May 4, 2021

Even former Obama economic advisor Steven Rattner, a fan of big spending on “progressive” programs, is getting nervous about the trillions of dollars President Biden wants to shower on massive bills stuffed full of leftist wishlist items.

In addition to concerns about debt and inflation, Rattner said he’s worried about the execution. He said the last “jobs plan” alone had 76 separate initiatives in it that have to be created and the potential for mistakes is high. He told MSNBC that if these programs don’t produce real results for people, “I think it will set back the cause of progressivism for several more decades” and Americans will start to see government as the enemy again. I think even he realizes that the only things leftists have the ability to run are their mouths and the money printing press.

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As the story notes, Obama had an $840 billion stimulus package that enriched cronies like Solyndra but didn’t deliver on “shovel-ready” or “green” jobs. It helped give us Trump, who really did make the economy boom by unleashing the private sector instead of printing federal money. Lucky for Democrats, too many voters have short attention spans and listen to biased news. So here we go, once again trying a strategy that’s a proven failure.

It will be up to Joe Biden to insure that it’s not. He'd just better make sure he doesn’t put the same person in charge of policing all this new spending that Obama put in charge of overseeing his stimulus money. That person was…Joe Biden. Uh-oh.


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