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June 21, 2021

It reads like a stunning political spy thriller, but what we’re learning after China’s head of intelligence apparently defected to the West is proving to be more of a true crime story. took the news about the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) working with defector Dong Jingwei of China’s Ministry of State Security beyond the “rumor” stage, but it was still so wild that the appropriate initial response was skepticism. RedState’s sources, however, appear to be sound. And if this story is true, it makes Dong the highest-level defector in the history of the People’s Republic of China.

RedState has doubled down on their story, saying they've confirmed the name of this official and the nature of the work he had been doing. Reportedly, he defected from China in mid-February after flying from Hong Kong to the United States to visit his daughter, Dong Yang, who was attending a university in California. Once his plane had landed, he contacted the DIA and told them of his plans to defect and also of the information he had with him. According to publicly available records, since April 2018 he has been the head of the Ministry of State Security’s counterintelligence activities in China. Translation: he was China's #1 spy-catcher. It makes sense to think that if anyone would know how to defect without getting caught, it's this guy.

According to RedState’s sources, Dong “hid in plain sight” for about two weeks while waiting to go safely into DIA custody. Presumably, his daughter was taken into custody as well.

CCP officials reportedly have demanded that Dong be returned. Sources say that Secretary of State Andrew Blinken was not aware at the time that Dong was in America, and so he told the Chinese what he thought was true: that we didn’t have Dong. In fact, it seems that until the last three or four weeks, NO ONE outside the DIA knew Dong had defected. Until then, they were vetting the information he had passed to them.

RedState reports that Dong has provided the following information to the DIA. If you haven’t seen this list, prepare to be blown away:

--- Early pathogenic studies of the virus we now know as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19).

--- Models of predicted COVID-19 spread and damage to the U.S. and the world. Perhaps this "Exhibit A" will be the most infuriating of all.

--- Financial records relating to the exact organizations and governments that funded research on SARS-CoV-2 and other biological warfare.

–- Names of U.S. citizens who provide intel to China. Let's see 'em.

–- Names of Chinese spies working in the U.S. and/or attending American universities. This promises to be a long list.

–- Financial records showing U.S. business people and public officials who have received money from the Chinese government. I assume that means "besides Hunter Biden."

–- Details of meetings U.S. government officials had, perhaps unwittingly, with Chinese spies and members of Russia’s SVR (External Intelligence Service).

–- Details of how the Chinese gained access to a CIA communications system, which led to the deaths of dozens of Chinese people who had been working with the CIA.

Oh, wait –- there’s more! According to RedState, Dong has also provided the DIA with copies of the information on Hunter Biden’s laptop, revealing all the scuzz the Chinese government has on Hunter, his nefarious personal habits and his business dealings with Chinese entities. His father’s, too. It was common sense to assume China had it all, and apparently they do.

In a revelation that should surprise no one, Dong reportedly told the DIA that at least a third of Chinese students attending American universities are intel assets, with many living under pseudonyms to hide the fact that they are children of high-ranking military and CCP leaders.

RedState says they have “high confidence” in their reporting because, in the days since their original report, others are starting to investigate some of the claims. Sources continue to tell RedState that “This defector has the rest of the intelligence community and the LEO [law enforcement officer] community scared sh**less.”

Here’s their full update.

Gordon Chang, FOX NEWS analyst and author of THE COMING COLLAPSE OF CHINA, takes this report very seriously indeed, telling NEWSMAX on Saturday that if the information Dong has about the Wuhan Institute of Virology is proven true, it could “even lead to the fall of the Communist Party.” There has been no official response from China, but according to Chang, Beijing appears to be in a panic.

“This is so explosive it could lead to a chain of events which would sever relations between China and the United States,” said Chang.

Some experts have denied the reports, however, and Chang said the SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST has reported that Dong is still in China and even gave a talk on Friday about catching foreign spies (Dong’s specialty). But Chang also said that those accounts do not seem credible.

And why did this Chinese defector deal exclusively with the Defense Intel Agency, rather than other agencies? Chang believes it’s because those other units of our government have been “penetrated by the Chinese Ministry of State” security agents (spies). He said it appears China “has penetrated most units of the U.S. government, indeed, state governments as well.”

This is consistent with what RedState has reported; namely, that “Dong has extremely embarrassing and damaging information about our intelligence community and government officials in the ‘terabytes of data’ he’s provided to the DIA.” Sure makes you wonder how many “Fang Fangs” are out there, and how many Eric Swalwells. Recall that Swalwell is a member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Chang also believes that Dong’s role as chief spy-catcher would put him close to Chinese leader Xi Jinping. “This is really important,” Chang said, “because what this does [is] blow open the Chinese political system.” Xi could be blamed and overthrown in the blink of an eye. “This could cause the Communist Party to lose the stability that apparently people think it has,” Chang said. That’s why the CCP leadership is so enraged.

The full story of Chang’s interview with NEWSMAX is here.

Finally, Dan Bongino’s Friday podcast led off with this story, stressing the extreme significance of what the DIA might be learning from the defector. You can see it on Rumble, here.

Bongino points out that what Dong is offering about the origin and spread of the virus confirms much of what Trump has said for many months. Not wanting to prove Trump right is probably the main reason why full reports on this story will be few and far between, not to mention twisted beyond recognition in order to pass muster with social media. But we’ll bring them hot and fresh and factual, as we look forward to telling the real story.

Addendum: Sunday night, reporter Jennifer Van Laar, who broke the story of the Chinese defector in, commented on the media strategy for dealing with it.

Van Laar offers a detailed, chronological and quite fascinating account in a “VIP” article on

I’ll summarize: Van Laar stands by her reporting and says that as the story has developed, “the reactions are an interesting and disturbing insight into how those with their own agendas attempt to shape the narrative and marginalize those who won’t go along with that narrative.” She says the “former spook community” (I love that characterization) “went from saying RedState’s reporting was completely untrue and used to attack Dr. Fauci, to admitting that parts of it could be true, to taking credit for the reporting.”

She describes the strategy: “First, ignore. Then, attack the source’s credibility. Then, leak information to take the story in a different direction. If none of that works, again attack the source’s credibility and attempt to introduce contradictory evidence. If that doesn’t work, claim ownership of the story and start shaping your own narrative.”

Van Laar will be appearing Tuesday on The Chris Salcedo Show on NEWSMAX to go over the latest developments, which, of course, we’ll bring to you here.

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  • Debbie R Earnst

    07/02/2021 08:43 PM

    Mind blowing, except why would China tell what the defector would have on him? Also, I've read that NewsMax is owned by China!? Very interesting! Are they hoaxing themselves?

  • Marilyn J Forden

    07/02/2021 12:22 AM

    This article is amazing and I sure hope that something comes from it!

  • Paul Slusarczyk

    07/01/2021 10:22 PM

    Perhaps God is intervening in World Affairs, partly as a result of finding a requisite number of "His People" who are willing to "turn from their own wicked ways" so He could legally intervene in our Nation's Affairs! See Second Chronicles 7:14 and 16:9 for starters! This promise from God to "Heal our land" is CONDITIONAL!

  • Donald Plunkett

    06/29/2021 04:38 PM

    I pray this information doesn’t die in DIA because our government is too corrupt to let it out to the masses. Please keep sending info out to us as it becomes available.
    Sounds like it’s time to round up Chinese spies in our government and colleges.

  • Don W. Jackson

    06/28/2021 05:26 PM

    Thank you Governor. I’ve been saying this for over a year. I’ve been in Law enforcement for 50 years. And I learned a long time ago to follow the money, and you ca solve 95% of the crimes. I was even chased off Facebook for stating such.

  • gary peyton

    06/28/2021 02:42 PM

    i knew they were up to something bidens too go trump impeach impeach biden and harris too

  • Bradley David Harte

    06/28/2021 10:09 AM

    Dear Governor, please keep standing for the truth and justice. God bless you.

  • Thomas Saneford

    06/27/2021 09:51 PM

    Governor, I trust that all the info you share with us is factual to the best of your knowledge but come on, do you really think any of this will be made public. Just like everything else in our government, we will throw millions of dollars at it with no concrete proof and the issue will die just like every other scandal has. Hunter Biden will go on living his life with no consequences. Sleepy Joe will continue to blow smoke up our skirts, Pelosi will continue to hold evidence over her enemies heads till they shrink away, Schumer will continue to believe he has super human strength. I’m just really tired of all the back biting and deception going on in DC. Really can’t wait till November 2022.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    06/27/2021 09:29 PM

    Defector, change the course of history. America, Patriots, God IS still in Control, He still sits on the Throne and He still answers Prayer!???? Keep the Faith! Continue daily, to pray without ceasing for our One Nation Under God& our Leaders. It’s in God We Trust! God Bless America +Israel.

  • Carl T Smith

    06/27/2021 09:00 PM

    Turning yourself into This Administration is tantamount to Suicide. The Left has too many SECRETS yet to be revealed to allow this person to survive. Sorry but the CCN ( Clinton Crime Network is not a myth) and the left is all in for Communism under the leadership of Bernie and the Mob( Squad). This is the LAST chance the PROGRESSIVES have to overturn our Constitution by effectively leading a Public that still BELIEVES in Honest Journalism!