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July 27, 2021

I find it hard to believe that America has such a shortage of criminals that the FBI has to go out and manufacture them. But that seems to be the case, considering that the plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer is starting to smell like an entrapment scheme that might not have existed if FBI undercover agents hadn’t lured people into it. And now, another example:

A now-former DEA agent lost his job and is facing up to 15 years in prison for his alleged part in the January 6th Capitol violence. But he told Tucker Carlson on Fox News that he only came to Washington because an FBI informant invited him there. He says he brought his sidearm and stood outside with the informant because he thought he had been invited to help keep the peace and protect the public.

He’s now accused of breaking 40 US Code 5104. That’s what? Brace yourself: it makes it a felony to “step on or climb on any statue, seat, wall, fountain or other architectural feature or any tree, shrub, plant, or turf” on the Capitol grounds.

So this man who served his country for decades has lost his job and is facing up to 15 years in prison, not for taking part in a riot inside the Capitol but for standing outside on the grass. Meanwhile, leftist anarchists who actually did climb on public monuments, topple them, smash them and set them on fire are being released with no charges filed.

It should outrage every American to see such corruption of the legal system usher in the kind of two-tiered “justice” we used to see only in banana republics. It’s especially infuriating to see the media covering it up to protect the Biden Administration after railing for four years that Trump was “shredding the Constitution” without giving any concrete examples of how he was allegedly doing that.

Glenn Greenwald has more on the FBI creating terrorist plots, and how this isn’t really new.

Byron York has some things to say about Nancy Pelosi’s bias in picking members of her committee to “investigate” the Capitol violence.

And leave it to the satire site the Babylon Bee to summarize the FBI’s actions perfectly (aside from this newsletter, about the only outlet left that’s still interested in jokes that are funny because they’re true):

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Comments 1-10 of 14

  • Reba Walker

    08/02/2021 07:09 PM

    Governor Mike, I love reading your Articles, Comments and News. I also watch your Show on Sunday Nights. I feel this is the only place I can hear the truth. Your Show is so refreshing as well as entertaining. I only wish we had more good programming to enjoy. Thank you for all you do for our Country, for Israel, Samaritans Purse and for our God. I know this is only a Sample of the work you do. Thank you!!
    Reba Walker

  • Joseph Healy

    08/02/2021 12:34 PM

    Dear Gov.
    As a "donation-in-kind" to save Huck Pac some significant $, I just wanted to let you know that I love these daily News Letters AND (now about the saving you $ part) I just received two separate mailings from Huck Pac (which I support) requesting a donation (forthcoming later in the year) to help elect 10 conservatives next year. One, a paper envelope, was addressed to me as Maj. Joseph L. Healy. The other was a large manila envelope addressed to Mr. Joseph L.. Healy using the same street address. It contains a large, "postage-paid securer pouch envelope" and the accompanying letter you were writing me for the first time (not true). Both return envelopes were to PO box 98147 in D.C.
    I figure if this happened to me, than it probably happened to many others and represents a lot of unnecessary COST to Huck Pac in the way of printing and postage. Hope you can save that money for the fight and to help the candidates you support and we MUST get into Congress in '22!
    Hope that helps.
    God Bless you, your staff, and our country!
    Joe Healy

  • Leslie H Tignor

    08/02/2021 09:07 AM

    I'm really very disappointed in your coverage of the Covid-19 vaccine issue. I've written three emails to you, each chock full of information and links, begging you to give some press time to reports of serious adverse reactions, pertinent questions that need to be asked and help with warning about the illegal mandate push. I haven't heard anything back. I was even more disappointed to watch your tv program on TBN Saturday evening only to see that your first guest was a doctor who is also advocating the vaccines. You have not been balanced in your reporting on this. Maybe you don't need to be since your not really a news person, but I thought you would since you, as a conservative -- and a Christian -- are supposed to be fair and open minded. Where are the journalists, talk show hosts and conservative commentators when it comes to interviewing doctors, scientists and researchers who have real concerns about these vaccines? Your comments about how you received the vaccine but think "everyone should be able to make up his or her own mind" ring hollow when you don't allow the other viewpoints; it makes you just as bad as the left wing people pushing mandates. I've unfollowed your social media accounts, am unsubscribing from your newsletter and not watching your tv program anymore. What a shame.

  • R Reedy

    08/02/2021 06:14 AM

    Is there video that has not been made public? Is it known how these riots started? What were the catalysts? There can be cases made for “both sides” to believe they could benefit from chaos on J6.

  • L A Huston

    08/02/2021 01:50 AM

    We apparently are already a communist country with political prisoners held under severe punishments.
    As to Harris and her list of root causes are you sure she wasn’t talking about the USA.
    This is the most disgusting administration in my lifetime.
    We need God’s goodness to help us get through this hell.

  • Carol Inglehart

    08/01/2021 11:27 PM

    Like I've said before in stead of talking about all the wrong, Biden has done DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT GET RID OF HIM. IMPEACH HIM PUT TRUMP IN THE WHITE HOUSE HES THE PRESIDENT THAT SHOULD be in there, Biden is destroying our nation. Besides he has memory issues. He's not capable of running this nation, I could do better than that. That's no joke. The nation would like what I'd do.

  • Linda Furlong

    08/01/2021 10:24 PM

    The detainees of the Jan 6th Capitol are being treated like China, North Korea or Russia would treat their prisoners. Where is the ACLU (although I rarely agree with them).
    I hope when all is said & done that these people will sue whoever and win.
    The type of treatment that they're enduring should never happen again.

  • Susan Tesauro

    08/01/2021 10:11 PM

    I believe the Jan 6 fiasco was a total set up by the democrats. The patriots showed up to exercise their Constitutional rights but many were carried along in the excitement of the day into the Capitol itself but everything about that day smells of evil foreplanning. Everything I have read (not in the lame stream media but in thoughtful posts by true patriots online) points to this. Those that are being held illegally are the victims and we need to get them out of these third world jail conditions asap. It is unconscionable that it is now August and they are still incarcerated. Two tier justice is no justice. The Marxists and Communists have well planned this takeover. I fear for the future of America. As a believer I know my future is secure but I am concerned about those that do not know Christ as their Savior and I pray for them.

  • Rosie Hruska

    08/01/2021 09:38 PM

    Why isn't someone going to bat for these people who have been held so long under such bad circumstances for being at the Jan 6th Capitol event? Where are the heroes of our country?

  • Rosie Hruska

    08/01/2021 09:36 PM

    What about all this information going around on how dangerous the vaccine is? I saw an interview with Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries who said that graphene oxide, a poison, was put in the vaccines. Go to blog for more details.