June 10, 2021

Good evening! My Evening Edition for today contains the following:

  • Daily Bible Verse
  • Botched Assignment
  • Border Data
  • Obama Defends CRT
  • Radical Left Nazis
  • Keystone XL Cancelled
  • MSNBC: Not Reality


Mike Huckabee


“If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

Romans 12:18 KJV


Botched Assignment

By Mike Huckabee

How badly has Vice President Kamala Harris botched her first big assignment, to clean up the disaster President Biden created on the border? Let me count the ways…

(1.) As of today, she’s had the assignment for 78 days and has yet to even visit the border…(2.) When asked about that by a reporter, she laughed oddly and said she hadn’t visited Europe either, as if she’s in charge of keeping Frenchmen from swimming across the Atlantic to enter New Jersey illegally…(3.) She went to Guatemala and was greeted by protesters with signs reading “Trump won,” “Go home” and “Guatemala is pro-life”…(4.) She claimed the root causes of illegal immigration were climate change and hostility to LGBTQ people…(5.) The President of Guatemala personally contradicted her by telling “Face the Nation” that the cause of the surge was Biden undoing Trump’s border security policies.

And now, to make it an even half dozen: she’s done such a lousy job that even the Biden White House is letting it be known that they are frustrated, perplexed and “not thrilled” with her inexplicably incompetent performance.

At this rate, she really needs to up her game if she ever hopes to take over the job of being President from Jill Biden.


Border Data

By Mike Huckabee

Wednesday, US Customs and Border Protection released data from May showing that border agents stopped 180,034 people trying to cross the border with Mexico illegally. That’s a 21-year high, up from 178,622 stopped in April and 172,331 in March. That doesn’t include the ones that got past the border patrol, estimated at 40,000 in April.

Wow, the climate in Central America must be changing really fast!

Obama Defends CRT

By Mike Huckabee

Democrats are so worried about the public waking up to the threat of Critical Race Theory in schools and demanding an end to it that they trotted out former President Barack Obama to poo-poo their concerns. In his patented condescending fashion, Obama dismissed parents who are upset that their kids are being taught toxic, divisive, racist hate-mongering by claiming that it’s just “right-wing media” like Fox News (the favorite bogey man of the left) “stoking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a changing America.”

First of all, I think people are right to fear anyone who wants to change America into a Marxist dystopia where people are judged entirely by their skin color. And if America’s white population are paranoid racists who fear a changing America, then who elected him President twice? It wasn’t blacks, they’re only about 13% of the population.

In fact, even his supporters in deep blue places such as Manhattan and New Jersey are standing up against CRT, not out of irrational fear but out of perfectly rational fear. I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans of any race want to see the “changing America” that the racist, Marxist radicals pushing CRT want to impose on us.

But take heart: the fact that the Democrats feel the need to employ Obama giving us one of his “I’m so disappointed in you” lectures is a great sign that they’re the ones who are afraid. And when power-mad politicians are afraid of the people, that’s a good thing.


Radical Left Nazis

By Mike Huckabee

As someone who has visited Israel many times, as well as Europe’s former concentration camps, I have always been appalled at how lightly people toss around terms like “Nazi” and “Hitler” to tar their political opponents. It’s an insult to Holocaust victims to belittle their suffering to score cheap political points.

However, I’ve noticed that the media have a glaring double standard on this. Leftists can call conservatives Nazis all day long and nobody bats an eye. But if someone points out legitimate similarities between today’s radical left like Antifa and the tactics of the Nazis, they risk fierce condemnation and even losing their jobs, like actress Gina Carano.

That’s why this story poses a quandary: I don’t like Nazi analogies. I know that as a conservative, I’ll probably get attacked for making one. But when the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association publishes an article called “On Having Whiteness” by psychoanalyst Donald Moss, arguing that simply being white is a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” that makes white people hate and terrorize others, and for which there “is not yet a permanent cure”…how can that not bring to mind Nazi-era propaganda blaming all of Germany's problems on Jews and calling them parasites? If you trade out “white” for “Jew,” it’s virtually indistinguishable from “Mein Kampf.”

At least I can take comfort that I won’t be the only one attacked for pointing out the obvious, as you can see at the link. Others called it pure hatred, sick and evil, and racist psychobabble. One doctor said it made him want to throw his psychology degree in the garbage.

Shockingly, that was actually considered a “research paper,” based on accepted tenets of “Critical Race Theory” (which is why CRT needs to be kicked out of schools.) It even appeared in a peer-reviewed journal, meaning that other psychologists actually read that piece of vile, racist insanity and decided it was worthy of publication. That should forever destroy the credibility of “peer-review” in the psychiatric field.

Meanwhile, some peers of this author are much wiser about that garbage than he is. Meet the black Columbia University professor who’s urging any parents who are truly anti-racist to take their kids out of a New Jersey private prep school that’s adopting CRT before they’re taught that the essence of a person is “cringing, hostile group identity against oppression.”

In Loudon County, Virginia, where schools are pushing this racist propaganda, one brave teacher, Lilit Vanetsyan, became a celebrity overnight after a video went viral of her confronting the school board and accusing them of running “indoctrination camps” where kids are taught to hate themselves or others because of skin color and to “root for socialism by the time they get to middle school.”

Finally, check out this MUST-SEE video of a mom who survived China's Cultural Revolution blasting the Loudon County school board for promoting the same kind of bullying, brainwashing and thought crimes she had to endure under communism.

Keystone XL Cancelled

By Mike Huckabee

Despite a number of state Attorneys General launching legal challenges to President Biden’s pointless killing of the Keystone XL Pipeline project, it now appears that it is really quite sincerely dead. The developer, Canada’s TC Energy Corp, and the provincial government of Alberta say they’re abandoning the project. Alberta invested more than $1 billion in it thanks to the US commitment that Biden undid with a stroke of his executive order pen.

This decision will anger Canada, destroy American jobs, and make America less energy independent and fuel more expensive. It won’t even help the environment, since the oil will still have to get to the refineries, only via CO2-spewing trucks instead of a carbon-neutral pipeline. It’s obvious that the Wall Street Journal reporter quoted at the link was struggling to find some coherent justification for Biden’s actions: “It is a victory for environmentalists who have campaigned to block new pipeline construction as a way to limit oil consumption that contributes to global warming.”

News flash: blocking pipeline construction will not limit oil consumption. That’s like thinking that if you blow up the lunch wagon at your workplace, you’ll eat less. No, you’ll just put the driver out of a job, and you’ll still have to eat lunch. But now, you’ll have to obtain it in a more expensive, inconvenient way because, just like the US economy, your body still needs fuel.

While the Keystone XL Pipeline now seems DOA, some wags on the Internet suggested one possible way that it might be revived: Canada could declare itself part of Russia, and then Biden would approve the pipeline.

MSNBC: Not Reality

By Mike Huckabee

It’s always fun to see the crestfallen looks on liberal news channel anchors every time they’re forced to admit that something they devoted a ton of air time to has turned out to be phony baloney fake news. Here’s the latest example, from MSNBC’s Chuck Todd.

I already told you that an Inspector General’s report blew away the claim that then-Attorney General Bill Barr tear-gassed BLM protesters to clear them out of Lafayette Square so that President Trump could have a photo op. Actually, the Park Police cleared them out so that contractors could put up security fencing, and Barr and Trump had nothing to do with it.

I love the admission from correspondent Ken Dilanian that “The narrative we thought we knew is not the reality.”

Hey, I think we’ve just found the perfect motto for MSNBC!

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Comments 1-10 of 18

  • Darrell Parks

    06/12/2021 01:13 PM

    Chuck Todd hates Christianity and doesn't mind saying it. But MSNBC/NBC has no problem with that.

  • Thomas A Randall Sr

    06/11/2021 05:59 PM

    A few weeks past you had a gentlemen thank you for using the King James version of the Bible. I hope people realize it is just version the same as the ESV or many other versions. If we were to be faithful to the true Word Of GOD we would have learned Greek or Hebrew language .

  • Carmen Price

    06/11/2021 02:24 PM

    Governor Huckabee:
    You must realize Biden is Obama's 3rd term. Obama is pulling the strings, making suggestions etc. and laughing all the way to the bank. Obama is also a Muslim and that is why he wants GOD out of our lives.
    We need more like you to show us the way to a greater America, keep up the good work, and I hope Sara becomes Governor..........yahoooo
    Carmen Price
    Reno, NV

  • Floyd A Unger

    06/11/2021 01:48 PM

    Thank you

  • Joseph Orsini

    06/11/2021 01:16 PM

    We were fearful of VP Harris becoming President because of her left-wing political views. Now we are DOUBLY FEARFUL of this happening because of the realization of her INCOMPETANCE.

  • Jerry

    06/11/2021 11:09 AM

    It appears VP harris has a problem dealing with interviewers of color snapping at them mocking them while being questioned about her lack care of our Southern border. The mayor of Chicago a person of color does not want to be interviewed by non colored people. What is the problem with people of color being interviewed? Are they unsure of themselves with their knowledge of the issues, its not a lack of low self esteem, Harris thinks she is a queen most people understand she is nothing more than an actor parts are for her to learn, script is written for her to recite without the people with skill guiding her she is comfortable smoking dope, drinking an alcoholic beverage and dressing like a street walker that is the area Harris is most comfortable, solving problems on the national level is above her and can not reach that requirement, 97% of the people saw that in the primary and she has not disappointed she is really unlikeable and dumb.

  • Jerry

    06/11/2021 08:43 AM

    The VP of America has not gone to inspect the Southern Border and the members of Congress have gone to the Southern Border what do the two have in common? If you guessed Nothing is getting done you are correct. Neither the VP the President are going to do anything to stop the invasion. They are putting Americans at risk to be murdered raped abused and the cost to care for the invaders are very high. The money spent on migrants could go to lowering property tax rebuilding our roads and bridges and other citizen based needs. The Oval Office and Congress allow the country to be invaded the oath of their offices have not been adhered to and voided
    and be removed from office.

  • Judy Radley

    06/11/2021 08:37 AM

    Since the awful event of 9/11/01 the Terrorist Attack, we haven't seen such an unpredictable event in the United States of America until last year when the Chinese used their bioweapon, called Covid-19, to attack us, The U.S.A., and would it be unrealistic into thinking that the Democrats and other anti-American domestic terrorists, used the pandemic as a corrupted operation to distract the American people from the George Soros, Big Tech, Clintons, Obamas, and Bidens, lead by Hunter Biden, and his and his father's deal with CCP, the real reason for the pandemic? To secure their deals with Dominion and other corrupt government operatives, including China, CCP, and Russia, to disrupt the American General Election by allowing fraud to control the outcome of the election? And could that also be why Democrats are so resistant to allow investigations into vote fraud? And as usual, anyone who questions the election, the Democrats use defamation, threats, violence, riots, et al, to silence any one who rightfully should question the election, as it was fraught with corruption and fraud, and illegalities.

    The phrase, quote, that comes to mind, of "the lady protests too much"...Shakespeare, seems very appropriate here when trying to understand why the Democrats don't want investigation of voter fraud, because THEY KNOW the truth will come out that YES, INDEED, THE ELECTION OF JOE BIDEN WAS NOT LEGITIMATE AND HE WAS NOT ELECTED PRESIDENT, BUT INSTEAD PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP WAS LEGITIMATELY RE-ELECTED!

    Even other countries KNOW that the Democrat candidate DID NOT WIN! But that President Trump WAS TRULY AND LEGITIMATELY RE-ELECTED!

    Democrats are fraught with corruption, that is why they are called Democrats, they are taught 'community organizing' by turning the truth into lies and use defamation, threats, violence, illegal tactics, etc., to get their way. It is similar to all the other corrupt leaders' tactics in history, their use of oppression by aggression, and abuse of power to overthrow our Republic Government which means governed By the People, For the People, and Of the People. Corrupt governments don't want the people to have a say in anything they want, only the government controls the people. That is communism, socialism, Marxism, and IS abuse by government control over ANY individual freedoms.

    Why would Democrats ever want that? For only ONE REASON, TO HAVE TOTAL Government Control of Power over people. It does not matter how they get it, just as long as they get it! Democrats are NOT for the people, they are for GOVERNING OVER ALL PEOPLE. And since the TRUE election results BY THE PEOPLE, were NOT what Democrats wanted, they 'fixed' it against what the Majority of the People wanted and voted for individually themselves. The Democrats couldn't stand it, that is why so many election results were suddenly stopped! And then their (the Democrats) operatives sneaked in to toss out just enough legitimate ballots for the opposing candidate, to make it look like their candidate won, against what the PEOPLE TRULY WANTED. How can the Supreme Court of the United States not see how and why that happened? Democrats' Corruption is far-reaching and is the TRUE PANDEMIC of American Freedom.

    What if all the evidence indeed PROVES that President Trump was re-elected, (and it will), how can he NOT be put in office at any time once the proof is proven that he won? That would be so much better for all of America, if not for the world? Look at how the Democrats' election results manipulation has already upset other nations besides the USA, such as Canada, Mexico, Israel, Iran, etc.? The Democrats are truly blinded by their insane need for power and control regardless of the negative outcome it will create? The Democrats are as if THEY ARE THE BIGGEST THREAT TO NATIONAL SECURITY IF NOT GLOBAL SECURITY! And to have such a looney, mentally deficient old guy as the leader?

    The Democrats seem to WANT other nations to hate America and bring war down on us. They are all deranged and insane to even think of wanting anything close to that to happen! The National Guard should go back to the Capitol and keep all of them locked up in there! Make it a NEW 'WHITE COLLAR' prison! Only let those who were For President Trump out, but keep the rest of them locked in!

    It isn't even about President Trump, it is about Conservative values or better yet, about American Values, NOT SOCIALISM, COMMUNISM, NOR MARXISM! It doesn't matter who was running against the Democrats' candidate, they would have manipulated the results against any person running against them!

    We MUST fix the system so only to have a legitimate election again! I totally agree to STOP AUTOMATION OF VOTE TABULATION, AND ONLY USE MANUAL VOTING PROCESS AGAIN! There are enough people who could pass security checks to ensure legitimate elections are processed, and NO mail-in ballots should be considered legitimate.

    The only 'mail-in' ballots, like before, should be ABSENTEE BALLOTS! And before any future elections happen, RIGHT AWAY VOTER ROLLS MUST BE PURGED or any town, city, county, and state, elections CAN NOT HAPPEN UNTIL THE VOTER ROLLS ARE PURGED! If they don't get purged, then FINES AND LAWSUITS MUST BE ENACTED BEFORE ANY ELECTION CAN TAKE PLACE. I'm sure any party would want that to take place, wouldn't they, so they can have their elections again?

  • Greg Poston

    06/11/2021 08:35 AM

    Governor, love your newsletter but I wanted to remind you that not only did the Jewish people suffered under the Nazi’s but also the German people who weren’t joined to the Nazi party. My mother was a teenager during the war. She lived thru endless bombing raids and watched as friends and relatives were killed. Hitler and Nazi’s were pure evil. I find it unthinkable when anyone especially our so-called leaders use those names to hurt others.

  • Vernon Thompson

    06/11/2021 08:33 AM

    Re: Kamala Harris

    You think things are bad now just wait until she is President with Nancy as her VP!!!!