July 22, 2021

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  • Bible Verse of the Day - Proverbs 3:5
  • Featured Article: "Diversify Our Narrative" --- MORE leftist brainwashing in schools
  • FBI Suffers New Black-Eye
  • Leftists Turn On Their Own
  • California Court Strikes Down State Law Regarding "Preferred Pronouns"
  • America The Beautiful
  • Feel-Good Story
  • Least Surprising News of the Day!
  • A New Political Circus


Mike Huckabee


“Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding."

Proverbs 3:5

Featured Article: "Diversify Our Narrative" --- MORE leftist brainwashing in schools

By Mike Huckabee

Just yesterday, I received an urgent letter from a reader –- a former teacher –- warning about the danger of leftist activism in schools. Here is what Amy had to say:

Sir, I’m a mom and a former teacher, and the direction we are going is very concerning to me. There used to be the understanding that crazy ideas would not get far. Unfortunately, now there are too many crazy ideas and they are not going away. Now we have reached the point where if you don’t stand up and disagree, then you are actually just acquiescing.

The left has created a CRT activist group for children called Diversify Our Narrative. The left are genius in how they have made activism for youth so simple that it requires absolutely no thought –- it actually works better if they don’t think.

I really feel like we need to use their template and create our own program only focused on teaching youth to be critical thinkers who evaluate the messages around them. I sound old to say this, but, back in my day, when journalism was taught, we were told to always ask who, what, when, where, and why. I think they are only taught to retweet and forward now. We have got to come up with a program that teaches critical thinking and combines that with community service and innovative solutions.

I really believe if we can get kids to start thinking and evaluating the information around them then they are not going to be as easy to turn into mindless liberal activists. I’m hoping that you might know where I can find a program that is out there like this or who I could talk to about creating this program.

Thank you so much for writing, Amy. If every kid could have a teacher like you, we’d have a lot more confidence in the future.

You’re right that it’s getting hard than ever to evaluate and determine what is “crazy.” It seems the indoctrinators of our kids are going by the principle that if everything is crazy, nothing is crazy. And they want parents to just stay out of it, which is, exactly as you say, acquiescing. One silver lining to the stormcloud of COVID is that kids and parents spent more time at home together. Kids started getting their lessons online at home, where parents often got a glimpse of their “classrooms” and were appalled at what they saw being taught. It took a few brave parents to stand against cancel culture and speak out, and now there are nationwide networks of parents working to fight leftist indoctrination in schools.

You are also very perceptive to say the activists’ goal is to separate ideology and activism from thought. In George Orwell’s book “1984,” there’s a Newspeak term called “duckspeak,” which means literally to quack like a duck, without thinking at all. It’s considered to be a good thing –- “doubleplusgood,” in fact. Here’s how Orwell described it:

“The intention was to make speech, and especially speech on any subject not ideologically neutral, as nearly as possible independent of consciousness. For the purposes of everyday life, it was no doubt necessary, or sometimes necessary, to reflect before speaking, but a Party member called upon to make a political or ethical judgment should be able to spray forth the correct opinion as automatically as a machine gun spraying forth bullets...Ultimately, it was hoped to make articulate speech issue from the larynx without involving the higher brain centers at all. This aim was frankly admitted in the Newspeak word “duckspeak,” meaning ‘to quack like a duck.’ [This word was] a warm and valued compliment.”

This is what they’re trying to do to kids. There’s no real thought involved in calling someone a “Nazi” or a “white supremacist” --- kids don’t even know what that really is. They don’t know what “capitalism” and “socialism” are, either. All such words have been conveniently redefined. We looked up “Diversify Our Narrative”; here’s the website:

It says on their home page that they’re involved in 1) grassroots activism/policy change, 2) curriculum creation, 3) leadership development, and 4) educational resources and support. This is a new organization; they say that since June 2020, they’re in 800+ school districts. They're partnered with Generation UP, which fights for the College For All Act (free college); Bay Area Student Activists; the NFL (I am not kidding); and Justice In The Classroom –- check out their website at

One strategy used by the proponents of Critical Race Theory is to name a study based on its principles something else and then deny they’re teaching CRT. Take a look at these sites, and it’s easy to see that this is just the same old leftist indoctrination, with the same cascade of buzzwords, perfect for duckspeak.

For example, the stated mission of Diversify Our Narrative is “to fight to be anti-racist and to encourage a productive dialogue on race and identity among our student bodies through the inclusion of racially diverse, anti-racist texts in USA schools; to work towards racial justice, educational equity and community power.” They address issues such as “systemic racism and microaggressions.” They “create curriculum centered around anti-racist teaching practices in the classroom.”

We also scrolled down their page of lesson plans, and this pretty much says it all…

While high school students in other countries are learning math and science, American kids taught with lesson plans from Diversify Our Narrative are learning “Exploring LGBTQ+/Immigrant Narratives Through Music,” “Analyzing Queer Dance,” “The New Jim Crow,” “Biology, Society and Policy,” “Acting Out: Resisting Policed Performances of Gender,” “The Intersection of Colonialism and Gender & Sexuality” (I am not kidding), and more.

Thanks, Amy, for bringing this to our attention. It’s true that we need to be at least as good as the left is when it comes to organizing. And YES –- you put it so well –- there needs to be a program that stresses critical thinking, community service and innovative solutions! Right now, I’d say critical thinking is the one that most desperately needs help.

For now, we wanted to alert you to this apparently very well organized group, Diversify Our Narrative. But we’ll also be working on a list of resources that offer strong lesson plans, especially for learning at home. (The best thing you can do for kids being force-fed anti-racist garbage is to take them out of their awful school.) Parents, grandparents, teachers and tutors: if you know of good curriculum plans and supplemental material for homeschoolers, please let us know, and we’ll pass that information along.


FBI Suffers New Black-Eye

By Mike Huckabee

The FBI has suffered so many black eyes lately, it must have more eyes than a housefly. And here’s the latest haymaker:

As we’re learning more about that alleged plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, it’s looking more and more as if the FBI didn’t just get a tip and infiltrate the plot but were actively engaged from the beginning in orchestrating it and luring people into it. Attorneys are starting to question whether there would have been a conspiracy at all if the undercover agents hadn’t lured people into it. It’s getting perilously close to the definition of “entrapment.”

But that’s not all: in a separate story also cited at that link, an Inspector General’s report cited found that a then-senior FBI official had numerous unauthorized contacts with the media and accepted unauthorized gifts from the media.

As columnist Kurt Schlichter points out, in his inimitable way, it’s getting harder to buy the claim that it’s just a few bad apples at the FBI causing all the problems when all we ever hear about is barrels and barrels of bad apples and no good apples speaking up to say, “Enough! I quit!”

Leftists Turn On Their Own

By Mike Huckabee

The problem with trying to build a mass political movement on fringe groups that demand everyone agree with them 100% is that, sooner or later, the members of your coalition will start turning on each other. Case in point: In Fairfax, Virginia, a group of LGBTQIA+ (it’s getting longer than an eye chart) activists are condemning an otherwise solidly leftist school board member because she politely said she couldn’t 100% endorse their agenda, maybe because she’s Muslim.

Now, a full the-left-eats-its-own frenzy is afoot, complete with angry demands for the requisite groveling apology. This may be how the leftist movement will ultimately be stopped; not with a civil war, but just by their own incivility and their utter intolerance of anyone who won’t tolerate anything they demand.

Imagine if they’d found something really bad like this in the school!


California Court Strikes Down State Law Regarding "Preferred Pronouns"

By Mike Huckabee

California’s Third District Court of Appeals unanimously (3-0) struck down a state law requiring nursing home workers to use people’s “preferred pronouns.” Prolonged use of someone’s non-preferred pronoun could result in fines of up to $1000 and even a year in prison. The Court quite rightly ruled this a violation of the First Amendment right to free speech.

Rick Chavez Zbur of Equality California blasted the ruling, declaring, “Let’s be clear: refusing to use someone’s correct name and pronouns isn’t an issue of free speech – it’s a hateful act that denies someone their dignity and truth.” I assume Mr/Ms/Whatever Zbur doesn’t see the irony in accusing someone else of being hateful while claiming that applying labels to others that they don’t like isn’t protected free speech. Or that just because someone declares what “their truth” is doesn’t mean that it should be illegal for others to disagree with it. A lot of liberals have no qualms with vehemently disagreeing with what I believe to be Biblical truth.

The bill’s author, Sen. Scott Wiener (I’ll risk prison by assuming Scott is a “he”) of San Francisco, of course, railed, “The court’s decision is disconnected from the reality facing transgender people” and vowed to get it overturned on appeal. I’d say that if he thinks the Supreme Court is going to uphold that law, he’s the one who’s disconnected from reality, which seems to be a chronic condition among California legislators.


America The Beautiful

God's creation is all around us. To learn more about Lake Clark National Park & Preserve, visit its website here.

Feel-Good Story

By Mike Huckabee

We all need a feel-good story, so check out how the town of Chester, Illinois, honored Robert Mueller. No, not the Russiagate guy. I mean Robert Mueller, the World War II veteran who runs bingo night at the local VFW hall, and who just celebrated his 100th birthday.

A salute to him, and to his little brother Ray, who helps with bingo night and is 95.

Least Surprising News of the Day!

By Mike Huckabee

Least Surprising News of the Day! Big city Democrat Mayors playing, “Armed security for me, but not for thee…”

A New Political Circus

By Mike Huckabee

Just as I expected, that “9/11-style” House committee to investigate the January 6th Capitol violence hasn’t even been formed yet, and it’s already imploded into a giant political circus.

Yesterday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected two of the Republican nominees to the committee, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana, because they’d objected to certifying the Electoral votes in Pennsylvania and Arizona. This despite her already claiming that past votes would not be considered.

Pelosi’s attempt to ban Trump supporters angered House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy so much that he threatened to pull all GOP members from the committee. That would kill the “bipartisan” claim and turn it into what many of us figured it would be: a partisan show trial designed to keep publicly whipping this dead horse into hamburger as a distraction from the many things the Dems are currently screwing up.

What makes this doubly hypocritical is that Pelosi okayed Democrats Adam Schiff, who blatantly lied about having evidence of Russian collusion to justify a bogus impeachment charge, and Jamie Raskin, one of the Democrats who tried to prevent the certification of the 2016 election, back before things like that were treason, insurrection and assaults on democracy.

To be clear, I would support a legitimate, transparent, bipartisan investigation of what happened on January 6th, but Democrats seem determined to prevent that from happening. Come to think of it, you could say the same thing about the election.

Related: A new Rasmussen survey finds that only 49% of Americans support Nancy Pelosi’s investigation of the January 6th Capitol riot, but 66% want last year’s Black Lives Matter riots investigated. That includes 67% of whites, 64% of black voters, 66% of Hispanics and 62% of other minorities.

Also, 51% believe politicians who downplayed the Capitol violence deserve criticism, while 62% believe the same about elected officials who downplayed the 2020 riots and looting.

I guess these people just don’t understand that riots are only to be taken seriously when they happen near Nancy Pelosi.


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  • Florence Beckett Leighty

    07/28/2021 11:47 AM

    I still believe the greatness of the United States of America rests on the belief in God, His Ten Commandments and the Saving Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 02:42 AM

    Least surprising…,To ALL Legal tax paying Americans! Demand all government officials who squander OUR MONEY on their special, armed guard services COME OUT OF THEIR PERSONAL check book. RETURN OUR MONEY, every penny with interest NOW!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 02:17 AM

    Preferred? Hateful to use Sir to a Biological MALE, ma’am to a Biological WOMAN? Take your left wing twisting of definitions democrats,&reimagine that up your where the sun doesn’t shine! Just because you prefer to stand inside a garage, that does not make you a Ferrari! You feel however YOU individually WANT to feel, but no one is responsible for HOW YOU FEEL, nor, should you EXPECT anyone to share your insanity. Get over yourselves!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 02:11 AM

    Left’s turn on their own. A house divided cannot stand. Satan??& his Democratic minions are liars, deceivers, use deception deceit dishonesty demented perverse propaganda 24/7& the ??continues to grow& STINK! Satan has used his doubt,fear& confusion since the beginning of time. Democrats,like ??won’t be satisfied until they kill,Steal&Destroy! Leaving you in a rubble of ??they(the ????leaders, the dictators) have NO intention on fixing for the peasants. So, stand your ground Republican Conservative Christians! Fight for our BEACON of LIGHT, our????, our life, liberty&the pursuit of happiness! It’s WORTH fighting FOR!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 02:04 AM

    Capone bought off police, Hollywood news..,not new. BUT how brazen our government has gotten over the years is unbelievable! Unashamed unapologetic bought& sold all the way up to joe, his brother James & son Hunter. I certainly don’t know how to reverse this, but we must absolutely must begin FIRING, RECALLING, Voting out with I.D. All lawless-traitors & or IMPEACH THEM to the fullest extent of the law! NOW, not later. It is SO maddening WHY our Patriots, our Right wing,Republican Conservative Christians in our government aren’t moving to remove them from office, toss in jail awaiting trial and punish as traitors to the fullest extent of the law with NO retirement insurance benefits or clearances! Yes WE CAN America! ????Stand Strong, Be Courageous!

  • Joyce Kanlan

    07/25/2021 01:54 AM

    Brainwashing in schools! Great informative article, thank you! Worth repeating, rerunning again& again, ensuring all America hears, sees,reads, understands this & STANDS UP AGAINST IT! If you receive home schooling help, please share& share again! These cockroaches won’t die at first spray, WE MUST Saturate the left with cleaning this nest out FOR GOOD! ??comes to kill, Steal&Destroy &WE the people must destroy the democrat agenda! We can do all things through Christ Jesus! Keep the Faith ????!

  • Jennifer Denton

    07/23/2021 11:58 AM

    WOW!! I just did an in depth read of DiversifyOurNarrative plus read some of the curriculum reads. It's clear to me now why so many parents are upset and confronting academia. Thank you for your commitment to getting out the information. To my fellow Huckabee followers, I hope you research the links even if you are years past (I'm 73) being affected by the education system. Actually, we are. The children are our future.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/23/2021 10:42 AM

    Good luck if you think foreign news is more truthful than ours - lol.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/23/2021 10:13 AM

    "Democrats Adam Schiff, who blatantly lied about having evidence of Russian collusion to justify a bogus impeachment charge"

    BUT he got away with it so it is SOP in the sewer to lie if you are a jackass and you rinos allow it to happen!! AND the rinos are just as corrupt as the jackasses. THERE is the REAL number one problem in this country!!!

  • Stephen K Lentz

    07/23/2021 10:03 AM

    "It’s getting perilously close to the definition of “entrapment.”

    So WHAT?? SOP by politicians in the sewer AND OBVIOUSLY NOT ILLEGAL!!!