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September 13, 2021

Question: What’s the most sure-fire strategy to get people to behave the way you want them to?

Answer: Scare them half to death.

And that’s really how the Democrats roll in the 21st century, citing so-called threats ranging from climate change to right-wing “insurrection,” though the strategy of cultivating fear certainly isn’t new. As H. L. Mencken said in the last century, “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.”

There seems to be some discrepancy as to whether Mencken said “all of them imaginary” or “most of them imaginary.” Given the current circumstances surrounding COVID-19, he would have been smarter to say “most.” This virus is certainly not imaginary; it’s all too real and can cause everything from mild, even unnoticeable symptoms to consignment to a ventilator and eventual death in an ICU. It seems almost everyone knows at least someone who has died of this disease, though most of those have been elderly or affected by underlying health problems such as obesity or diabetes. Some of us, including me, are grieving for friends and family and even beloved entertainers who have died. I don’t mean to make light of the impact of this virus.

But since the vaccines came along, the government has been working overtime to make sure everyone gets “the jab” (or, in most cases, two or more jabs). Radio ads produced by the CDC call “Delta” the “new, more dangerous variant,” essentially pointing to a new hobgoblin, even though we don’t have evidence that it’s more deadly, just more easily transmissible. (But, hey, if the Delta variant isn’t deadlier, the NEXT variant to come along surely will be.) The ads say vaccines offer us “our best chance to get back to normal." Right.

The President himself is doing everything he can –- ethical or not, constitutional or not –- to get everyone vaccinated. Yet the protection provided by vaccines is so sketchy that many vaccinated people are still going around in masks.

But stories about hospitals filling up with unvaccinated people in a “pandemic of the unvaccinated” turned out to be fake news. As we reported a couple of weeks ago, there are 15 academic studies showing the superiority of natural immunity, including the latest out of Israel showing natural immunity to be far more effective than that produced by the vaccines. Details of that study are here.

But it doesn’t matter to apostles of Dr. Fauci terrified of the threat posed by the unvaccinated, who must now be fired from their jobs and generally treated as lepers, no matter what the reason for their personal choice not to get jabbed.

Think I’m exaggerating the fear? I saw it firsthand in an incident over the weekend and realized the emotional power of government propaganda. Here’s what happened, with some of the conversation condensed but, I swear, including these exact words. It got intense...

On Saturday, I went to the home of someone who had graciously allowed me to use his striking interiors for a photo shoot. (He’s probably in his 50s, not obese, with no underlying health problems that I’m aware of.) I had met him a couple of times before, but he didn’t know my politics and certainly didn’t know I’m a news writer/researcher for a conservative commentator. I think our conversation would have gone even more disastrously if he had.

His first question when I walked in was, “How are you feeling?,” as in, “Have any covid symptoms?”

Me: “I’m feeling great. And don’t be concerned --- I’ve already have covid.”

Him: “Okay, but you’ve been vaccinated, right?”

Me: “No...I’ve been doing a lot of study on this and choose to rely on my natural immunity.”

Him: (moving across the room) “What??? You mean, you’re NOT VACCINATED???

Me: No, in fact, it’s looking as though natural immunity might be way better than the vaccines---

Him: (horrified) But you didn’t get vaccinated TOO??? I just ASSUMED someone like YOU would be VACCINATED!! Are you an ANTI-VAXXER???

Me: No, not at all. I traveled to India just a few years back and had to get some shots, and that was fine with me. But with covid, there are some studies---

Him: That’s just your OPINION!

Me: Well, opinion based on what I’ve been able to find out---

Him: It seems like most of the people who don’t want the vaccines are evangelical Christians!

Me: Actually, the groups with the greatest percentage of unvaccinated are Ph.D.’s and health care workers.

Him: I BELIEVE Dr. Fauci!! And I don’t think I can have an unvaccinated person in my house!

I could hardly believe what I was hearing. This man was freaking out over the fact that I wasn’t vaccinated, even though I’d had the virus months ago and was perfectly fine. My photographer was already there to do the shoot and had been setting up. I’d spent hours getting ready for this and was on a deadline to get these pictures. And this homeowner was so fearful of the unvaxxed, he was about to kick us out of his house.

What he decided to do instead of banishing us was leave the house himself, with his wife, and they went out to a restaurant for dinner, where, presumably, there were people who hadn’t been vaccinated, taking off their masks to eat. They didn’t come home till after we had left. I never said fear was rational. Nothing about this makes sense.

This is really the first time I’ve personally witnessed such an irrational expression of fear. I’ve seen images on TV, of course: Democrats screaming at the sky when Trump got elected and leftist women donning “Handmaid’s Tale” garb out of genuine terror of what he was going to do to women’s rights. But of course, those women had nothing to fear but fear itself. Their fear was based on nothing. They had been brainwashed to be terrified of Trump.

So it is now with the campaign against the unvaccinated. They (we) are "those" people.

Whatever the reason for this one-size-fits-all insistence on everyone getting these vaccines --- I won’t speculate here, but it’s obviously not to “get back to normal” --- it is ruining some people’s lives. I’d like to leave you with this video made by an ethics professor at Ontario’s Huron University College, Dr. Julie Ponesse, just before she was fired after 20 years for not following their new COVID-19 vaccination mandate. In it, she explains that coercing someone (like her) into a medical procedure is...not ethical.

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Comments 1-10 of 47

  • carole braden

    01/15/2022 03:11 PM


  • Thad Mazur

    09/22/2021 03:07 PM

    This is government bullying (for, imo, nefarious reasons) by PROXY.
    The government would break every known law and possibly be liable for prosecution if deaths can be proven to have been caused by this untested vaccine, so they pass the administration down to store owners, clubs, bingo halls, churches, theaters, border guards etc. These unreasonable and useless mask mandates, lock-downs, distancing etc. ... and now, even what they vowed they would never do because it’s illegal, unconstitutional and well out of they’re bounds of control....issue a “need for proof of double vaccination” to conduct any sort of public business....are pressed onto we the people to administer under threat of extreme fines or complete shut down.
    These laws and fines when taken before the courts are found to be enforceable and are thrown out. Nobody but the poor sap who took it to court loses everything. By the time it gets to court he’s lost his business anyways.
    It’s is an abhorrence of demon proportions and Maoist mentality that is being exhibited.
    The question is “WHY”. (rhetorical)

  • Amelia Little

    09/20/2021 09:33 PM

    Things we most certainly SHOULD question about the vaccine. How can THIS vaccine be formulated, tested, proved "safe" within a few short months from the time that covid was announced? All other medications and vaccines take TIME--there has not been enough TIME to determine safety let alone effectiveness. A vaccine not quite a year of being administered is now being touted as "only short term side effects"--well, short term is all it's been given--don't we have to see what the side effects (that have been reported--not by cdc, fda, etc) are doing to these people in a year? 2 or 5 or more years?

    Some of the big red flags, in addition to only months to "develop" a vaccine are things like, pharma companies cannot be held responsible for adverse affects including death from the vaccine. If they aren't going to stand behind their product, I worry about--what do they know that they aren't telling us. And, here in the US, congressmen and congressional aides are exempt from the mandate--now, why would that be? They are of a business of greater than 100 employees. There are instances (even from a CBS poll or whatever asking-from what I could tell-for people to write in their support of vac) where regular people report serious side effects--that haven't dissipated, some recovered, many only partially, some not at all--and deaths of people in their lives. The total isn't maybe a couple hundred--many more, but with dodgy reporting, we might not get the true number.

    Just like from the get-go for reporting deaths related to covid, there are still questionable means of gathering information about who now is getting it, whether or not there is shedding of a protein from those who have had vac-and whether or not they spread the covid. As even fauci has said--there's so much we don't know--and they change the goal posts way too frequently.

  • Duane Davidson

    09/20/2021 04:07 PM

    This is heartbreaking! She said she’s only living her life as she sees fit. What right do her superiors have to mandate her to take the jab against the Rona?

  • Linda Hadden

    09/20/2021 02:27 PM

    I agree with her 100%. She is right!

  • Russell T Cooper

    09/20/2021 02:02 PM

    My best friend confided in me last week that another of his "friends" in his band has disowned him because he is un-vaccinated. My friend had COVID early in 2020 so like you, he should not need to be vaccinated. This unmitigated fear is dividing us.

  • Ed Thompson

    09/20/2021 10:42 AM

    Thank you for “clearing up” who this happened to. As I told you before and also remarked to Mr Huckabe, I was totally confused by his statement saying he was vaccinated and remembered reading this story and saying he wasn’t vaccinated but had previously had the virus. So I thank you for repeating this story and apologize for my own confusion. Being an old
    guy with some medical issues I couldn’t wait for a vaccine to be vaccinated with. My Wife the same. No hesitation here, even after hearing about some side effects, especially when we were mourning members of our family and friends, who didn’t have a choice of getting vaccinated. Now there’s so many half truths and outright lies being presented as truth on websites and social media outlets and even by people who should know better, like some unscrupulous so called “news reporters” and even entire news media outlets, and also doctors who are seemingly enjoying their fifteen seconds of fame. Some way longer than fifteen seconds! To me it’s no mystery when someone says that they don’t and won’t get vaccinated after hearing and reading all the false claims and statements about any of the vaccines. In our own family there are people who refuse to go get vaccinated due to religious reasons based on one of the “facts” stated in the beginning of the vaccine research where it was reported that the laboratories were using aborted babies in the testing system to make the vaccine! No amount of backtracking or statements issued has changed their minds now. So I say this—-“ “I’m vaccinated, and if you aren’t, I don’t care if we are standing beside each other, but know this, I might actually have unknowingly been infected with it, probably don’t have any symptoms of it, but more than likely it will go to you, and it’s on you, not me, and I hope if it happens you survive, but don’t get mad at me, be mad at yourself “! To each their own! God Bless America and everyone.

  • Russ Rhynard

    09/20/2021 10:30 AM

    Thank you for relaying this experience. Many of us “unvaccinated” are having similar issues. What I don’t understand is the fear of those who have been. Why don’t they feel safe from us “uneducated heathen”? There seems to be a nefarious effort to divide us.

  • Ben Pickett

    09/20/2021 10:29 AM

    The insanity over this virus and so called pandemic is unfathomable. I am immune compromised and i haven't worn a mask even once this whole time. and.... i never changed my routine even one iota. i still go to various stores and the doctors office. ( my doctor served during the korean war and believes in freedom.) If i am immune compromised and and i'm not getting this virus then how deadly can it be? i don't know anyone who has died from it. but i know many people who have gotten one of the vaccines and either got covid after getting the vaccine or died from the vaccines. So to me the vaccines that simply don't work, are more dangerous than the virus by itself.

  • Laura Fruh

    09/20/2021 10:16 AM

    So the one guy says HE believes Fauci, so in his mind he’s right. I say I DONT believe Fauci. So I’m right. We can’t both be right. Being correct is NOT subjective. As in” YOUR truth, MY truth” . Again, truth is not subjective