July 20, 2021

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Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Proverbs 22:6
  • Joe Biden's Misery Index
  • “The Left Destroys Everything It Touches” Updates
  • Update On Those Texas House Democrats
  • Making Money Isn't Capitalism When AOC Does It
  • Must-See Video
  • New Spyware


Mike Huckabee


Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

Joe Biden's Misery Index

By Mike Huckabee

High on the list of things about the 1970s that nobody wanted to see revived were stagflation, the threat of Iran and disastrous Jimmy Carter-style foreign and domestic policies, and President Biden seems determined to drag all of them out of mothballs. Next, get ready for the return of “the Misery Index.” It’s the sum of the unemployment and inflation rates, citied by Ronald Reagan to illustrate how badly Carter's policies were hurting working Americans. It was 6.9% when Trump left office. Just six months later, it was up to 11.5%. And if Biden has any plan, or even inclination, to bring it down before it reaches '70s-era levels of 21%+, we’re seeing no signs of it.

What’s next, polyester leisure suits and the Ethel Merman disco album?

"The Left Destroys Everything It Touches" Updates

By Mike Huckabee

(1.) The California state board of education has decided to postpone for 10 months the implementation of a new “social justice”-oriented math curriculum. It rejects the idea of some people having natural gifts for math, would end advanced courses such as AP Calculus, and make teachers use math class to promote “sociopolitical conscience” and social and environmental issues.

The postponement came after the board received massive backlash from critics who said the new curriculum would politicize math in “a potentially disastrous way.” It would block gifted kids from rising to positions such as engineer, where they could get rockets into the sky and build bridges properly. And it would uproot long-proven, effective math methods in an attempt to “build a mathless Brave New World on a foundation of unsound ideology.” Of course, to the people pushing it, that’s their mission statement in life. Judging from “progressive” ideas about economics, I have a feeling most of them are still nursing a grudge about making F’s in math.

(2.) Say, do you know how President Biden wants all government agencies to go to 100% electric vehicles, and then force all Americans to do the same? Well, the Democrat-led city of Philadelphia led the way in 2016 by buying a fleet of 25 electric Proterra buses.

But if you’re waiting for one of those buses, brace yourself for a long wait. The city transit authority SEPTA has already removed the entire fleet from service due to “structural and logistical problems;” i.e., the batteries didn’t hold a charge long enough for the bus routes and were so heavy, they were cracking the buses’ chassis.

The city paid $24 million for the electric buses, partly subsidized by a $2.6 million federal grant, so all taxpayers got stuck with some of the bill (get used to that feeling.) The buses were introduced when they were rolled out into the 2016 DNC Convention with the boast that the city was “plugging into an emissions-free future."

They should’ve known better than to believe that anything that came out of a Democratic Convention was going to lead to a better future or less hot noxious gas.

Update On Those Texas House Democrats

By Mike Huckabee

Update on those Texas House Democrats who fled Austin to prevent a quorum on an election integrity bill and avoid doing their jobs:

A sixth one has now tested positive for COVID-19. So have a Pelosi staffer who ushered them around the Capitol last week (maybe Trump supporters weren’t the most dangerous political activists to breach the Capitol after all!) And so did a White House staffer who, along with the Pelosi staffer, attended a reception with them. These are the same people who are urging facemasks on the rest of us while not wearing them themselves. But then, they’re also urging the Senate Dems to kill the filibuster so that a minority can’t thwart the will of a majority, so I assume irony is lost on them.

Meanwhile, Fox News reported that more than 10% of their traveling party has tested positive, and White House press secretary Jen Psaki tried very hard to change the subject before finally admitting that other White House staffers had also tested positive, making this a super-spreader event of something other than hypocrisy.

Fortunately, the two DC staffers were both vaccinated, so they’re showing only mild symptoms. But I love the way the Axios reporter phrased it: it shows how even vaccinated people “can still contract and, potentially, unknowingly transmit the virus — even at the highest levels of the nation's government.”

Wait, you mean being at the highest levels of government doesn’t give you superpowers that make you better than ordinary humans? Someone tell all the other Democrats in Washington!

Joe Concha summed up the runaway Democrats’ excellent adventure perfectly: it's the biggest disaster of a trip since the S.S. Minnow. Except in this case, they're all Gilligans.

Making Money Isn't Capitalism When AOC Does It

By Mike Huckabee

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez seems to be taking a page from Bernie Sanders and many others who failed at everything in life before becoming socialist politicians and then they somehow turned into millionaires. AOC has signed a deal to sell a line of "AOC" and “Tax the Rich” merchandise on her popular social media pages. Now, listen to her try to explain how making money through private enterprise isn’t capitalism when she does it. Unlike her merch, it’s priceless.

On a more serious note, AOC’s attempt to sorta voice solidarity with the Cuban people while not actually denouncing their oppressive communist government and instead blaming America and denouncing Trump did not go over well with a former Democrat House member from Miami. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell gave her a scolding and a civics lesson on Twitter.

Will that be enough to convince Cuban-Americans to vote for Democrats again? With Biden ordering the Coast Guard to make sure they’re the only asylum seekers on Earth who are actually turned away from America, I wouldn’t count on it.

Must-See Video

By Mike Huckabee

Campus Reform visited a Washington, DC, campus, where the students had been indoctrinated into thinking socialists are cool and caring, and communism hasn’t worked only because “pure communism hasn’t been tried yet” (yes, that old wheeze is still being trotted out to explain all the failures and mass deaths of the past century of communism.)

Then, the interviewer talked to some Cuban protesters, who provided something that those students have obviously never experienced before on campus: they gave them a warning and a lesson in what life under communist rule is really like. Talk about being taken to school!

And in case you missed it: Antifa got taken to school when they finally pulled their nonsense on the wrong cops outside a spa in Los Angeles, where they'd showed up to attack women who were protesting letting men who “identify” as women show their genitals in front of women and young girls.

We learn two things from this: (1.) Antifa doesn’t care about the rights of women or girls, but they do defend the flashing rights of perverts; and (2.) these self-proclaimed “social justice warriors” aren’t nearly so tough when dealing with people who hit back.

New Spyware

By Mike Huckabee

This story isn’t getting the attention it deserves, but it’s BIG. It’s the revelations about spyware created by an Israeli surveillance company called NSO Group, how it’s able to infiltrate and access private information on virtually any phone, and how it’s allegedly being abused by governments around the world to spy on political opponents, journalists and others.

This is a wide-ranging story, but here’s a good starting point to get up to speed:

And once you have the gist, you can delve into this deep round-up of stories that might make you want to throw your smart phone into the nearest lake or river.

For more political news, visit my website here.

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  • Floyd A Unger

    07/23/2021 02:48 PM

    Thank you

  • William Fuhrer

    07/23/2021 08:39 AM

    UNDERCOVER BOSS should be AOC and the GANGS favorite television show. To have an owner who wants to treat you like family. You have health problems he will take care of the costs. You have talents outside of work he will take care of them. You need a car he will buy you one. You want to go to college he will pat the tuition. You want a different job in the company he will pay for it. Your family is homeless he will pay for your to have a place to stay he will pay for it. Your child has an ongoing disease he will pay for doctors

  • Barbara Pierson

    07/22/2021 10:08 PM

    It doesn’t make me happy to have to mention this but most of us know what’s really going on. The “Plandemic” where patents were taken our years ago, three days later they applied for patents on the killer jab. We know there’s no “Delta” variant, it’s just the same evil garbage in the bioweapon jab. Doctors around the world are warning people. I’m sure you know what I mean. It’s distressing when you and/or someone like Hannity push this and the totally worthless masks. We need the truth from leaders and respected men like you. Not more of the evil cover up. We all are accountable before G-D

  • Joanne Smith

    07/21/2021 10:32 PM

    I am not receiving your Email report...suddenly.
    I did not unsubscribe
    I enjoy your reports....information with a little humor...

  • nancy fitzpatrick

    07/21/2021 08:25 PM

    Sundance - An awarded conservative news site just did a piece on Pegasus. Also a 4 part series on the 4th Branch of Government - The Intelligence Branch. Everyone should check out The Last Refuge at

  • holger latt

    07/21/2021 07:31 PM

    (1) You can always tell a coward-Antifa(2) Sick the Israel cyber guys on Russia -see how they like it. (3) You notice AOC and Sanders, and others that do like capitalism's do not move to counties like Cuba ,etc. If they like communist economics so much, they can move to Cuba.

  • Glenn L Riggs

    07/21/2021 04:18 PM

    Dear Mike I saw you on fox am worried you looked tired. Please take care as we need your smiling face an wonderful presentation of the news. We the people have trust in you an care that you will be hear for a long time so please take care.

  • Stephen Russell

    07/21/2021 03:32 PM

    TX Dems +:
    Theyre spreading Covid around DC & thus drain the Swamp & Deep State?

  • Stephen Russell

    07/21/2021 03:30 PM

    Misery Index: add this to newsletter, share on NewsMax, OAN, TBN CBN?
    Post each day data on

  • Joyce F Birch

    07/21/2021 03:25 PM

    What Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, & the rest of this administration is doing to this country, feels like we're being skinned inch-by-inch. They have no morals!! Look what just happened to the Jan. 6th committee, knocked off 2 Republicans. Pelosi is a nasty, power grabby, vengeful "b...h!" She'll get hers one of these days, what goes around, comes around.