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January 21, 2022

Good evening!

Blessings on you and your family, and from all the Huckabee staff! Tonight's stories include:

  • Bible Verse of the Day - 2 Corinthians Matthew 6:33-34 KJV
  • What winning looks like in Virginia
  • Jawdropper of the Day
  • What we stand for
  • Exclusive Trump interview
  • The Internet never forgets
  • Federal judge blocks federal vaccine mandate


Mike Huckabee

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But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Matthew 6:33-34 KJV

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2. What winning looks like in Virginia:

A tectonic shift is occurring in Virginia politics, and liberals who have been taking that great state down for years are screaming in outrage and panic as the ground moves beneath their feet. This month, three Republicans were inaugurated into the top statewide offices, and all three quickly signaled that they were serious about keeping their promises to voters.

Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears spoke out forcefully and persuasively against the politics of racial division. Attorney General Jason Miyares fired 30 AG staffers and said, “There’s a new sheriff in town,” and he would be prosecuting criminals that his far-left predecessors had let slide while they made Virginians less safe and less secure. And new Gov. Glenn Youngkin issued executive orders ending Critical Race Theory and mask mandates in public schools.

Some schools are trying to defy his mask order, and a group of parents filed a lawsuit. But Miyares has asked the state Supreme Court to dismiss it, arguing that the Governor has full power to make that order and citing a state law that says parents, not education system bureaucrats, have a “fundamental right to make decisions concerning the upbringing, education, and care of the parent’s child.”

It’s ironic that parents are suing to block the assertion of parental rights. If those parents want their kids to wear masks, and they believe they work and do more good than harm, then they can tell their kids to wear masks, and they will be “protected.” Other parents may decide otherwise, if they choose. If the plaintiffs are hostile to the concept of parental rights, then think of it as “respecting diversity.”

All this activity in Virginia inspired a must-read article by Kurt Schlichter at on how first Trump and now Youngkin are showing Republicans how to win.

Here’s how you don’t win: by promising conservative principles, then turning liberal the minute you’re in office and worrying about what Twitter or the Washington Post might say about you. You also don’t win by protecting only your donors or the country club elite set. You do it by listening to what the people care about, promising action on those issues, and once you’re elected, actually keeping your promises, no matter how much leftists howl about it. They denounce this as "populism," as if paying attention to the concerns of the people was reprehensible.

I covered a lot of the same territory in my book “God, Guns, Grits and Gravy,” about how out-of-touch with most Americans our media and political elites were. That was published before Trump ever came down that escalator and got into politics, but the people it was warning didn’t listen. Now, with leftist policies exposed as the crushing failures they are, there are more and more Republicans winning office by actually listening to the people.

The left may have managed to defeat Trump, but very few people trust their media propaganda outlets anymore, and they can’t throw a pandemic or a Deep State frame-up at every rising Republican.

3. Jawdropper of the Day:

Jesse Lee, a Biden staffer and senior advisor to the National Economics Council, tweeted out a chart touting “The Biggest Job Creation Year in History” and declared, “Trump’s last year: -9.4 million jobs. Biden’s first year: +6.4 million jobs The most jobs lost in one year vs the most jobs gained in one year, ever. Thanks to Biden’s American Rescue Plan and the competent vaccination effort it funded.”

This is one of many times recently when I’ve had to wonder whether the person telling us something really believed it, or more likely, just thought so little of the American people that they figured we might actualy be stupid enough to believe it.

I guess we’re all supposed to forget the booming economy we had in 2020 before China unleashed a virus on the world that caused a lot of governments (particularly Democrat-led governments) to shut down their entire economies for “two weeks” (going on two years in some cases) and destroy many businesses and nearly 10 million jobs. Some states (mostly red states that were savaged as mass murderers by Democrats and the media for defying Biden and reopening their economies) have helped to bring back over 6 million of those jobs, but as even that bogus chart shows, we’re still down by 3 million. I thought Twitter banned people for spreading “misinformation.”

I think one of the commenters on this tweet, Lazer Rubin, summed it up perfectly: “Today I invented the light bulb. I switched it on after someone else switched it off yesterday…”

And don’t even get me started on that “competent vaccination effort” claim. Of all the terms one could use to describe Biden’s vaccination efforts, “competent” is hardly the first to spring to mind. Maybe it would have gone more smoothly if Biden and Harris hadn’t spread suspicion of vaccines because they were developed under Trump, up until they took office and started taking credit for them.

4. What we stand for:

During President Biden’s disturbing and rambling press conference Wednesday, he claimed that Republicans couldn’t even tell people what they stand for. Which is weird, considering I put out a daily newsletter that makes that pretty clear.

In fact, he could just look back to the policies that prevailed in 2019 – securing our borders, pro-economic growth, cutting onerous government regulations, encouraging energy independence, guarding freedom of speech and religion and other Constitutional rights, defending the sanctity of life, enforcing laws, projecting strength to the world instead of weakness, supporting the military, and making foreign policy decisions and trade deals that are in the best interests of Americans – and just say, “We stand for all that. You know, all the stuff you immediately started reversing on your first day in office.”

That seems clear enough, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also told Biden what the Party stands for, and more importantly, what it and the American people won’t stand for, and that’s trying to force a Bernie Sanders-style socialist agenda down the nation’s throat with a tie Senate and a tiny House majority.

5. Exclusive Trump interview:

Last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity had an exclusive interview with former President Trump, in which he gave his assessment of Joe Biden’s first year in office. Trump dismissed as fake news stories of a feud between him and Florida Gov. Ron DiSantis. Trump also refused to say whether he’s planning to run again in 2024, but teased that we’ll “be happy” with his decision.

Still, according to a new AP/NORC poll, not many Americans are pining to relive 2020. The poll found that only 27% of Americans want Trump to run for President again in 2024, and just 28% want Biden to run for reelection. With the 3.9% margin of error, that’s equal disinterest in a Trump-Biden rematch.

But maybe if more people knew that Biden said that if he runs again, Kamala Harris will be his running mate, it might get support for him down to the single digits.

One thing that didn’t help Biden in the polls was his Wednesday press conference. According to pollster Lee Carter of Maslansky & Partners, while Democrats were generally supportive of the speech, Independents graded it a “D” and Republicans gave it an “F.” Even Democrats gave Biden a "C" on schools reopening.

Carter said respondents were very concerned about Biden questioning the legitimacy of the upcoming elections, they didn’t like him trying to blame Republicans for every problem when he ran as a bipartisan unifier, and they thought he said things that were clearly untrue. They also didn’t buy his claims about how great things are going, saying he seems out of touch, like he lives in a Washington bubble and doesn’t understand regular people’s lives.

To be fair, voters knew when they voted for Biden that he’d spent almost his entire life in government. He’s been in Washington since he was first elected to the Senate in 1972, which is half a century ago this year. So of course, he lives in a Washington bubble. He’s been inside it so long, the bubble is petrified.

6. The Internet never forgets:

With even some friendly media outlets describing President Biden’s one-year anniversary press conference as a disaster, and polls growing worse by the day, Biden’s Presidential Inaugural Committee has blown some leftover funds to launch a "morning in America" style TV commercial to try to convince Americans that everything's coming up roses, and who are you gonna believe, your empty pocketbook or Tom Hanks?

But as if to prove how cursed this Administration is, apparently nobody remembered that Hanks already voiced a parody of this exact same kind of ad years ago on “The Simpsons.” But the Internet never forgets, and so it’s going viral again. It features an animated Hanks saying, “Hello, I’m Tom Hanks. The US government has lost its credibility, so it’s borrowing some of mine.” You can see both clips at the link and decide for yourself which one is funnier.

Personally, I think they should’ve hired Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s a big star, a liberal, and it would be more appropriate since this ad is like trying to bail out the Titanic.

8. Federal judge blocks federal vaccine mandate

A week after the Supreme Court struck down the Biden OSHA vaccine mandate on businesses with over 100 employees, a federal judge has put a nationwide block on Biden’s vax mandate for federal workers. Siding with the plaintiff group Feds for Medical Freedom, Judge Jeffrey Brown cited the law and the recent SCOTUS ruling in finding that Biden does not have the broad power to, “with the stroke of a pen and without the input of Congress, require millions of federal employees to undergo a medical procedure as a condition of their employment.” He called it “a bridge too far.” Someone may have to explain to Biden that that has nothing to do with the infrastructure bill.

While I'm happy with the ruling, I admit that I did feel a bit of shock just reading the words, "millions of federal employees."

9. I Just Wanted To Say:

Thank you for reading the Evening Edition.

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Comments 1-10 of 17

  • jack macdonald

    01/27/2022 11:50 AM

    Regarding the Ukraine situation. What is the UN's role when one country is threatening the sovereignty of another member nation? Why have a UN? It is as feckless as the League of Nations and it is time to disband it. Russia sits on the 5 member Security Council as does China in this body and they violate every rule they have. Who enforces the Geneva Convention Treaty? We don't need all these non enforceable farces. The only thing that counts is the country with the biggest sword.

  • Wendy Storm

    01/24/2022 01:06 PM

    All these court orders stopping vaccine mandates are great, but I want to know when it will become illegal & unconstitutional for local governments to force vaccine & mask mandates on their local populations & tourists who visit & comprise a huge amount of financial success for local businesses??? I live in New Orleans, LA & Mayor Cantrell has the city & all of Orleans Parish under vaccine & mask mandates AND our children as young as 5 have to be vaccinated by Feb 1st in order to attend school!!! How is this possible??? We are being forced against our will & our constitutional rights to be vaccinated! I am beyond angry & frustrated!

  • George A Reynolds

    01/22/2022 08:07 PM

    On your TV show on TBN tonight (1//22/2022), you spoke of "lies". Check out this link about NPR's Nina Totenberg calling three Supreme Court Justices liars.

  • Lu Jean Bedard

    01/22/2022 04:36 PM

    What an amazing sight to view the video you included on Gov. Youngkin! Having him elected after years of "good old boy" Democrats who padded their own pockets but kicked the rest of us to the curb helps me know that God has not given up on Virginians. Thank you for the opportunity to see that video. I didn't stay up on election night so was not witness to Youngkin winning. P.S.-When you ran for President I tried getting in to see you in Roanoke and could not.

  • Sharon Faulkner

    01/22/2022 12:52 PM

    If Biden was "elected" because he wasn't Trump why did it need a fraud Election? Hmmm?

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    01/22/2022 11:43 AM

    Thank you. All I know to do is pray. We need a leader supporting America

  • Roma Walker

    01/22/2022 09:47 AM

    I love your Evening Editions. I can relate to all of your talking points & the humorous way you
    present them. You explain things so people that are not politicians can understand what is
    really happening. My husband & I really appreciate you. God Bless.

  • Stephen K Lentz

    01/22/2022 09:31 AM

    "So of course, he lives in a Washington bubble. He’s been inside it so long, the bubble is petrified"

    THIS is the problem with ALL you rinos and jackasses!!

  • Dick Algire

    01/22/2022 07:45 AM

    Tom Hanks is a very accomplished actor. I have liked many of his movies. He has spent his whole adult life being someone he really isn't, that is what actors do. They pretend to be someone other than who they are. That must make it easier to spread 'disinformation' and not get booted off twitter or youtube. I think in this instance we find out just exactly who he is.

  • Jerry Korba

    01/22/2022 04:31 AM

    Trump got us vaccines to slow down the covid from killing everyone I still think the number of deaths from covid is misleading and deaths with coved is also misleading. The vaccines will not stop covid it will lessen it blow if one gets it. The need to have medicine to fight covid when one is attacked by covid is paramount and should be in every doctors office today sleepy joe asleep at the wheel as usual is slow to have these available to all doctors. The failure of this entire administration is beyond disgusting I believe it is criminal this mob of anti american should be loaded up in the middle of the night and haul to its new house Gitmo. A little overboard I know however this leadership is destroying American life at all levels although biden's words are prepared for his actions are proof his words are meaningless to what is what real American life is today. One fact is our auto industry is at slow down because of a shortage of chips it will take 3 years to get a company to start up and producing all the chips to move forward in the auto industry is joe biden a good president for America NO is he good for Russia Putin thinks he is does China think biden is a good president XI thinks he is all the adversaries think he is good until he is out of power how could one like or respect a traitor to his own country? Our country has many that are anti american and wants the country to fail I pray that number gets smaller every day about 35 out of 100 americans( if you call them americans) want america to fail the MSM the so called Democrat, the Education Union the list is long is working everyday; when biden says he bringing back jobs the jobs are to make America fail. The Anti America market is working hard. The thugs are stealing and killing the police are retiring and not being replaced the police force is being forced out the armed Forces are forcing out our soldiers and the pro american is on the sidelines taking anti american money to stay home. Biden world a recipe for disaster America is waking up and is smelling the manure biden is spreading