the church politics that I know exist and am not in anymore agreement with than the one I belong to.

  • Jean Brazeau

    04/05/2021 05:27 AM

    Amen! God is good all the time!

  • Timothy Blue

    04/05/2021 12:56 AM

    I once had enormous respect for you. My wife's family is Asian American and every time someone like you bashes them they are out at risk. My mother in law is eighty tears old, the widow of a WW2 veteran and just as much an American as you. Thanks for showing your true colors.

  • Phyllis Brus

    04/05/2021 12:34 AM

    I love ever word you said about our lives and Jesus’ sacrifice for us. You are a wonderful example of what we should all be. !! Bless you Mike