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November 2, 2022



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if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Just What We Need

Just what we need: yet another rogue nation seeing weakness in US leadership and using it to turn aggressive against its neighbor, our ally.

And it’s not just North Korea that thinks it can exploit American weakness. The Wall Street Journal reports that the US military is on high alert after being warned by Iraq and Saudi Arabia that Iran may be planning attacks on US targets in their nations, as a distraction from internal protests of the hardline Iranian regime.

This is on top of a disturbing recent assessment that the US military isn't currently capable of fighting a war on two fronts. How many fronts are going to be open by 2024? 

Let us hope this at least teaches a lesson to leftists who think that trying to make our enemies love us is a viable foreign policy strategy. When your enemies love your choice of leaders, that’s the surest sign that you’ve picked the wrong leaders.


Color me shocked

Principled Republican Rep. Liz Cheney just endorsed another Democrat over a Republican. This time, it’s Tim Ryan over J.D. Vance in Ohio.

Congratulations to J.D. Vance. If Liz’s endorsement of his opponent works out for him the way it did for Kari Lake in Arizona, he’ll be getting a flood of campaign donations.

It’s no surprise that Rep. Cheney is backing Ryan. I’m sure she approves of the moment in last night’s debate where he falsely claimed that protesters killed a Capitol police officer during the January 6th riot. Also the way he arrogantly dismissed the better-informed audience at the debate when they told him that didn't happen (the officer died of natural causes, a stroke, the next day.) Ryan insisted, “We all watched the video.” But there was no video of an officer being murdered, because that didn’t happen.

Maybe he watched it with Joe Biden on his TV, which apparently shows a lot of things that never actually happened.

Bonus: Ryan also claimed he “absolutely never called for defunding ICE.” RNC Research replied that, in fact, “He signed a pledge in 2019 to defund ICE, end ICE detainers and increase immigrant detention by 75%." 

Justice Thomas delivers knockout

I wrote yesterday about the Supreme Court hearing arguments in two cases that could finally end racial discrimination (or if you prefer, “affirmative action”) in university admissions. During the oral arguments, Justice Clarence Thomas cut through the carefully-crafted bull used to defend this practice with the type of question he’s famous for, one that points up the hypocrisy and logical fallacies of the left in a way that’s impossible for them to dodge or explain away.

And this is one of several reasons why leftists are so frantic to force him out of the Court.


Energy politics in Germany

Samuel Johnson famously said, "Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully." The same principle appears to still hold true today in Germany. Kowtowing to green activists and eco-radicals and replacing reliable sources of energy with windmills and sunshine was all well and good when Russian oil was flowing as a back-up and they could ignore reality at no risk.

But without Russian oil, and with a freezing cold winter right around the corner, minds are suddenly focusing wonderfully again. That explains why a major German energy company is demolishing several wind farms (or as Ryan Ledendecker calls wind turbines in this PJ Media article, “giant, stupid, dangerous, endangered bird-slaughtering, oil-leaking wastes of money”) to make room for expanding coal mines.

On the bright side, maybe some parts of the wind turbines can be burned for warmth.

Call John Legend

John Fetterman’s campaign boasted on Twitter of gaining the endorsements of pro-defund-the-police Hollywood celebrities such as Kerry Washington and John Legend.

So if you’re in Philadelphia, the next time you’re threatened by a gang member, home invader or carjacker, call John Legend. He cares enough about you to pick your Senator, so maybe he’ll come help.


FCC Commissioner: TikTok must go

Fentanyl isn’t the only dangerous, addictive export that China is using to undermine America. Brendan Carr, one of five FCC commissioners, is calling on the US government to ban the popular social media platform TikTok.

This comes after a report that warns how difficult it would be to transfer ownership of TikTok from its Chinese parent company to an American owner and sever it from all ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Having been downloaded 200 million times in the US alone, TikTok is becoming a part of our critical information structure, and Carr believes it’s not possible to create sufficient protections to ensure that US data, including national security data, wouldn’t get back to the CCP through it.

President Trump wanted to ban TikTok before it became so embedded in society, but that didn’t happen. Let’s hope some action will finally be taken to deal with this threat once we have a new Congress and a new President who doesn’t also have ties to China that nobody in authority wants to question.


The right side of an issue

Stop the presses! (Or whatever people say these days in this situation.) For the first time in years, the American Civil Liberties Union somehow landed on the right side of an issue and is actually defending civil liberties! The ACLU condemned the government for working with Big Tech to censor certain issues, tweeting, “The First Amendment bars the government from deciding for us what is true or false, online or anywhere. The government can’t use private pressure to get around our constitutional rights.”

Kudos to the ACLU for finally remembering what it was created for. Now, try applying the same principle to the Biden Administration and Big Tech colluding to censor certain political opinions because they’ve decided which ones are true or false.


Good news

Elon Musk has frozen some Twitter employees' access to tools used for “content moderation and policy enforcement,” as puts it, or as the rest of us put it, to censoring users they disagree with.

Bloomberg frets that this will result in “misinformation” being spread a week before the election, but I suspect that liberals are actually more worried about information being spread. As Stacey Lennox points out at the link, liberal media outlets are so up in arms over the Twitter twits being deprived of their censorship tools that they missed the real story, which is the confirmation that the previous management allowed employees to decide what constitutes “misinformation” and censor it.  

She also makes this excellent point: “…People have been voting in the United States for nearly three centuries without the geniuses at Twitter deciding what information they are allowed to review. Amazingly, we functioned as a nation before Twitter’s censors were on the job.

That’s because in a free marketplace of ideas, bad ideas aren’t censored by Big Tech or the government. They’re destroyed by more speech, via free and open debate. Say, I think I just realized why so many Democrats are trying to get out of debating this year!

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  • Stephen Russell

    11/03/2022 10:40 AM

    EU energy issue:
    May come to the US?
    Have 25 days diesel fuel?
    Very cold winter
    Was 45F in So CA Today

  • Jerry

    11/03/2022 08:59 AM

    I just visited a town in California Palm Springs a town with people of wealth and workers and a town flooded with drugs and I viewed homeless people my heart was very heavy looking at their way of like while in the desert the places we visited in my view was top notch although a guest with people with a lot wealth I was waited on by a chief that fed Huge Hefner I dined along side the president of the high end of the cosmetic industry I soared to the heights of 8600 and met people from around the world in just a few hours I listened to an older couple from Germany tell us what a beautiful country we have as they are touring it they offered beverages in the parking lot after our flight to the top of the Rockies a fantastic visit to a place where the state of California has been in a state of ruin under democratic leadership it is shameful California a diamond of natural beauty being destroyed by its States policies not only disgraceful but shameful

  • Jerry

    11/03/2022 08:25 AM

    Having listened to this president and 2former presidents 3 carnival type policymakers that were our leaders Obama sounded like he had problems like the jackass in Pennsylvania and Clinton is sounding more like Biden than his former self these 3 presidents have nothing to offer but blame for the failures of today they were a problem as president and today are without solutions no magic. Wand in these old stale carnies only the easiest of hypnotized people will vote democrat