May 1, 2021

A study of 14 Gannett-owned newspapers by six of those papers’ own reporters claims that white males are overwhelmingly better compensated in pay and job security than women or minorities, and there’s a lack of diversity in staffing. This was interesting, considering Gannett papers are constantly printing “woke” editorials about other people’s alleged racism or sexism.

The numbers are pretty eye-opening, like women who’ve worked there at least 30 years earning 63% of the annual median salary of male peers, journalists of color earning 90% of the white male journalists’ median salary, and women of color earning 73% of that.

But Gannett’s “Chief People Officer” Samantha Howland disputed the report, calling it misleading and incomplete. She said, “Gannett is committed to a pay structure that is merit-based, meaning that the company will continue to recognize employees for their unique contributions, abilities and skill, as well as other business-related factors.”

“Merit-based?” But meritocracies are racist and sexist! Doesn’t she know that you’re not allowed to look at irrelevancies like education, experience, abilities, tenure or productivity? What matters is “equity,” or mandating equal outcomes, not equal opportunity!...

Sorry about that. Guess I’ve been reading too many Gannett editorials.

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