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October 26, 2022

We are stronger together.  

Our hope is that our newsletter readers and social media followers will consider these prayer requests each day. To submit a prayer request please, go here. If you are asking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, please use a first name to make it easier for our prayer warriors.

If there is an update to a prayer request that you would like to add, please choose "prayer answered" on the prayer request form.


Deacon, fighting cancer and going to tough treatments.

Lisa, going through cancer a second time.

Please pray for my mom, Hazel and my friend, Johnnie. Mom is down in her back and emotional problems. Johnnie was hit by a drunk driver years ago and is in a nursing home unable to take care of herself and suffers from depression as well as health problems. Please pray for healing for them. Thank you. God Bless You.

I have not had my senses of taste and smell since 12/22/21 due to covid.

For Ray W. In Ca for the Lord to restore his failing health...

Please pray for my husband and upcoming foot surgery and got our adopted daughter who has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. 

Please Pray for my Aunt Dot whom is stage 4 cancer, she's a good woman, and Pray for my brother who is a alcoholic, pray that the Holy Spirit will hit him and Pray for our Country because them that are in the big house are evil and so are most of their followers

Granddaughter, E., who does not communicate with family, lives with near-do-well boyfriend for years, and is controlled by him. I pray for that relationship to end, so that in her freedom she will get mental help that she needs, please Jesus!!!

For Ellen to make her bones stronger and healing in her hip.

Michelle O'Connor recovering from spinal surgery.

Please pray for Carmen for healing and other issues, God knows the issues.

To the person who needs prayers for this(Pray for the...CHURCH...too many are dying or are already dead. No sermons about the Repentance, being forgiving or the Rapture). or the wages of sin, or sin in general I'm looking for a church myself, but I want fire and brimstone, the cold hard truth. The wages of sin are death. Hopefully someday I can find that church

Please pray for Danton as he is suffering from drug withdrawal and working to get clean. Thank you.

Praying to move to a safe and secure neighborhood in a small community. Amen.

Praying for restoring our marriage and healing family relationship. Marie

Pray that me and my wife going to Arizona are safe. I did have bladder cancer but the Doctor said they go it all for now. Heart problems but doing ok. Thank you lord.

Please pray for Linda who is dealing with Parkinson's and high blood pressure.

Please pray for salvation for my neighbor, Evan. Thank you!

Thank you for healing my daughter enough to be able to resume driving. Prayers for friend having thyroid surgery. Lastly please heal a wound I have. Your will be done.

Healing for family. Prosperity exceedingly abundantly above and beyond as promised and prophesied. In Jesus name

Our daughter Ali has a reoccurring brain tumor please pray for her healing

Lyn.....just diagnosed with breast cancer.

For son N who is having trouble getting problems addressed through the VA, contact your senator. I had trouble getting VA aid for my husband until I contacted my senator, and then they acted within a month. I had waited over a year. Also, I had asked this group to pray for him! God is good!

Prayers for blessings for Gloria.

Karen my marriage restored

Please pray for my daughter, Ashley. That she continues to seek faith in the Lord and finds peace in her heart to finish the task that God has placed in front of her. God bless.

Pray for Jim whose 19 yr old daughter has turned against him. The divorced mother has created this daughter a bitter, resentful and ungrateful heart. Prayers for forgiveness and reconciliation!!!!

Prayers for my daughter as she is going through some personal and hard times.

Hello my name is Tina I would like a prayer for myself I have emphysema and they found something wrong with my heart I'm also diabetic please pray for complete healing of my heart thank you and have a blessed day

Prayers for strength, courage and a good attitude for Gloria.

Please pray for my sweet beloved dog Brewski. He has a tumor. Pray for his healing and if not God's will, then that when it's time he will go peacefully in his sleep. Also my husband and I need prayer as we are devasted by this. Thank you.

Please pray for Debbie. I can't wear a mask/face shield, some problem w/my asthma drops my oxygen sats severely. I live in a rural area & all healthcare providers turn me away because of lack of mask. For 3 years I have been struggling to manage my health (pretty good, the asthma never bothers/diabetes under control, physically active, strong) by myself. I wear a shield when taking my elderly parents to the doctor, & wind up sick. It's been worsening, my normally low blood pressure was 190/140 after 20 minutes in a shield. I have erratic heartbeats and difficulty breathing. I have begun having panic attacks--I hate confrontation, & I've tried every possible way to explain & get waived from the masks. I'm giving up, letting my brother take my parents to the doctor; & my disabled son's staff takes him; I just won't go anymore. Please pray they lift this stupid mask mandate. I could drive 3 hours and not find anyone who will see me without. I can't even get bloodwork. Thank you all.

Please pray for my daughter who is a now single mom of two. She's battling cancer and I'm praying her recent scans are clear! Also her son (3 yo) has had 105° temps for a week. May be meningitis and her daughter (2 yo) is a medically fragile little girl. The weight of all these medical issues is weighing on her. She is a faithful Christian, amazing mom and wonderful daughter. Thank you for your prayers!

Our beloved sister Debi has to undergo yet another brain surgery for the cancer she has battled so valiantly for almost 28 years. Prayers for a successful surgery by her great surgeon (Dr. Kris Smith) and her uneventful recovery.

Please pray for Britt and Jeremy to have a baby, Ron to heal from colon surgery, Bettyann for good results on a breast MRI, Lisa for self confidence, alicia to make it on her own, Doc for good health and Debbie's eyesight and issues to be healed by GOD.

Please dear friends, please pray for my son R, he needs Gods guidance with his health issues and holding a job to support his family. Praying God will speak to him to become a more responsible person and focus on his finances, health and his family. Pray he will seek God and the help he really needs..

Prayers for wisdom for Lisa, Cindy, and Gloria.

Prayers for blessings for Buddy and his family.

Prayers for a forever home for Ava, Liz, and Millie.

Prayers for healing, peace and joy for Danielle.

Please pray for my mom and my aunt. My mom is still rehabilitating from a hip fracture. My aunt has afib and a possible ulcer, but the doc said there's a slim chance it could be cancer. Due to her insurance, she has to wait several weeks before getting the necessary tests. Thank you all and IJN, Amen

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  • Wendy Van WInkle

    10/27/2022 01:21 PM

    Please pray for my husband wrestling the demons of cancer and our family....Cancer is horrifying the depression is nearly unbearable to watch....God knows the whole story and sees the struggles...God BLess and protect and comfort all peoples in his world.

  • Beverly Benner

    10/27/2022 07:52 AM

    Please pray for me due to COPD diagnosis perhaps due to dwelling in a moldy forested area in the humid south. Never ever smoked.

  • Richard Russell

    10/26/2022 09:50 AM

    Prayers for my sister who’s having surgery and is a senior citizen