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October 31, 2022

The Democrats appear to have written off Stacey Abrams’ chances of getting elected Georgia’s Governor (maybe I should say, “again.”) Axios is already trying to paint her loss as part of a brilliant “long game” plan to become a top national political influencer.

I can see that she’s made losing elections and whining about it into a very lucrative business model, but why would anyone who hopes to win office want to be influenced by her? She’s getting worse at it with every attempt. The Axios spin sounds like people on YouTube videos who take big face plants then jump up and say, “I meant to do that.”

Meanwhile, they’re so desperate to hang on to Raphael Warnock’s Senate seat that they brought in Barack Obama to do what he does best: condescendingly mock people who disagree with him. This time, he used the baffling analogy that if you were getting onto a plane, you wouldn’t want Herschel Walker piloting it because he has no experience.

No, but I also wouldn’t want to be on a plane piloted by Warnock or Obama or anyone else in the Senate either. The “no experience” argument is a head-scratcher, since Warnock had no experience in the Senate and still has less than two years’ worth, all of it spent being a rubber stamp for Biden and Chuck Schumer. Obama himself became President with no executive, management, military, private sector or foreign policy experience, and ran just two years into his first term as a junior Senator (maybe he should’ve said, “You don’t want someone with no experience; just look at my presidency!”)

On the other hand, Joe Biden was sold to us as the most experienced, and hence most qualified, presidential candidate ever. When he first started warming a chair in the Senate in 1973, the Vietnam War was still going on and George Lucas was about to start writing a movie treatment called “The Star Wars.” All those decades of “experience,” and he’s been an utter disaster.

Of course, all that those years of experience got him was a reputation for being wrong on every foreign policy issue since 1973. But since becoming President, he has managed to expand that to domestic issues, as well.

The Founders intended us to have a Congress of citizen legislators who were not insulated from the effects of their government actions. Has having an overpaid class of lifetime career, elitist politicians improved governance? I’d say it’s the best argument for term limits.

Herschel Walker had his own response to this attack, and frankly, I think it’s a lot better than the career politician Obama’s glib but illogical oratory.


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