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June 28, 2021

By Mike Huckabee

Over the weekend, President Biden ordered military strikes on facilities near the Iraq-Syria border that have been used by Iran-backed militia groups to stage attacks on US troops in Iraq. White House spokespeople and Speaker Pelosi described it as necessary and appropriate action to deal with a specific threat. It was also defended by liberals as Biden serving warning to Iran that just because he was trying to revive the Iran nuclear deal, he wasn’t going to ignore other problems.

Some Democrats were not on board, though, like Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy, who protested that Biden didn’t consult Congress before launching the attacks.

And some conservatives were not impressed by what they saw as a half-hearted strike, with conciliatory messages sent to Iran through back channels.

Personally, I have no problem with Biden ordering those strikes, and not every military action taken by the President requires approval from Congress first. If it did, we’d end up losing wars before any agreement could be reached (imagine if Trump had needed Pelosi’s approval to do the exact same thing and imagine how she would have reacted.)

The most worrisome thing to me in this story comes toward the end when a senior fellow at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace said angering Iran now could be problematic to Biden’s hopes of reviving the Iran nuclear deal because the new “hardline” “conservative” (i.e., radical Islamic mass murderer) President Ebrahim Raisi takes office in August. He said, "I think the Administration now has a heightened sense of urgency to revise the deal before Raisi and a new hardline team is inaugurated.”

Yes, because whoever heard of a new President coming in and ripping up deals that the last President already agreed to? If Biden can’t imagine that happening, would someone please remind him of the Keystone XL Pipeline and the border wall construction? Or how Trump ripped up the Iran nuclear deal?

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  • PAUL Schaber

    06/28/2021 10:19 PM

    Biden keep messing around over in the Syria and Irqai and Iranian border area.
    We may find us in the live shooting war . Syria main ally is the Soviet Air Force,
    the Soviets have already given to the Iranians a State of Art Satellite tracking
    system capable of deactivating our informational system. The Iranians
    have been equipped with the Soviet 3M22 Cruise Missile system capable for flying
    at 5-10 times the speed of sound making a plasma cloud which makes it almost
    impossible to detect to stop with our fleet in the Arabian Sea from being destroyed.
    So joe just keep playing and thinking you know what is going to happen and when
    you and the rest of Democrats sitting Fortress Washington find out that incoming
    missle attack will reach themn in less than one minute. Just reach over the kiss
    Dr Jill goodbye and dogs goodbye..