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July 29, 2021

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Topics include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - John 13:35
  • Spending Update
  • Priorities
  • More Of A Hoax By The Day
  • Biden Wants Tax Changes
  • The PAINTER Act
  • Inspiring Moments From The Olympics


Mike Huckabee


“By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.”

John 13:35 

Spending Update

By Mike Huckabee

Sen. Kirsten Sinema continues to rain on her fellow Democrats’ parade by making it clear once again that she would not vote for a massive $3.5 trillion “infrastructure” bill as a reconciliation bill that requires only 51 votes.

However, the Democrats do have support from 17 Republicans who voted to advance a revived compromise infrastructure bill. It’s a bit unclear what that bill will be. One story says it’s $550 billion targeted to actual infrastructure while others say it’s $1.2 trillion. And this one says that there is no actual bill yet, so those Republicans voted to advance debate on something that doesn’t exist.

You can tell from the headline what the writer at Redstate thinks of it, but read the full article to see why.


By Mike Huckabee

At long last, Twitter has suspended the account of the Nation of Islam. Not because of its years of virulent anti-Semitic tweets, but because of posts criticizing COVID vaccines.

More Of A Hoax By The Day

By Mike Huckabee

A couple of days ago, I wrote about a story involving a Dallas leftist group calling on white parents in the wealthy Highland Park neighborhood not to send their kids to Ivy League schools to make room for minorities. I started off by saying that it sounded like a hoax or a prank, and I would only comment on it because it was being covered by so many media outlets that seemed to confirm it. Now, it appears that our suspicions were correct, and it is looking more like a hoax.

We treated the story as laughable and only commented on it for what it said about modern times, whether it was legit or not. But just for the record, it’s looking shaky. Yet it was covered seriously by dozens of media outlets. That also says something about modern times that I don’t think I even need to go into.

Incidentally, please note that when a story even starts to appear to be false, (and us, of course) immediately point that out. We don't keep repeating it for years, like the Charlottesville "very fine people" hoax.

Biden Wants Tax Changes

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden wants to raise the capital gains tax rate, a tax on business investment, from the current 15-20% to 39.6%. Because, as leftist academics assure us, tax rates don’t make people change their behavior. Except that they do, particularly if those rates affect people with enough brains and money to have capital gains income.

Raising this tax is backed by several Senate Democrats and socialist Bernie Sanders, who have proposed a typically misleadingly named bill called the STEP Act (Sensible Taxation and Equity Promotion) that is anything but sensible.

You can read the details at the link, but the most important thing to know is that a new study by Regional Economic Models Inc. estimates that if passed, the STEP Act would cost between 500,000 and 1 million jobs over the next ten years and represent a loss of income of $1 trillion nationwide, or between $8000 and $10,000 per American household.

If defunding police, opening the borders, releasing criminals, bringing back lockdowns and passing this bill are their idea of being sensible, then I can see why they think free speech, fiscal restraint and personal responsibility are crazy.


By Mike Huckabee

Alarmed by Hunter Biden’s amazingly lucrative “art” career, Florida Republican Rep. Michael Waltz has introduced a bill designed to force the Biden family to tell the truth. It’s called the “Preventing Anonymous Income by Necessitating Transparency of Executive Relatives Act,” or PAINTER Act.

Waltz said, “The public deserves to know who is buying Hunter Biden’s paintings and why.” I guess he doesn’t believe someone would shell out half a million dollars because the painting goes with his sofa. Oh, and the frame is really nice.

I wish him luck, even though passing a law to make Hunter Biden tell the truth about his business dealings seems about as likely to work as passing a law to make cows speak Chinese. It’s just not in his nature. I do salute him, however, for coming up with the name of that bill, which reflects more creativity than I’ve seen in any of Hunter’s paintings.

Inspiring Moments From The Olympics

By Mike Huckabee

Leftist politics destroy everything they touch, but fortunately, they haven’t entirely ruined the 2020 Olympics. Here are some moving and inspiring moments from Wednesday:

Proving that the US Women’s gymnastics team isn’t dependent on one big name, American Suni Lee delivered a fantastic performance to take the gold in the individual all-around gymnastics competition.

American swimmer Caeleb Dressel won the gold and set a new Olympic record in the 100-meter freestyle. During the medal presentation, he stood with his hand over his heart and tears in his eyes as the National Anthem played. Why, it’s almost as if he’s proud to be an American. Imagine that!

And here’s a story that won’t get much play in the liberal media: Saeid Mollaei won the silver in the men’s 81kg judo event representing Mongolia, but he’s not Mongolian. The 2018 world judo champion defected from Iran after blowing the whistle on Iranian officials who ordered him to throw a match to avoid having to wrestle Israeli Sagi Muki. Israel let him train there for the Tokyo Games, and he even became friends with his rival Muki.

In accepting the silver, Mollaei said, "Thank you to Israel for all the good energy – this medal is dedicated to you as well, and I hope Israel is happy with this victory today." And he said it in Hebrew.

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  • William Fuhrer

    07/30/2021 05:41 PM


  • William Fuhrer

    07/30/2021 05:32 PM


  • Joyce F Birch

    07/30/2021 04:01 PM

    Thank you to you & your staff for your newsletters. All I can say, pinch me to wake me up when all of this the chaos at the border, in DC, & mixed messages, about mask & unmask. Just to let you know I was vaccinated in March & continued to wear my mask(s) in public. I wore the mask since 2020. (I just didn't feel safe, not that the masks are 100%, but, I'm no 'spring chicken.) I feel bad for the medical personnel that wear the masks 8, 10, 12 hrs. daily. They aren't getting enough oxygen. They're breathing more carbon dioxide with the mask. This I feel will cause them medical problems down the rode. Does this sound logical? The only place I didn't wear one was in church when they changed the policies recently. I will start wearing it again in church recently. Up until the past few months, mass was held virtually. What's wrong with Biden & the border? They're causing so much pain, disruptions, and death. The US citizens should get together for a 'class action suit' against him & his administration for not protecting us from foreign & domestic terrorists. This is an outright invasion! God Help Us!

  • William Fuhrer

    07/30/2021 10:49 AM

    Nancy Pelosi is making sure there is a PRAVDA type hearing going on concerning 1/6 CRISIS MAGAZINE has an article RECONSIDERING 1/6 by Alan Ruse which show what a Kangaroo Court Nancy Pelosi is orchestrating

  • Joan Kugler

    07/30/2021 10:23 AM

    Isn't it just amazing now that we all have to go back to wearing masks. If the unvaccinated are so worried about getting the virus, why don't they just get vaccinated! And if they aren't worried about Covid, why should the rest of us be worried if they get it or not. The ones who got vaccinated are now being punished in favor of those unvaccinated. Why did we bother if we are just going to have to wear masks anyway?

  • jack macdonald

    07/30/2021 10:08 AM

    Having trouble understanding why I as a citizen of the USA am obligated to follow all laws on the books while our horses ass of a president can brazenly break any laws he chooses. He is breaking the law by encouraging illegals to break our laws that I must adhere to. He and his son are operating a criminal enterprise of taking foreign bribes for personal benefit and endangering national security. Is this OK for a president of this country which is rapidly becoming a banana republic? He is a farce as well as the 17 "Republicans". I am an Iowan and cannot believe that Grassley is this stupid. Maybe someone is funneling money to these phonies. When I contact him for anything, I get a "I'll get back to you and we really appreciate you contacting us" and then never hearing from him again. I'm not sure how that is considered representation.

  • Sue VonderOhe

    07/30/2021 09:12 AM

    Mike, it won’t hit news but I’d sure like you to give praise for the Shooting Sports Olympic Americans who have won gold medals and honor America by their talents of knowing its them who pulls the trigger on that gun or bow/arrow to hit that circle target bullseye. They’re proud Americans who obey the true laws of the 2nd Amendment. Thanks, just a suggestion from a grateful citizen proud of law abiding gun owners.

  • James Drury Jr.

    07/30/2021 06:00 AM

    Thanks Mike & Staff!

  • Floyd A Unger

    07/29/2021 08:37 PM

    Thank you

  • Anne Turner

    07/29/2021 08:28 PM

    Thank you for the very nice stories about the Olympics. We won’t hear them anywhere else couched in those terms. Perhaps there is hope for our young people yet. No one works harder than these athletes and to have them win a respect our country is a blessing. Kudos to the wrestler for thanking Israel. He must be a fine young man.