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May 26, 2021

Remember that time when Joe Biden went off the rails and told a black audience that Republicans “want to put y’all back in chains”? (Fun fact: The Republican Party was founded to end slavery, and it was Democrats who fought a war to preserve it.) Well, Joe is back to slandering Republicans again, only this time, the lie is even easier to debunk. You don’t have to look up what happened in the 1860s, you just have to be able to remember back as far as last year, which maybe Biden can’t.

Among many unmoored-from-reality statements Biden made in an interview with the Atlantic magazine was the stunning claim that Trump ran for reelection by telling voters, “The reason you lost your job is because of an immigrant; the reason you lost that job is because those black folks are taking your job.”

Wow, where to begin untangling that ball of fantasy? First of all, Trump ran on the fact that his policies created jobs, sparking the lowest unemployment numbers ever in nearly all demographics (at least until a virus from China and endless lockdowns in blue states cratered the economy.) Trump actively campaigned to minority voters on how he had created jobs and rising wages for them for the first time in decades, and boasted of achieving the lowest poverty rate ever for African-Americans. They rewarded him with larger shares of the black and Hispanic vote than he or other recent Republican candidates had received before.

Biden also commits the common Democrat fallacy of using the term “immigrant” when what he’s really talking about is illegal immigrants. Illegal immigration does depress wages for low-skill American workers. That’s something that even union icon Cesar Chavez understood. Trump’s border security measures were part of the reason why those US workers’ wages were finally rising until Biden came in and opened up the cheap labor floodgates again.

Is it really any wonder why, under Biden, the black unemployment rate is rising even as the pandemic is ending? Telling lies about Trump isn’t going to create jobs for anyone, but reversing all of Trump’s policies is proving very effective at destroying jobs. Once again, he’s proving that today’s Democrats have only one arrow in their quiver: When their policies inevitably fail, accuse the Party with the successful policies of being racists. It's a shopworn lie that minorities are starting to see through. The Atlantic magazine interviewer didn’t challenge him on any of his wild claims, but I pray that the voters will be smarter than that.

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  • Amelia Little

    05/27/2021 12:55 PM

    They are running on pure desperation. I guess, they think these ludicrous words coming from the "president" makes them more believable? smh. I don't recall President Trump ever saying anything negative about black people and jobs. He kept reminding people of the lowest unemployment rate for everyone, including blacks. He was PROUD of that, and never, ever, once insinuated to people of other races they could be employed or getting better wages except for the fact that black people were. And, yes, he ONLY talked about ILLEGAL immigrants, not those who followed the rules. Even now, I have fb friends who put up posts about this immigrant or that one who made great contributions to science, etc, and how could be demand they not get into this country? Some of these people are seemingly intelligent otherwise, but don't seem to understand the concept of LEGAL immigration, the vetting of applicants which allowed these great innovators to be here LEGALLY. msm is probably playing this except of his speech hourly, if not more often--to etch into listeners' minds. I wonder, how often did msm show biden's infamous "if you (black voters) vote for Trump you ain't black" (paraphrased) ? Probably not much, if at all. After all, he "apologized." (Side note--there seems to be someone at LATIMES who say biden was correct--he just shouldn't have said it out loud!!!

  • Cynthia D Goldthwait

    05/27/2021 07:20 AM

    Thank you, Mike for being a voice of reason in this insane world! I pray that more eyes and ears will be opened to the truth of what the Democratic Party really is!