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May 6, 2021

Saturday’s May Day demonstrations by various communist-sympathizing groups included some violence and vandalism. But maybe a little good news will come out of it, like some signs that Portland officials might finally be getting serious about holding violent leftist rioters to account after a year of them destroying and terrorizing the city with impunity.

Seven people were arrested out of 50 black-clad protesters who rioted at an ICE facility Saturday night, and the county prosecutor said they’re actually moving forward with prosecuting three of them on felony charges. Let’s hope that’s just a looooong-overdue start.

How long overdue? Check out the linked article to see the unmasked faces of these geniuses who think they should be running America and to read their rap sheets. Stare in slack-jawed amazement at how many times some of these cosplay revolutionaries have been arrested in Portland, only to be given bail, have the charges dropped or simply be turned loose the next day to go right back to rioting and menacing police again. These are charges that would have gotten any of us thrown under the jail (Nancy Pelosi would probably agree to keep Gitmo open if they’d fill it with Trump voters who were even within 5 miles of the Capitol riot.)

These are not minor charges. They include threatening police and civilians with knives and other weapons, yet they were repeatedly released on bail or simply turned loose. It’s no wonder they thought there would be no consequences for their actions: there haven’t been any before!

Be sure to check out the series of side-by-side mugshots of one felony riot suspect. There are half a dozen mugshots because he was previously arrested and released at five other riots in 2020. With the ever-changing locations of his facial scratches, it looks like a series of time-lapse photos illustrating what happens when a complete moron tries to teach himself to eat with a fork.

Far be it from me to cite a dead white male, whom we all know can’t teach us anything, but I would suggest that Portland authorities read Dostoyesky’s 1866 novel, “Crime and Punishment.” It’s about an impoverished ex-student who kills someone, thinking that he can accomplish great things by taking the victim's money. But (spoiler alert!) he ends up in Siberia.

At the very least, they should read the title. It might help them figure out that “Crime” should be followed by “Punishment.”

UPDATE: Maybe local prosecutors in Portland are finally charging a few violent leftist rioters only because the Biden Administration is making it clear that they don’t plan to enforce the law by dropping 58 of the 97 federal criminal charges brought against rioters in Portland, including assaults on officers.

Remember this when Biden and fellow Democrats try to paint Trump supporters as violent insurrectionists and kick down the doors of anyone who was even within smelling distance of the Capitol on June 6th. Violent rioting is only a crime to them when the other side does it. If it’s their radicals burning courthouses, assaulting police, and beating and threatening civilians, that’s “peaceful protest.”

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