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June 18, 2021

The best thing that can be said about President Biden’s G7 summit and his meeting with Vladimir Putin is that it’s finally over, so no more damage can be done. Maybe the whole thing was just a planned attempt to make the border look like less of a disaster in comparison. Here’s a round-up of how his trip went, and prepare to get dizzy from shaking your head in disbelief.

And yes: Biden actually gave Putin a list of 16 pieces of America’s critical infrastructure that Russia had better not target. Which gives rise to two questions:

1. Does that mean it’s okay if the Russians take down any other piece of American infrastructure?

2. Why does Putin bother paying spies when our own President will hand him a list of our most vital and vulnerable pieces of infrastructure for free?

How did we go from having a President who wrote “The Art of the Deal” to having one who gives away the entire farm before he even opens his mouth?

Biden finished his trip by whining that the press is too negative and never asks a positive question. This about a press corps that ignores all his scandals and disasters while asking about his favorite ice cream flavors. CNN even tried to put a positive spin on his meltdown at their own reporter!

Can you imagine him having to stand up to the daily hostile barrage that Trump got from the press? He would literally melt like the Nazis at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark!”

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  • Laura Swisher

    06/22/2021 02:49 PM

    Biden is a joke. I'm sick of him and the democrats

  • William Maley

    06/21/2021 08:29 PM

    We seem to have failed the "common Sense" test. We don't need outside enemy's, we have Biden and his handlers....

  • Suzanne B. Graves

    06/21/2021 05:22 PM

    I will continue to find humor in America's plight! It is either find it and laugh, or go mad and bite myself! That said, it is more difficult every day. So I thank our Perfect God Almighty for your wonderful sense of humor and the humorous bits that you share with us.

  • Gary Gamble

    06/21/2021 03:27 PM

    Agree with you 100 percent about Biden but what does the Word of God say who are we supposed to Love and bless please let Brother Huckabee read and answer this question I need to hear his personal thoughts. Sincerly Gary Gamble