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July 30, 2021

Yesterday, we wrote about a letter from a newsletter reader whose son is one of those incarcerated in the wake of the Capitol breach on January 6. (His son is one of those who didn’t even go inside the building.) Imagine how it must be to have one’s son being held in jail by the feds, with no bail, for many months (like a murderer), awaiting a trial that might not even happen until sometime in 2022. It’s not even possible for the father to have a private conversation with his own son, as phone conversations are monitored at the jail, and the son isn’t even able to meet in private with an attorney. All of this, I feel compelled to remind you, is happening in America, the land of the free.

In case you didn’t see the father’s letter and our response, here it is.

After this piece ran, we received a comment from another reader who took exception to what the father had said about his son, saying the son had nothing to apologize for and was even a hero. In fact, her letter ended in a way that seemed downright abusive to the father. (It’s all too easy to get abusive towards people we only talk to online, people we have never met and don’t know at all.) We thought this reader’s questions and observations deserved to be addressed at length. First, here is her letter...

(From Sharon)

Just a couple of questions about the father of the Capitol Hill detainee:

First of all, why would black people not support Trump people?

Because most black people do but then again these were criminals.

Also, the father says what his son did was wrong? Oh? Getting in the way of Goebbels and the Gestapo?

My father saw combat in Korea and Vietnam and if that’d been me he’d have been cheering not saying I’d done wrong.

Mister your son did right and he is a hero and if you don’t stand with him shame on you.


Dear Sharon:

Thank you for responding; we welcome responses from all sides. But I think some issues here cry out for clarification.

The father, Keith, did mention in his letter that most of the inmates at DC Correctional were black –- as are most of the residents of Washington, DC –- and that in general they were dismayed to have Trump supporters in their midst. That is not surprising and is not the same as saying black people don’t support Trump, only that these particular black people in Washington, DC, did not. And while the black conservative movement is picking up steam in some parts of the country, most black people are still not a part of that. We can deny reality if you would like, but these inmates of the DC Correctional facility, who do happen to be mostly black, are not Trump supporters. Probably some of the white ones aren’t, either; after all, this is Washington, DC. On the bright side, once they learned Alan was a Trump supporter and not a pedophile, they treated him better than they treat pedophiles.

Recall that according to the letter we previously posted from detainee Joe Biggs, some of the black people Biggs met in a Florida correctional facility were struck by what a nice guy he was. They liked him. It wasn’t the black men, but some of the white men identifying as white supremacists, who didn’t want to be associated with him. They said he was “too nice” to be in their group.

In fact, Joe said that one thing he’d learned for sure after meeting real white supremacists in this jail was that he WASN’T ONE.

Sharon, you criticize Alan’s father for saying that what his son did was wrong. We don’t know the details of the confrontation his son had with police and a reporter outside the Capitol Building, but the son does, and if he feels contrite and believes he was in the wrong, I think we should take him at his word. You know I’ve said myself that this confrontation was a bad idea and has had terrible repercussions. I’m not sure you understood me when I said the left is using this for great political benefit. In that sense, anything that was done at the Capitol Building that went beyond peaceable assembly was indeed wrong. If this young man realizes that, so much the better.

You may say he did right to fight against “Goebbels and the Gestapo,” but, again, we don’t know exactly what went down and his part in it. According to his dad, since he’s come to the Lord he’s thought deeply about the kind of man he wants to be. He’s sorry for what he did. His father respects that, and I think we should, too.

The thing that really stood out to me in this father’s letter was the dismay at the two-tier justice system. “I guess if you are a Democrat,” he said, “you can burn a city or burn a federal building with agents inside it; you may be arrested but will be out the next day without bail.”

This young man does NOT deserve to be languishing on a lower rung of our “justice” system simply because he is a Trump supporter, and he absolutely does not deserve to be held for many months with bail denied. As I’ve said, he and the other “detainees” (political prisoners) are being used as political props for the statecraft that is Nancy Pelosi’s investigatory “commission,” when they should be treated with exactly the same rights as any other American. Direct your fury at THAT, not at a father who is hurting and thinking about his son.

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Comments 1-10 of 55

  • Julie McCormack

    08/02/2021 08:32 AM

    My heart simply aches for these folks and their families. The people who should be in prison are Pelosi, Biden, Harris and every person who facilitated this election fraud and has denied these people Constitutional rights. At this point, the game is up for democrats. They will not win a majority or a Presidential election without cheating. And we’re on to that.

  • Lou J Yates

    07/31/2021 09:36 PM

    I am so disappointed in our Justice System. I don't understand how they get away with the injustices they perform. It is obvious to me they are detaining all the So Called Insurrectionists until the 2022 elections are over so the weak- minded Americans will believe those imprisoned were really guilty of an insurrection even though they are not charged with that offense. I pray God will save our nation.

  • Sharon Rivera

    07/31/2021 08:44 PM

    I don’t remember responding to this. But if I was out of line and didn’t have all the facts, please accept my apology. Thank you. God bless.

  • Kathleen Kesinger

    07/31/2021 07:27 PM

    I don't understand how they are able to hold all these people so long without bail or being able to talk to an attorney. This is against the law! Isn't there some way to force those in power to follow the law. We ARE still America, and the Constitution should still be followed. Why can't someone do something to help these people?

  • Sharon Faulkner

    07/31/2021 06:47 PM

    So telling a man I think his son is a Hero and he should be proud of him is abusive. Got it. Tell that to our returned Vietnam Vets like my dad.
    Sweet Sharon

  • Darrell Moeck

    07/31/2021 06:22 PM

    " It’s not even possible for the father to have a private conversation with his own son, as phone conversations are monitored at the jail, and the son isn’t even able to meet in private with an attorney. All of this, I feel compelled to remind you, is happening in America, the land of the free."

    I don't understand why this incarcerated person is not allowed an attorney. Where is "due process" under the law...guilty until proven innocent? Sounds like NK. Read & listen to a NK defector ( (""I would rather die a free person than live as a slave," Park says at the end of her video. "You cannot even fathom what it's like when you don't have freedom … America is falling into tyranny … Let us stop this before it is too late."

  • Larry Tate

    07/31/2021 05:00 PM

    Nancy Pelosi and her minions are political thugs. I believe our founding Fathers would be ashamed of their actions, along with the actions of the Republicans as well. Politics in Washington DC has become the politics of corruption.

  • Margaret Johnson

    07/31/2021 10:11 AM

    Hello Pastor Mike....
    Thank you for your answer to Sharon.
    It helps us to see just how much of a hold Satan has on people; not necessarily Sharon but people who are supposed to be leaders of this great country.
    To think that they can treat their fellow countrymen in such deplorable ways boggles the mind!
    A verse comes to mind when I think on these things happening....
    Jeremiah 17:9
    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?
    May God intervene in these things.
    Of course I always say...Come soon dear Jesus! ????
    Thank you.

  • warren C. Dunn

    07/31/2021 08:56 AM

    Leaders of the left democrats in charge of this gestapo justice approach should be tried for crimes against humanity starting with Nancy Peloci and her associated goons. They would be found guilty and should be sentenced to gestapo type justice- lined up against the wall and shot.

  • Ann Williams

    07/30/2021 10:00 PM

    I do feel for this father and the son as well. There's no justice for them even though they are citizens of this once-great nation and should be under the "innocent until proven guilty" protocol that our laws require. What I find most frightening though is that that could be any of us!