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October 6, 2022

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  • Brenda Hart

    10/08/2022 04:40 PM

    Sure hope he is right!!! I do believe people are afraid to participate in voting polls.

  • Barbara Higgins

    10/07/2022 11:58 AM

    I think this man read my mind he is exactly right....

  • Paul Yoder

    10/07/2022 10:15 AM

    I agree with everything except "people are nervous". I am one of those submerged voters. I am furious at the massive overreach of the federal government, their supporting cast of left wing media, and the "Democrat" party/Rinos of the extablishment. I have no doubt that I am already on multiple lists, and couldn't care less. I simply am refusing to be part of the media hype/lies, and will speak in November.

  • Crystal Fenton

    10/07/2022 01:47 AM

    They didn't bring in all these illegals to give them a wonderful, new start in life. I believe the only reason they were brought in is to disrupt all future elections and cause chaos. Satan is busy, he doesn't have much time left. Maranatha!

  • Patty Sherwood

    10/06/2022 10:52 PM

    I agree! I am not answering polls, although I have participated in a Trump rally, it's a great outlet to discuss what's happening in our country out in the open without feeling oppressed. I also live in Pennsylvania and I can tell you Fetterman is not the choice in this area ??. Thank you for your information, I can say I follow you for the truth and feel confidant I receive that from your newsletter. God bless you and your family.

  • Julie Mehl

    10/06/2022 08:07 PM

    Very encouraging!

  • Sally Cunningham

    10/06/2022 06:38 PM

    I just listened to Cahaly’s predictions. No one is talking about preventing voting corruption. It won’t matter if all these submerged voters, vote, if poll workers and democrats steal the election again. What is being done to maintain the security of our voting?

  • Charles Hampton

    10/06/2022 06:30 PM

    This report is encouraging, but my worry is that the election will be stolen again through fraud and stuffed balloting.

  • Joan Flowers

    10/06/2022 05:37 PM

    Dear Mike,
    Access to your tv show is being blocked by google!

  • Elizabeth Houghton

    10/06/2022 05:22 PM

    I can only hope and pray that he is right!