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June 1, 2021

I hope you had a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend, and remembered to honor our fallen military heroes who made possible every day of freedom that we enjoy. Former President Trump released a moving statement about Memorial Day that I’m sure you’ll want to read.

President Biden and Vice President Harris also tweeted about the holiday, even though it took Harris two tries and a lot of backlash before she remembered to mention what it was really about.

This story features a lot of photos of the giant MAGA boat flotilla in Jupiter, Florida, for Memorial Day.

It also includes Biden’s comments at Arlington National Cemetery. It was fine, but the allusions to “democracy” being in peril here and abroad came across as self-serving, insulting and inappropriate. There is zero moral equivalency between Americans wanting to ensure that the 2020 vote was honest and the kind of democracy-crushing dictators our soldiers have given their lives to stop.

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