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May 7, 2021

Good morning!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! 

Today's newsletter includes:

  • Bible Verse Of The Day
  • Putting the Quotation Marks Around The Term “Fact-Checkers”
  • Americans are fed-up with Leftist tyranny
  • Biden's Justice Department Gets Involved With Arizona Audit
  • Encouraging Signs Of A Return To Sanity
  • A warning for Republicans
  • “Won’t Get Fooled Again”
  • A Reader Writes Back...


Mike Huckabee


This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Psalm 118:24


Putting the Quotation Marks Around The Term “Fact-Checkers”

By Mike Huckabee

A study by the Media Research Center found that the “fact-checking” site Politifact did only 13 of its “Truth-O-Meter” fact checks on President Biden during his first 100 days, compared to 52 on Trump.

If you think that means everyone agrees that Biden doesn’t lie, consider that they also defended him against complaints about him not being honest 106 times.

All I can say is that since Biden is obviously the most honest President in history, then I congratulate everyone who makes less than $400,000 a year for having your taxes cut to zero!

Ironically, while this is being defended as a mere gaffe, and that he meant to say they’d pay no additional taxes, that is also a lie. He wants to raise all kinds of taxes that they’ll end up paying, such as capital gains and estate taxes; his proposed taxes and rising inflation will make everything they buy more expensive; and his team is already talking about that $400,000 being the combined income of two spouses, each earning only $200,000. But don’t count on many “fact-checkers” pointing any of that out.

Americans are fed-up with Leftist tyranny

By Mike Huckabee

More encouraging signs that Americans are fed up to the gills with the tyranny of “woke” Twitter mobs and are finally starting to fight back:

1. The Idaho police officer who made a hilarious viral video mocking the absurdity of LeBron James and other pompous liberal amateurs telling cops how to peacefully negotiate with knife-wielding maniacs was suspended. A supporter set up a GoFundMe to help him, just in case he lost any pay. After less than a week, it’s already raised over $440,000. Sounds like a lot of people agree with him.

2. At the Powerline blog, Steven Hayward takes a look at last weekend’s Texas elections in which “woke” politicians and their destructive racist “anti-racist” policies took a shellacking from voters, even in uber-liberal Austin. Is this an omen of elections to come? Let’s all work extra hard to make sure it is.

Bonus: check out how NBC News tried to spin the Southlake school board vote as a bunch of rich, white Texans opposing “diversity” instead of what it really was: fed-up parents rejecting, by a 70-30 landslide, leftist activists indoctrinating their kids with racially-divisive Marxist propaganda.

3. Here’s another of a growing number of parents who are daring to stand up against the brainwashing of their children. This man is from New York City, where the pressure to stay silent is greatest. He explains how the elite $54,000-a-year private school he removed his daughter from pressures kids to become BLM activists and tries to brand anyone who speaks up to object as a racist oppressor. He spoke up anyway, and he’s continuing to speak up. Salute!

Biden's Justice Department Gets Involved With Arizona Audit

By Mike Huckabee

While the audit of ballots and voting machines in Maricopa County, Arizona, continues, Democrats who insist there’s nothing to see here are moving Heaven and Earth to try to keep anyone from looking.

Biden’s Department of Justice is even horning in. Friendly advice: that doesn’t boost skeptics’ confidence in the vote.

But Randy DeSoto at the Western Journal makes an excellent point: if Democrats are so certain that Biden’s win was legitimate, they should look at the disputed Bush-Gore race of 2000 and welcome an audit or recount.

As DeSoto reminds us, after the Supreme Court ruled that the counting standards imposed by the Florida Supreme Court were unconstitutional, media outlets (probably hoping to prove that Bush really lost) paid for an unofficial recount using those standards. It found that if the count had been allowed to continue, Bush would have increased his margin of victory from 537 votes to 1,665. It confirmed the reported results. Except for a few diehard sore losers who are still sporting “Selected Not Elected” bumper stickers on their 1999 Volvos, everyone else put aside their resentments and moved on.

Think of all the problems that could have been avoided if Biden had just called for a transparent, bipartisan review of the vote to allay all these suspicions so people wouldn’t believe the “Bie Lie” that there was anything at all hinky about the 2020 election. If only someone had suggested that right after the election! Oh, right: I did...

Encouraging Signs Of A Return To Sanity

By Mike Huckabee

The International Olympic Committee has banned athletes at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo from wearing Black Lives Matter apparel or displaying any other specific political, religious or racial propaganda.

They are also not allowed to raise a fist or kneel during the National Anthem. They can wear clothing with generic words such as “peace, respect, solidarity, inclusion, and equality,” but nothing promoting a specific cause that would politicize the Olympics. The IOC says that a survey of the athletes found that over two-thirds of them agree with these rules and think it’s not appropriate to make political statements during competition or on the medal stands.

If only some pro sports league owners had taken that attitude, maybe their TV ratings wouldn’t look like those of the Oscar telecast.

Meanwhile, the AFA (Academic Freedom Alliance) announced that after they intervened, the University of San Diego and the University of Rhode Island backed down on threats to sanction professors for exercising their right to free speech. In both cases, administrators caved to “outcries” (emphasis on the word “cries”) from students, all a-tizzy because the USD professor criticized the Chinese government’s handling of COVID-19 (you know, that disease they allowed to spread all over the world) and the URI prof wrote that the left’s belief in the “trans fantasy” that people can change their sex is crushing women’s rights. Which it is.

So good news: at least two universities will now allow professors to speak obvious truths, as long as you threaten to sue them if they don’t. Let’s hope we can soon add a third:

A warning for Republicans

By Mike Huckabee

Blogger Don Surber warns Republicans that the 2022 election is by no means “in the bag,” and that Democrats have learned from previous losses. They will stop at NOTHING to keep their majority and increase it in the Senate so they can do away with the filibuster and really shove a far-left agenda down our throats that’s being impeded now by only one man, Sen. Joe Manchin.

Surber doesn’t want Republicans to despair, but he reminds us that taking back America is not going to be easy. The Trump economy will come back before Biden’s policies crush it, and the media will falsely credit Biden for it. Meanwhile, the Democrats will use every dirty trick and every advantage of a politicized Deep State, plus lawsuits to challenge redistricting and election integrity laws and more, so we all had better be prepared and start working now to defeat them. And don’t be afraid to use their own tactics against them.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again”

By Mike Huckabee

In a podcast interview, Roger Daltrey, singer for the classic rock band The Who, said he was lucky to live through a time when creativity and freedom of speech were encouraged, not silenced. He said of today’s “woke generation” that “It’s terrifying, the miserable world they’re going to create for themselves. I mean, anyone who’s lived a life and you see what they’re doing, you just know that it’s a route to nowhere.”

Too bad so many people are deaf, dumb and blind to that reality.

A Reader Writes Back... 

DEfund the FBI and REfund local law enforcement departments!!

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Comments 1-25 of 27

  • Anita David

    05/11/2021 01:30 AM

    Praise God for the return to sanity - long may it continue by the mercy and grace of God - continue to pray mightily and fervently my Brothers & Sisters to Our heavenly Father through Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

  • Roy Kemp

    05/08/2021 12:54 PM

    Let’s give credit where credit is due.
    I’m not a big fan of Senator McConnell but he said he will fight Biden’s agenda with everything he has.
    We all need to do that.
    BTW. Never miss your newsletter nor you show.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/08/2021 02:50 AM

    Warning for Republicans. God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne& He still answers Prayer!????????America! ????????Is WORTH FIGHTING FOR! OUR Rights,Liberties&freedoms are worth fighting for! Our safety&security law&order God&Country IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR! STAY THE COURSE! STAND FAST! Don’t back down, don’t back away! Don’t just stand there while ??democrats cover windows! Don’t allow observers to be kicked out! Don’t just stand by while they excuse you EARLY to do their dirty work! NOW Patriots, is the time for all good men&women to come to the aid of their country!????????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/08/2021 02:44 AM

    Return to Sanity. ????????, God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne and He still answers Prayer!????????. All Patriots, Legal American citizens, PRAY without ceasing for our One Nation Under God! ????????. Sanity consists of some safety&security law&order God&Country along with common sense& love of country! (Even it’s imperfections).

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/08/2021 02:39 AM

    ??????Transparency & Biden in the same sentence? ??????In the same thought? Too funny! Transparency like democrats COVERING UP windows? Maybe like kicking OUT observers? Maybe like sneaking in boxes of PHONY ballots? Transparency does NOT EXIST in the liberal progressive socialist communist democrat party. Democrats,like??come to kill, Steal&Destroy.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/08/2021 02:34 AM

    Americans fed up with the constant, non-stop flow of????from the left. SPEAK UP, while it’s still permissible, SPEAK LOUD&CLEAR, again, while it’s still allowed! FREEDOM, YOUR FREEDOM isn’t FREE! Men& Women joined our Military, FOUGHT FOR YOU&I, our FREEDOMS! STOP the ??Democrats socialist communist power&control agenda! STOMP them out-FIRE,RECALL,IMPEACH democrats coast to coast making them a TINY MINORITY! Support Defend& Protect our ????, our rights, liberties & pursuit of happiness!????????

  • Joyce Kanlan

    05/08/2021 02:26 AM

    Fact Checkers don’t exist in the left wing liberal progressive socialist communist democrat party. See, the left follow??, the father of lies. They, like ??roam to see who they can devour, loving darkness&hate the light because their deeds are evil.

  • Patricia Huckabee we are not related I married Don Huckabee from Brownfield Texas

    05/07/2021 04:43 PM

    I would like to see Tom Cotton and Tim Scott team up an " create a "Give'm Hell Harry" caucus or group

  • Jerry

    05/07/2021 03:52 PM

    As long as the MSM can broadcast its toxic garbage and the Lefts Congress and Oval Office operates Sanity will not return. Every day every nite Mayors Governors AGs drink from the Moron Punch Bowl smoke the weed provided by the Cartels and inject drugs that cause hallucinations Sanity will not be allowed on the agendas of the Left. Biden with his lack of focus will say something he may have heard in Scranton and stammer a portion of sanity but quickly stops his only sane thought and keeps himself from the his handlers the CCP. The CCP knows how to stop sanity just listen to what the Left has to say. Case closed no sanity.

  • Harold Levi

    05/07/2021 03:39 PM

    Putting the Quotation Marks Around The Term “Fact-Checkers”: Why even bring this up? Anyone who does not understand the agenda of the Marxist-Democrats is one. No need to waste the time and effort.

    Americans are fed-up with Leftist tyranny: I doubt this will be of any value. There is no hope for anyone who has taken this long to become upset. Only God can help them.

    Everyone should remember Coke is an invention of a Confederate Officer. Because of the anti-America anti-South attitude of the Marxist-Management, the company must be destroyed.

    Biden's Justice Department Gets Involved With Arizona Audit: Ok, everyone who is surprised at this action please raise your hands. Yep, just as I thought, not a hand in sight. The agenda of the Marxist-Democrats has been to destroy the U.S. ever since the beginning of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917.

    Encouraging Signs Of A Return To Sanity: There are always anomalies associated with every event. That is all these events are.

    A warning for Republicans: Republicans? Or do you mean Conservatives? Republicans are too stupid to understand anything that is going on. Conservatives are far too trusting to defend themselves. Trump tried, but the Great Satan won.

    “Won’t Get Fooled Again”: There is an old saying: Fool me once, shame on you; Fool me
    twice shame on me. Why is there such a saying? You have been Fooled again! There was Jimmy
    Carter, then Slick Willie Clinton, then Barrrrrak Obummer, and now a Clown with a Jester –
    Uncle Joe and Aunt Kamal. YOU are a FOOL!!

  • Paul Kern

    05/07/2021 03:01 PM

    As I look at the Marxist madness infecting many on both sides I see a Sovietization of America. Only God thru His people can stop this. Remove mention of God like the puppet president is doing and people will be back in the Dark Ages.
    Also many can't even read and write anymore as the Millennials focus on becoming social media addicts. It is time for men and women of God stand and not retreat
    I suspect it will be a bloody undertaking. Like ancient Israel the number of real believers is very low.
    We must stand for the Truth no matter what the cost. The Marxist nation this has become will take a lot of hard work by its citizens now that it's military and police forces are being undermined.

  • Jerry

    05/07/2021 01:48 PM

    Does anyone on the left understand that with out consequences crime will increase and become more violent. Do the people that don’t get caught committing crimes know they might be under surveillance by camera and the Guy that wrote the 10 commandments? The left’s appetite for lawlessness like the election itself will have long lasting consequences. Obama Biden and the Left must have a tip maybe the virgins are the attraction that awaits them after their last breath on this planet I wish them luck on that. In the meantime I will obey the 10 commandments even with the devil in control of the Oval Office I still am blessed to be here and when my last breath is taken I feel I may have done my time in hell watching these devils do their dirty work.

  • Jeffrey Small

    05/07/2021 01:03 PM

    Mike, Now the Idaho police officer just went from "zero taxes" to outrageous taxing! LOL

  • Gregory George Keller

    05/07/2021 01:00 PM

    Get rid of the FBI no use for it in our society now PERIOD. Also it would be nice to get rid of pedophile Joe and his Jezebel or you can say whore because Jezebel was one in the Bible just like Harris she is a Jezebel or one might say a whore.

  • Floyd A Unger

    05/07/2021 12:58 PM

    Thank you. Yup it’s not going to be easy. It’s going to be a fight.

  • Fred & Shirley Cross

    05/07/2021 12:55 PM

    I think this is a place that Chronicles 7:14 would be appropriate. God Bless you Mike!

  • Gladys Hizer

    05/07/2021 12:40 PM

    On another conservative site on my e-mail, I read an article about the Idaho cop whose go fund me is over $500,000 now, he has a book deal, and job restored. I hope all this is true and freedom of speech returns to all of us and not just the democrats.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    05/07/2021 12:07 PM

    When National Prayer Day, the WH does not mention God that should tell us we need to turn around. America needs God’s blessings bad.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/07/2021 11:33 AM

    Democrats learn from their mistakes? That's a hot one!
    Not only are they pulling the same no Brainers they did in the 30s and in the 60s and 70s but they haven't learned from any other Socialist dead losses either!!

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/07/2021 11:25 AM

    At times like these I am reminded of an old poem .
    I think it was by Perry Tanksley but it is called Neutrality :

    One who can silent stand
    When truth is being tried
    Withholding facts he knows
    Afraid to take a side
    Will find he's being tried
    By Truth confronting him
    And for his coward act
    He'll find himself and Condemned
    Condemned to hell on Earth
    Deserved and unBegrudged
    Because he silent stood
    When truth was being judged .

  • Sharon Faulkner

    05/07/2021 11:24 AM

    At times like these I am reminded of an old poem .
    I think it was by Perry Tanksley but it is called Neutrality :

    One who can silence stand
    When truth is being tried
    Withholding facts he knows
    Afraid to take a side
    Will find he's being tried
    By Truth confronting him
    And for his coward act
    He'll find himself and Condemned
    Condemned to hell on Earth
    Deserved and unBegrudged
    Because he silent stood
    When truth was being judged .

  • David E. Miller

    05/07/2021 11:10 AM

    It's (Joe) Friday. "Just the facts, ma'am."
    (We want the fact, the whole fact, and nothing but the fact.)

  • Jj

    05/07/2021 10:53 AM

    A message to coke ceo I have chosen other products other than coke’s beverages I check labels to make sure I do not purchase your products and I don’t miss your products for a second and I am using a different hole on my belt the hole further from the end of the belt I only hope millions of people find alternatives from your products for health reasons I know you will do well in China so take off for China and when you get there burn your passport

  • Jerry

    05/07/2021 10:44 AM

    As the agony of the Obama Biden presidency’s continues the nations God continues to expose what the Devil looks like and how it acts it is abortion murder in the streets burning buildings closures of churches and religious houses adding the cost to poor peoples already stressed budgets keeping schools shut down some children relied on being fed while attending school and the teachings of hate is now embedded this is not how my God drew up the plan for Americans the devils are replacing Gods plan with Biden and Obama leading the way


    05/07/2021 10:29 AM

    Too bad so many people are deaf, dumb and blind to that reality.

    Oh,I see what you did there,you pinball wizard you!Sadly,we HAVE been fooled again.

    And the world looks just the same
    And history ain't changed
    'Cause the banners, they are flown in the next war.....