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July 22, 2021

Here’s an update on the latest leftist virtue signaling by Ben & Jerry’s, the premium ice cream for wealthy, decadent socialists. I reported that the brand announced it would not sell its ice cream in “occupied Palestinian territory,” meaning certain parts of Israel, a move that got it praised by the anti-Semitic BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) movement. The prime minister of Israel warned parent company Unilever of “severe consequences” for its boycott decision. Well, here they come…

First of all, that article points out that no part of Israel is “occupied Palestinian territory.” Israel took over the West Bank when it won the 1967 war against Jordan and its Arab allies, and the Israelis have a claim on that territory going back to Biblical times.

More to the current point, Israeli law requires local distributors to sell products in all of Israel, so this is an illegal decision that could get Ben & Jerry’s removed from the entire nation’s store shelves. In addition, 35 US states have made it illegal to boycott Israel, which hurts both Israelis and Palestinians, so they might have opened up a legal can of worms in two-thirds of the US. Finally, a number of grocers in the New York area and beyond announced that they will stop carrying Ben & Jerry’s ice cream over this.

Moral: Don’t let radical leftists run your ice cream company if you don’t want your business to suffer a complete meltdown.

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  • Greg A. Eichorn

    04/26/2022 12:37 AM

    What I do not understand is why Gov. Huckabee is on TV promoting a charity for only Jewish people in Ukraine. Is it that important what faith you believe in to get help in such a crisis? Should not all refugees get assistance? I just think we need to stop divisive rhetoric and help all people deviated by this, regardless of religion.

  • Dale Sanders

    12/11/2021 08:51 PM

    One of the most sickening realities about Huckabee is his airing fundraiser commercials for Eckstein's IFCJ scam. Before Eckstein died, he donated $40 million dollars of his own money to support Israel's military, which already receives $4Billion a year from the gullible US Congress. Where did Eckstein raise $40 Million? From criminals like Huckabee who fundraises this scam for Eckstein's daughter, another criminal. IFCJ runs out of a highrise office building in Chicago. It's sickening that Huckabee and Eckstein are saying that Israel Holocaust survivors are living in poverty and can't afford to eat when Tens of $$ Billions of payments have been made by European countries like Germany to benefit these survivors. Israel's own government supposedly provides food and housing to these same people. You're a liar and a senseless coward Mike Huckabee. You weren't a good governor and you're even less of a decent human being.

  • Dale Sanders

    12/11/2021 08:45 PM

    Every American has a constitutional right to boycott a foreign nation that uses military and police violence to subjugate or eradicate an indigenous population, Palestinians. I'm sickened by Huckabee's vanity and ignorance in supporting Israel. You brag about products being "Made in America". Our Democracy was made in America and Huckabee uses religion is supporting Israel's massacres of civilians. Huckabee is a fake Christian. Israel is a "Jewish" State, not a Christian State. Not an Arab State, and Israel has no intention of allowing true democracy to flourish there. I am sickened by your vanity Huckabee and lack of common sense.