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October 3, 2022



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Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.

Romans 12:12

Saving Patty Murray

This is an infuriating article about how three liberal Washington State corporations – Starbucks, the Seattle Times and the Seattle Seahawks – made ridiculous legal claims to try to silence GOP Senate nominee Tiffany Smiley and help save endangered incumbent ultra-leftist, Sen. Patty Murray.

The good news: Smiley proved that she’s the fighter Washington voters need in the Senate by refusing to let them get away with their attempted assault on her First Amendment rights. I especially love how her campaign jiu-jitsued the Seattle Times. They demanded she remove their name from her ad, even though it merely attributed quotes to them, which was obviously fair use of news articles. Since it would cost her $5,000 to change the ad, and they never objected when Murray quoted the paper in her ads, they filed an FEC complaint against the paper, alleging that the Murray ad was an illegal $5000 in-kind contribution to the Patty Murray Senate campaign.

Personally, I think she should’ve filed a complaint that the entire Seattle Times is an illegal in-kind contribution to the Patty Murray Senate campaign.

Good news: Russia is losing

Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine definitely isn’t going the way he thought it would, but at this point, it’s hard to figure out exactly what he’s thinking. Latest development: Over the weekend, Putin announced that he had annexed the Russian-occupied territories of Luhansk and Kherson and they are now part of Russia. On Monday, his beleaguered troops had to retreat by about 25 miles as Ukrainian forces advanced into those same regions.

I predict that Putin will next complain to the UN that Ukraine is invading Russia.


Democrats are working hard to lose the support of women

Democrats are hoping to salvage their political fortunes in November by firing up a groundswell of support from women. I guess they’re hoping that women won’t notice that thanks to their policies, not only are biological men taking over women’s sports and invading women’s locker rooms, now they’re actually taking over women’s locker rooms and kicking the women out. No, that’s not an exaggeration.

Here’s the story from Vermont’s Randolph High School, where a “transgender” player on the girls’ volleyball team claimed to feel uncomfortable because the girls’ complained of having to share their locker room with a biological male. So the school kicked the girls’ team out of their own locker room and forced them to change in a small girls’ bathroom. Where they probably had to wait for a biological male to finish up first.

An honest question for American women who vote Democrat: is protecting late-term abortions really so important that you’ll keep voting for people who are not only making every other aspect of your lives more expensive, difficult and dangerous, but who are actively working to erase your gender’s very existence?

Democrats and Adam Kinzinger, but I repeat myself, attack Pro-Life Republicans

While Democrats in the US are trying to obliterate the very concept of women, women in Iran are bravely risking (and giving) their lives to stand up to their oppressive hardline Islamic government. The protests started after 22-year-old Mahsa Amini was arrested by the “morality police” because her hijab didn’t cover enough of her head. Two days later, she was taken to a hospital where she died. The official story is that the healthy young woman had a heart attack, which nobody buys. It set off massive protests by women that have now grown to over 100 cities.

But leave it to members of “The Squad” to completely miss the point and someone voice “solidarity” with the women of Iran while failing to say a word against radical Islamists but instead attack the “patriarchy” and pro-life Republicans.

But wait: pro-life Americans aren’t only synonymous with ironfisted Iranian mullahs (and, of course, Nazis.) “Republican” Rep. Adam Kinzinger took a break from his January 6th Kommittee duties of trying to blame Trump for a riot by taking to Twitter and trying to claim that pro-lifers support Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. As they say on the Interwebs, it did not go well.

Kudos to him, though, for actually managing to say something related to abortion that makes what Stacey Abrams is saying sound almost coherent in comparison.

Unfunny SNL looks in the mirror

On the season premiere of “Saturday Night Live,” the show actually did a sketch that made a point about how they’ve become unfunny, predictable and politically-biased as they continue making tired jokes about Trump and other Republicans while “Joe Biden’s lost his d**n marbles.”

Unfortunately, as the much funnier Bonchie at points out, they didn’t go on to use any of the wealth of comedy material that the current Administration readily supplies. But at least maybe they’ve finally started to figure out why nobody’s laughing and so much of the audience has tuned out. As they say, the first step to breaking your addiction to Democrat propaganda is to admit you have a problem.

Incredible video

At the Cleveland-based Lake Erie Walleye Trail fishing championship, the two apparent winners were lucky to leave unharmed after a suspicious judge cut open their catch and pulled out lead weights that had been stuffed inside to make them weigh more.

I’ve got a countdown going for the media to claim that any insinuations that the outcome was rigged are a “Big Lie” and an assault on democracy, and that many fish just naturally like to swallow lead weights.



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  • Ruth Egan

    10/04/2022 01:41 PM

    Thank you for doing what you, i.e. telling the big ugly truths wrapped in good humor and firm kindness.

  • Rick Wilkins

    10/04/2022 09:36 AM

    Gov. Mike, me and hundreds of others used to go to Ukraine for various reasons. I used to go there every month or just about. I felt like going to Odessa, Kiev, or other big Ukrainian cities was like going to Russia itself, little difference. At least Putin has not abolished private property rights like the UN would love to do. Many Ukrainians feel safer under Putin than without him. One never hears that fact.

  • Jerry

    10/04/2022 08:09 AM

    So far the biden hadn't ripped off Americans right to the 2nd Amendment I have seen the Government come to homes and raided and pointed rifles at the heads of American citizens and their children no biden didn't use a F15 Jet fighter however if the Government sends it thugs to a home for an attack Americans will will have guns and ammunition to defend itself against uncalled for raids how will one tell the difference from the thugs biden sends to a home then the regular street and gang thugs biden and harris have embraced so Americans have to fight to keep the 2nd amendment for the protection from Wray biden harris and the DOJ they are attacking American citizens for little or no justification .

  • Sharon Faulkner

    10/03/2022 07:40 PM

    I don't give a fickle fig about Commie Putin or Nazi Za-Slinky... period.