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May 13, 2021

Just six months ago, despite the pandemic lockdowns hamstringing the economy, America had fairly secure borders, abundant and inexpensive oil and gas, and historic peace deals were being signed in the Middle East, thanks to Iran and Hamas being held in check by the US and its allies. And whether you loved Trump or hated him, you couldn’t deny that he had boundless energy and seemed to be working 24/7 to Make America Great Again.

Now…well, Americans voted for “change,” and they’re getting it good and hard.

After less than four months of Joe Biden, the borders are open and we have a triple humanitarian, crime and national security crisis. The Vice President is supposed to be handling this, even though we’re up to day 49 since she was given that job and she’s yet to even visit the border or hold a press conference.

Israel was forced to retaliate after Hamas and Palestinian militants fired about 160 missiles at Israeli civilian areas. In response, Rep. Ilhan Omar condemned Israel for launching military strikes during the sacred month of Ramadan – and never mind that they were in retaliation for unprovoked missile attacks launched on Israeli civilians during the sacred month of Ramadan. Her outrage is, shall we say, “selective.”

Gas prices, which had already been on the rise since January, thanks to President Biden shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline project and targeting America’s oil and gas industries for extinction, have spiked to a six-month high after hackers (suspected to be Russian-based, though that’s not yet confirmed) forced a shutdown of the Colonial Pipeline.

Meanwhile, there are reports in the Southeast of long lines at gas stations and many stations running out. We’re assured that this will probably be fixed by the end of the week, but it wouldn’t take long for a shortage of truck fuel to impact inventories in stores.

Oh, but don’t worry about the empty pumps and long lines! The New York Times assures us those don’t exist, and would the New York Times lie to you?

(Side note: Maybe our intelligence agencies should have been paying more attention to monitoring foreign threats to our critical infrastructure than to monitoring social media posts by Trump voters to prevent an imaginary insurrection. I have written several times over the years about cyber threats to America. If they’d just monitored the Huckabee newsletter, they would have known that. I fear our intelligence agencies now have no more intelligence than the politicians currently in charge of them, and that’s scary.)

We’re also seeing headlines like “Stocks slide as inflation spikes, oil nears $66 per barrel”…,hp1r

And “Consumer prices climb at fastest pace since September 2008.”

So, with everything seemingly falling to pieces (I didn’t even mention the shockingly dismal jobs report, a result of Biden’s anti-business policies and paying people more money to stay unemployed than to work), I’m sure our President was burning the midnight…uh, wind-powered lantern…to deal with it all.

Well, not exactly. In fact, a lot of people are starting to wonder if we even have a President anymore.

As that op-ed points out, Biden issued no public statements on Israel or the Pipeline shutdown in 24 hours. Comments from his surrogates have been confusing and contradictory, such as blaming Israel for being attacked or suggesting the attack on the Pipeline and whether to pay ransom are a “private sector” matter.

This article also notes that the Palestinians hadn’t fired a rocket at Jerusalem since 2014 – until this week. Biden resumed giving them “aid” money, and Trump’s not there anymore, so guess what they’re doing.

All of this silence and grasping for answers is stirring quite legitimate concerns that there may be nobody home at the White House, in more ways than one.

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  • betty rose bowker-gordon

    05/14/2021 09:43 PM

    i am scared with biden in office only 4 months and all this is going on and more scared if harris gets in, i really do miss trump because we all felt secured that he took care of everything and if a problem araised he let us know what was going on, biden is going green even though most of americans does not want it but there is nothing we can do and what i call the frantic 5 has so much to say and all wrong, i pray to god something will give and be ok, but i know its not going to be good

  • Wm Patterson

    05/13/2021 12:03 PM

    Mike, I think we have a complete idoit in office that has no knowledge of what being a president requires, he was in the senate 47 years I understand and accomplished nothing so why did people think he would make a great president. I think the democrats stole the election with mail in votes, think they changed the vote to democrat. Trump said Joe Biden stayed in the basement why should he campaign when he knew democrats was going to make sure he won. We need to get rid of Biden and Horizontal Harris. Get some conservatives in there that care about our country.
    Biden must think money grows on trees the way he is spending same. Read that Biden wants to give Iran several million dollars.
    Wm Patterson