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May 7, 2021

The International Olympic Committee has banned athletes at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo from wearing Black Lives Matter apparel or displaying any other specific political, religious or racial propaganda.

They are also not allowed to raise a fist or kneel during the National Anthem. They can wear clothing with generic words such as “peace, respect, solidarity, inclusion, and equality,” but nothing promoting a specific cause that would politicize the Olympics. The IOC says that a survey of the athletes found that over two-thirds of them agree with these rules and think it’s not appropriate to make political statements during competition or on the medal stands.

If only some pro sports league owners had taken that attitude, maybe their TV ratings wouldn’t look like those of the Oscar telecast.

Meanwhile, the AFA (Academic Freedom Alliance) announced that after they intervened, the University of San Diego and the University of Rhode Island backed down on threats to sanction professors for exercising their right to free speech. In both cases, administrators caved to “outcries” (emphasis on the word “cries”) from students, all a-tizzy because the USD professor criticized the Chinese government’s handling of COVID-19 (you know, that disease they allowed to spread all over the world) and the URI prof wrote that the left’s belief in the “trans fantasy” that people can change their sex is crushing women’s rights. Which it is.

So good news: at least two universities will now allow professors to speak obvious truths, as long as you threaten to sue them if they don’t. Let’s hope we can soon add a third:

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Comments 1-4 of 4

  • Kevin m Smith

    05/21/2021 08:29 PM

    IT'S ABOUT TIME!! I WILL NOT BUY TICKETS TO M.L.B OR N.B.A!! Maybe i'll start buying summer Olympics merchandise!!!

  • Mary Christopherson

    05/13/2021 07:58 AM

    And yet, they are allowing men to compete in women's sports - NOT a return to sanity!

  • anthony cuccia jr

    05/12/2021 01:18 PM

    Great Move/Rule

  • Mike Scirocco

    05/08/2021 03:32 AM

    You know progressive morons, er, I mean progressive idiots, er, I mean BLM are going to act up, so my question is, are there any teeth in this? Will any displays of BLM idiocy cause them to be ejected and barred from participating in the games? That would be sweet. Does Japan have the political will to actually put teeth into this? I would so love to see that.