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January 24, 2022

Well, that four-year vacation from American involvement in new foreign wars under Trump was nice while it lasted, wasn’t it?

Unfortunately, too many voters let the media convince them that it was important for foreign leaders to love our President, so the Mean Tweeter had to be replaced with the “moderate” lifelong politician who’s been wrong on every foreign policy issue of the previous 47 years. They failed to realize that one of the biggest omens that America is facing big trouble around the world is if our adversaries just LOOOOVE the choice we made for President.

I want our enemies to fear and respect our President, not chortle with delight at their good fortune in our choice of leaders. Right now, anyone wishing America ill is not just chortling, they’re cackling out loud and licking their chops.

In his big press conference last week, President Biden couldn’t have projected weakness more clearly if he’d borrowed the Bat Signal and emblazoned it across the sky. He’d already let the Taliban take over Afghanistan and dictate the terms of our tragic withdrawal. Iran was threatening America and Israel, and North Korea was testing hypersonic missiles, all with barely a peep from the White House.

And then, Biden stood before the entire world and admitted that he probably wouldn’t do much of anything if Russia made a “minor incursion” into Ukraine. Do you think Vladimir Putin didn’t get that “Go" signal? If Trump had sent such a message, the media would have been ablaze with “Trump is a Russian agent” headlines.

Now, we’re facing the grim consequences of having such incredible weakness in the White House. A report by UK intelligence claims that Russia is planning to invade Ukraine and install a pro-Kremlin leader, which is hardly a “minor incursion.” The White House calls it “deeply concerning,” which I’m sure has Putin quaking in his boots.

Now, as a consequence of American weakness, the winds of war are starting to blow. Biden’s advisers are reportedly suggesting that he try to clean up his mess by deploying Navy vessels and sending 3,000 to 5,000 of our troops to Eastern Europe. That is, if we have that many left after he forced out all the Trump voters, critics of his Administration, soldiers who think there are only two genders, and those who didn’t want to get vaccinated.

Meanwhile, NATO has to step up to fill the void of American leadership, so they’re sending some fighter jets and ships to Eastern Europe in hopes of deterring Russia.

But of course, Putin has a weapon he can hold over NATO that he didn’t have when Trump was in office and America was exporting oil and gas instead of begging OPEC for it. Rallying NATO might not even have been necessary had Biden not only laid out the welcome mat for Russia to invade, but strengthened Putin by greenlighting a Russian oil pipeline while targeting our own domestic energy industry for destruction, leaving European NATO nations at the mercy of Russia for oil.

All of this is setting up the game board for yet another costly, deadly foreign war that could have been prevented by simply having a strong US President that our adversaries took seriously. Unfortunately, that appears to be at least three years away. I shudder to think what the state of the world could be by then. In the meantime, China, which has already cracked down on Hong Kong and is threatening Taiwan, will undoubtedly be watching the US response to Russian aggression against Ukraine with great interest.

Sadly, Democrat “leadership” is proving to be a perfect storm of incompetence, weakness and wrongheaded policies. Many people around the world, from our own crime-plagued cities to Afghanistan and possibly soon in Ukraine, are paying the price with the loss of their rights, freedom and lives. I hope you’ll pray for them. And pray that 2024 gets here double quick. 

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Comments 1-10 of 71

  • Gus S Drulias

    01/29/2022 05:26 PM

    Hello Mike, thank you for all you do!

    Agree with your article and reasons why Biden is feckless toward Russia. Another factor, it's very possible that Russia owns thee Bidens, who have to be nonconfrontational.

  • William Jakovac

    01/28/2022 08:58 AM

    The United States bailed out Europe twice last century. In the movie Red Dawn, the major told the Wolverines Europe was sitting this one out. Is it time to have another bailout with no leadership? I don’t think so.

  • gwenda brewer

    01/27/2022 02:14 PM

    Uncle Joe, Aunt Kamala and Aunt Nancy are not my Presidents. Didn't vote for them and do not acknowledge them as leaders over me.

  • Susan Satava

    01/26/2022 12:43 PM

    You do know Pelosi is re-upping for the House, right? That means Biden, Inc, will continue to have reinforcement to tear down everything we have been. Neither the forefathers nor the Constitution mean anything to them. I'm inclined to believe (though not in a pessimistic way) that the US is in its passing phase. Heaven is just around the corner!


    01/25/2022 11:14 PM

    Thank you for your newsletter. It’s very depressing to read how Biden is ruining our country! I try to pray for leadership when I think about it. Reading your newsletter encourages me! God Bless!!

  • Twila Flowers

    01/25/2022 03:31 PM

    The Democrat party should be held responsible for Joe Biden as they put him up as their candidate for President. Anyone who watched and listened could tell he has cognitive issues. They should be held accountable for all of this. It is tragic for Biden and all the USA. Democrats become Constitutional Americans or find yourselves somewhere else to reside.

  • Elizabeth Crouse

    01/25/2022 11:42 AM

    All I know to do is pray. A president who is unable to do the job is hurting America.

  • Marlene Yvonne White

    01/25/2022 11:36 AM

    As usual, Mike's sound judgment and words describe the situation quite well. I too wish people had ignored the 'mean tweeter' aspect and appreciated the strength, commitment and strong actions that kept the peace overseas and at home for America. He had foresight. This president has -0- sight. We should humble ourselves and pray, and ask the gracious Lord to give this country another shot at being grateful for a strong leader if we get one in 2024. I miss the "orange" man who tried to keep as many promises as possible. He was "proud to be an American" and loved "the good ol' U.S.A."!

  • Loretta M Elliott

    01/25/2022 11:25 AM

    Yes, the Democratic leadership is incompetent and weak. In addition, we have the RINO'S. We need to clean house of all of these Deep Staters who are just collecting a nice paycheck, that most Americans can only dream of.

  • Cynthia S Sindel

    01/25/2022 11:01 AM