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January 16, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Tonight's stories include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - Psalm 139:23-24 KJV
  • Remembering January 6
  • HHS tells hospitals they are no longer required to report COVID deaths
  • Unvaccinated illegal immigrants
  • Out of whack priorities
  • Feel-Good Story of the Weekend


Mike Huckabee


Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.

Psalm 139:23-24 KJV

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2. Remembering January 6:

It’s been just over a year since a protest over the lack of transparency of voting in the 2020 election turned violent on Jan 6 in our nation’s Capitol. Of the tens of thousands of those who were there to protest, the number of those who actually crossed the line of peaceful protest into criminal trespass, vandalism, or assault of a police officer was a tiny fraction in the hundreds. But to hear Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris or the mainstream media describe it, it was the darkest day in American history, equaling or surpassing 9-11, Pearl Harbor or the Civil War. Super-charged and hyperbolic rhetoric is normal in politics, but things said about Jan 6 of 2021 have ventured into the Twilight Zone and deep into Crazy-Town.

First, what happened that day was most certainly NOT an “insurrection” if one means there was an attempted takeover of the government. Webster does define “insurrection” as “an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.” It was an instance of revolt, but most certainly not an attempt to overthrow the government. If it were, it was an even dumber effort than I first stated when I called it the actions of some over-heated chuckleheads who behaved in bone-headed, hurtful and destructive behavior. And it did in fact sometimes cross the line into criminal actions. But are you aware that despite the pearl-clutching hysteria of Nancy Pelosi, there were no firearms confiscated from protestors that day? Did the people who breached the security lines that day really believe they could take down a nation that possessed a standing army of about 1.5 million personnel armed with highly sophisticated weaponry, tanks, bombers, ships and nuclear weapons and do it with some flagpoles and fire extinguishers they grabbed off the wall?

And you’ve probably heard the repeated lie that several Capitol police officers were murdered that day by the rioters. That’s a lie. Officer Brian Sicknick was pepper sprayed but returned to his office that day and reported that he was fine. He died the next day, but the coroner ruled that his death was unrelated to the riot. There were two people who were killed by violence that day. Both were protesters. One was Ashli Babbit, an unarmed Air Force veteran who was shot at close range by a Capitol police officer. He refused to participate in an internal affairs investigation and his name was kept private for months, but he was cleared of wrong doing anyway despite the many questions that linger as to why he gunned down an unarmed woman. The other was Rosanne Boyland a protester from Georgia who was crushed and trampled when the crowd was pushed back by police officers who continued to advance against the protesters despite repeated cries for help to be given to her.

I haven’t and I won’t defend those who breeched security at the Capitol or who broke doors or windows, or who occupied Congressional offices. But neither will I be silent when the real insurrectionists who use their government-funded offices to shred the Constitutional rights of free speech, freedom of religion or protection against illegal search and seizure against citizens, some held for months in untenable jail conditions without proper medical attention or access to their attorneys for misdemeanor charges.

I forcefully spoke out against those who broke the law on Jan 6 of last year who assaulted police officers, destroyed public property, or broke into Congressional offices or threatened elected officials. But don’t insult the intelligence of the American people by pretending that the actions of a few that day were worse than Pearl Harbor while ignoring the fact that if was an insurrection, not one person has been charged with that crime or even the crime of terrorism. And some who espouse such nonsense defended the riots that happened throughout the summer of 2020, including Kamala Harris, who actually raised money to pay bail for rioters who burned police cars, assaulted cops, and looted private businesses.

Law and order ought to be the same for everyone no matter their political views. And it also ought to be the same for elected officials. Maybe especially for elected officials.

3. HHS tells hospitals they are no longer required to report COVID deaths:

Health and Human Services has told hospitals that they’re no longer required to report daily death totals from COVID to the federal government starting February 2nd.

I wonder what the motivation is? Ricochet editor Jon Gabriel tweeted, “Midterms coming!” He obviously thinks Democrats are desperate to bury COVID now that Biden’s approval rating for handing it is underwater. Or maybe they do want to keep the panic going, but the low death rate relative to cases is making that difficult. I’d love to believe it’s because the worst is behind us and they’re decided it’s no longer necessary to keep trumpeting the daily death rate to get people to be careful, but that would signal an interest in putting medical facts and real science above political power games. That’s an epidemic that I just can’t believe is over yet.

4. Unvaccinated illegal immigrants:

CBS News (!) reports that 37.6% of illegal immigrants in ICE custody who have been offered COVID vaccinations have declined, even as infections have exploded inside detention facilities.

A reminder: these are just the illegal immigrants who are in custody. We can only imagine how many are now in the US who are not in custody. President Biden might have mandated that they be vaccinated before being allowed to stream across the border or be flown to various states, the way he’s trying to force every American citizen to get vaccinated but that might have made the illegal immigrants feel that they weren’t welcome here.

5. Out of whack priorities:

Thanks to New York City’s new “progressive” district attorney, only the most heinous crimes can actually get you arrested these days. Crimes like homicide, armed assault and trying to dine at Olive Garden while unvaccinated.

Think maybe somebody’s got his priorities out of whack?

6. Feel-Good Story of the Weekend:

Happy birthday to Dorothy Nedd of South Philadelphia, who said she was feeling fine as she celebrated her 106th birthday on Friday. Mrs. Nedd attributes her long life and good health to two things: “Serving the Lord” and her love of Big Macs. Amen to that!

7. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 11

  • Phyllis Westlund

    01/17/2022 02:21 PM

    Question actually. Did you participate in the MLK observances that some were trying to uninvite you to?

  • Jerry

    01/17/2022 09:48 AM

    When if ever humans can rid the atmosphere of viruses? Humans can vaccinate against a virus and hopefully decrease the effects of a virus the smart people use medication to heal an affected human. Not this administration it is trying to eliminate the virus that would require taking the virus out of the atmosphere someone tell dumb dumb biden allergens virus at this time cannot be removed from the atmosphere at this time.

  • Jerry

    01/16/2022 11:50 PM

    Most Democrats do not know that the Democratic party controls the 3 Branches of Government. The Federal Government is a one party country. Most of our large Urban centers with horrible lifestyles are governed by the Democratic party. My question is Does the urban areas have access to the internet or is the urban centers access to large media outlets governed like North Korea or China where only the Fake News is allowed. The voter in the urban areas continue to elect Democrats into their governing positions and the urban society can not figure out why their life style is so miserable. I will put on the dems dumb dumb hat for a moment and mandate the democrat governed city has to carry a card with its zip code barring it from leaving its zip code until a GOP government is installed if caught outside fines increase with every violation with incarceration after 2 violations how would the Dem like that mandate? Nuts I know however that is how America is living with this dipped in shitff President.

  • Kathleen Wood

    01/16/2022 10:19 PM

    Please consider updating your photo as your beard is great!

  • Mike Woolever

    01/16/2022 09:55 PM

    I have been watching the wildcard NFL games this weekend. The most football I have watched in one sitting ever. I was wondering why Mr Goodell, or the team owners are buying NIKE uniforms. Not only does NIKE's spokesperson refer to the NFL as slave traders. But the brand supports the slave labor in China.

  • Frederick D Rasmussen

    01/16/2022 09:39 PM

    Senator Harris FACILIATED, with her comments and encouragement, the arson, looting and the murders by encouraging the rioting in our cities. Why isn't she charged as an accomplice to the 574 riots in the Summer 2020?

  • Jerry

    01/16/2022 07:10 PM

    The laws of Nature select what is going to be the leader of the herd, Flock, or school. The leader is the strongest prettiest the most intelligent and one that has the best sound. Those are how animals not considered human get elected the leader. So when Joe Biden and Harris got elected the laws of nature did not apply the laws were altered, mutilated and discarded. The Human elected the weakest, least intelligent, most fearful, dishonest Human in the population of the United States. The laws of Nature along with the laws of the country were broken and today is evidence that the 2020 election for the Oval Office were discarded and we look at the country today and the restoration of the laws prior to 2020 have to be restored or the entire animal kingdom will fail as it is doing today. Tomorrow another day will only show decline with biden and harris as its leader in the most powerful office in the world. The tools of this office are to complicated for these two to have control. The office these two need to be in is one with color crayons and color books and the walls padded.

  • Michelle Cecile Ferrer

    01/16/2022 06:58 PM

    Re HHS not requiring Covid-19 reporting. I did a websearch myself and can't find any source that explains why this reporting will no longer be necessary. Interesting that no one wants to give a coherent explanation of this move. Soooo, I'm guessing that since the SCOTUS has ruled against the employer mandate (except for health care workers, scratching my head), that Joe is giving up trying to control Covid and just dropping it in the laps of the individual states. That allows Joe to finger point at states he doesn't like. He's more than likely moving on to more salacious stories like what ice cream he'll have for tonight's dessert.

  • Rich Marek

    01/16/2022 06:57 PM

    So, the Dems accuse January 6 protesters of insurrection while they themselves are trying to"transform" the government. Another example of the left being guilty of what they accuse others of doing. They tend to go on the offensive, hoping we won't notice!

  • Richard V Farrar

    01/16/2022 06:56 PM

    COVID death reporting: Now they can go back to the ESTIMATES from that Washington State Professor.