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May 17, 2021

We have a complete meltdown of control at our southern border, with the tragedy of little kids being trafficked as if they were boxes of Mexican fruit-suffering abuse and deprivation; the drug cartels are taking advantage of the border breakdown by pouring deadly drugs into our country that is killing people from New York to Oregon; gasoline will soon be double the cost it was a year ago, and some people can’t find a gas station that has any gas left; employers can’t stay open because people are living off government giveaways of stimulus checks and unemployment instead of taking jobs that are available; our schools are still closed in many places because the teachers don’t want to go back to the classroom, and the Middle East is being burned down by rockets flown by jihadist terrorists from the Hamas stronghold of Gaza. At the rate he’s going, Joe Biden will make Jimmy Carter become a candidate to become the 5th President on Mt. Rushmore.

I admit I didn’t vote for Joe Biden and feared he would lead us off the left side of the cliff, but even I thought it would take longer than 100 days to do it.

I’m especially grieved to see the great progress toward peace in the Middle East that was achieved by the historic Abraham Accords replaced by violence, destruction and death as the terror group Hamas fires thousands of rockets toward civilian targets in Israel. Joe Biden wants to revive the horrible deal with Iran to supposedly cause them to give up building a nuclear weapon, but sensing real weakness on the Biden team has emboldened Iran to buy more rockets for Gaza so they can try to kill Israelis. This at a time when Gaza and the Palestinians could sure use schools, streets, medical care, and jobs. Instead they use the Iranian money and sadly, money you the American taxpayer gives them to buy bullets, bombs, and rockets to kill Jews in Israel.

To his credit, after a few days of silence, President Biden finally called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and publicly acknowledged that Israel has a right to defend itself against these senseless attacks on their sovereign land.

For the past four years, Israel was in the most peaceful period of the past decade. President Trump moved the Embassy to Jerusalem just as he had promised and his team tried a completely different approach to peace which resulted in the breakthrough Abraham Accords, which brought about the first peace agreement between Israel and Arab lands in 25 years. As a result, the UAE, Morocco, Bahrain, and others are now trade partners and tourism partners with Israel with other Arab nations being expected to follow.

Joe Biden was in government for almost 50 years. Donald Trump had never held any political office. Sure Trump could be rough around the edges, but when you’re stuck in a long line to get gas that is costing you twice what it did a year ago while listening to the news about the violence in the Middle East and the downturn of our economy, you might want to remember that it’s not the personality of a President that gives our nation its strength, but his policies. And the ones we’re seeing right now just aren’t working out well.

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Comments 1-5 of 5

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/06/2021 08:42 PM

    Off the cliff is a long desired hope&change dream of ??Obama,Biden transformation. Changing America from the inside out, eroding our culture values beliefs morals&way of American life. We’ve been watching since former obama,Biden ….With obama, Clinton, Soros whispering in Biden’s ear….their not wasting any time. Like ??, they know their time is short.

  • Douglas Alan Furlong

    05/29/2021 01:16 AM

    Impeach all the following President Biden, Vice president Harris,Nancy Pelosi!

  • Joan Robinson

    05/28/2021 12:41 PM

    Obiden is a disgrace to the US!

  • Donald Spencer

    05/21/2021 01:13 AM

    The way most patriot voters are thinking and saying is that America is over with for good this time.Elections are 100% fraudulent and voting is now redundant..Rebellion is all we have left..

  • Rhonda Devine

    05/18/2021 01:17 PM

    I am not surprised American leaders are tottering on their support of Israel. Walking away from truth in every other area, why should they do what is right on the international scene? They don't have wisdom and are clueless how to choose what is good and right, imo.