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January 11, 2022

The CEO of a major New York-based supermarket chain said that Omicron and the supply chain disruption are not only causing higher food prices, but could lead to shortages of meat and eggs over the next six weeks, especially in the Northeast.

The Wall Street Journal also reports that home builders are struggling with shortages of many necessary supplies, including paint, bricks, appliances and garage doors.

Meanwhile, as if the President weren’t already being dogged enough by the “Let’s Go, Brandon” trend,

a new hashtag is trending on Twitter: #BareShelvesBiden. Many users are adding it to photos taken in their local stores of shelves that are empty or nearly empty of merchandise.

This tsunami of bare shelves photos is savage revenge on liberals who ridiculed someone a couple of weeks ago for posting a photo of bare shelves that they said was just an aisle that had been cleared to make way for Valentine’s Day merchandise. One of my writers noted that he’s been taking such photos in stores around Dallas, and he’s really looking forward to seeing the romantic new lines of dry spaghetti and cat food that must be coming for Valentine’s Day.

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