January 7, 2022

First AOC, now Rep. Eric Swalwell is the latest far-left Democrat from a locked-down blue state to go straight from blaming the pandemic on Republicans to being caught vacationing maskless in the reviled free state of Florida.

This hypocrisy is as blatant as it is unsurprising to anyone who follows these people closely. But many Americans don’t follow politics all that closely (lucky them), and are shocked that anyone could be such obvious hypocrites.

Kurt Schlichter had a great comment in a subscriber-only article at about why merely pointing out their hypocrisy isn’t enough:

“Let’s not fool ourselves that they will somehow be shamed into suffering the same inconveniences (as) their lessers, i.e., everyone else. They won’t. At some level, they want us peasants to see that they are beyond the rules they make for mere mortals. To whine about it for the sake of whining about it is to practice helplessness…When we point out their hypocrisy, we need to have a purpose, and that purpose is to wake up everyone else. Hypocrisy means nothing to us because we already know these are bad people. But it is powerful juju when it comes to people who have yet to gobble the red-pill and see the members of our garbage ruling caste for (what) they are.”

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  • Roy Hagemyer

    01/08/2022 10:55 AM

    The safest part of this story is that “We the People” have allowed ourselves to becomes slaves to the elite political machine… Time to take our country back from these fools!