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November 1, 2022



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if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

Join me in prayer

Please join me in praying for the full recovery of 14 people injured in a Halloween night mass shooting in Chicago. Three of the victims were children, age 3, 11 and 13.


One week away

As of today, the midterm elections are officially one week away, and Democrats and their Igors in the media are in full-out panic mode. They’re pulling every desperate tactic from demanding that Republicans personally atone for a Berkeley nutjob’s attack on Paul Pelosi by yanking all their campaign ads (nice try!) to the worn-out lie that Republicans want to gut Social Security (I wrote yesterday about how I’ve been hearing that stretcher since I was a child and am now old enough for Social Security myself.)  

So I thought that it might be worthwhile to remind older Americans that there is a clear and present danger to their financial well-being, and it’s not eeeeeevil Republicans who want to take away your Social Security check. It’s the fact that Biden and the Democrats’ irresponsible policies are creating runaway inflation that’s making those checks almost worthless. And good luck falling back on your savings, since Democrat policies have resulted in the average 401K losing $34,000 this year.

Ryan Ledendecker at PJ Media has the ugly details that, for some reason, the media isn’t talking about.


New records along the border

While the Biden Administration continues to falsely claim that our southern border is secure, illegal immigration keeps setting new records, like approximately 2.4 million migrant encounters in fiscal 2022. But there’s another, tragic record that those in power really don’t want to talk about.

They don’t mind ignoring all the violence and death unleashed on Americans by allowing drug gangsters, convicted felons and fentanyl and other deadly drugs to come rushing over the border. But it’s still politically useful for them to keep pretending to care about the fate of the migrants themselves, even as they turn a blind eye to the brutal abuses of coyotes and the sexual assaults and trafficking of women and children. Now, here’s another record that I doubt will receive much attention from the White House:

Citing internal Border Patrol data, CBS reports that in the past year, at least 853 migrants died while trying to enter the US illegally. That breaks the previous record of 546 migrant deaths set in 2021, also under Biden. Due to smugglers abandoning people to brutal desert terrain, blistering heat and dangerous river currents, there are so many deaths that morgues in border towns have run out of space. The states have to provide refrigerated trailers to store all the bodies.

The unsecure border and the tacit message from Biden that America is wide open are luring people to their deaths, and I’m fed up with hearing anyone who opposes that being accused of lacking compassion. The leaders of blue Northern cities who complain of a relative handful of illegal migrants being sent to them don’t even know a fraction of what border towns are dealing with because of policies they support. I wonder if a visit to a makeshift overflow morgue might finally make them realize the tragic consequences of their policies?


Update on the Paul Pelosi attacker

Police say he reportedly had a list of people who might have been intended future targets. Or maybe not. Personally, I would withhold judgement on anything about this hammer attack story until it’s nailed down, particularly since much of this linked update involves retracting claims that were previously reported.

Eight major stories of recent years that the media got totally wrong

On the subject of the media getting things wrong, here’s a walk down Memory Lane to review eight major stories of recent years that the media got totally wrong. And they didn’t just make a simple mistake. They ran with these false narratives like Herschel Walker used to run with a football, and smeared, silenced and mocked anyone who dared question their fake news.

And as long as we’re talking about powerful political and media figures getting things wildly wrong, the people who brought you that rights-crushing, censorious, ironfisted, totalitarian pandemic lockdown would really appreciate it if we would forget all the stuff they were wrong about and let bygones be bygones.

Emily Oster, an economics professor at Brown University, made a big splash in the news with an article calling for a “pandemic amnesty” in which Americans forgive each other for going overboard with COVID precautions and pushing policies that later turned out to be ill-founded. She argues that it was a deadly disease we knew nothing about, there was a steep learning curve, and they were just doing their best to protect us with limited knowledge of the problem.

And that’s fine. In fact, it’s almost exactly what I repeatedly wrote in this newsletter, except that I also committed the cardinal sin of including President Trump among those who shouldn’t be personally blamed for every COVID death in America. He seemed to be the only person who was treated as culpable for every mistake, and with deliberately malicious intent, for some reason.

The problem is that too many people who clearly abused their power now want a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card, and that’s not going to happen. It’s one thing to forgive your neighbors for going a little crazy and screaming at you for not wearing a mask while you were raking leaves in your yard. But as Jeff Charles at explains, forgiveness comes after accountability, and this wasn’t just harsh words. It involved authorities destroying people’s lives and silencing their critics to preserve their power even when it was becoming obvious they were in the wrong.

It didn’t take advanced knowledge of the COVID virus to know it was idiotic to arrest people for walking alone on a beach without a facemask, or that it was unconstitutional to shut down churches while declaring liquor stores, strip clubs and BLM rallies to be “essential services.” Even the most basic understanding of what “science” is should’ve told them that you don’t vilify, censor and delicense qualified doctors and researchers for questioning claims that later turned out to be false. And it was clear from early on that COVID was a deadly threat only to certain people. Protecting those groups while letting everyone else go on with their lives was the obvious choice, but people who proposed it were slandered as mass murderers.

And there was never any reasonable justification for firing health care workers and first responders who had already been exposed to COVID and had natural immunity, just because they refused to take a vaccine they didn’t trust or had religious objections to (we later learned that, despite what Fauci and Biden aggressively asserted, the vaccine did not prevent infection or spread of the disease.)

(Incidentally, to show the folly of branding any questioning of officials as “disinformation,” the multi-boosted and Paxlovid-treated head of the CDC just contracted COVID…again!)

Prof. Oster claims these people were just trying to protect us from the dangers of misinformation, but undermines her own case by repeating misinformation. For instance, she writes, “Remember when the public-health community had to spend a lot of time and resources urging Americans not to inject themselves with bleach?” No, I don’t recall that actually being necessary because (A.) Trump never said it, and (B.) I’m not aware of any incidents of anyone being dumb enough to do it, even though the Trump-hating media irresponsibly trumpeted that fake news far and wide.

In sum, I hope we will reach a point of forgiveness and reconciliation. But before forgiveness can be granted, the guilty must display the humility to admit what they did, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Then have to come investigations, accountability and repentance, along with assurances that the damage to our rights will be rolled back, the injured will be compensated as much as is possible, and those who acted in bad faith will be punished and permanently removed from any position of power over the public. Only then can forgiveness and real healing begin.


Good news out of Arizona

Libertarian Arizona Senate candidate Marc Victor has dropped out of the race and endorsed Republican Blake Masters over incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Kelly.

Victor was only polling at about 1%, but in a close race, that could spell the difference. And I would think no Libertarian would want to be the reason that one of today’s government-supersizing, freedom-crushing Democrats squeaked into power.



Kurt Schlichter on the wave of strong, fierce, outspoken women running in this election cycle who stand up for their beliefs and refuse to be silenced or marginalized. And the allegedly feminist media hate them because they’re all Republicans.


Hilarious video

I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween! Before the fantasy scary season of ghosts and monsters slips away into the really scary season of a lame duck Democrat Congress, enjoy this hilarious video from Reason TV of mock clips from Libertarian horror movies. Quite a few involve how different classic horror movies would be if the protagonists were staunch Second Amendment supporters.


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  • Russell R. Griffin

    11/09/2022 11:33 AM

    Biden and his democrats are turning this country into a Latin country.

  • Steven M. Bachelder

    11/02/2022 01:33 AM

    What ever happened to the 17 women accusing then candidate Trump of sexual malfeasance in the run up to the 2016 presidential election? They must have just gone away - or, maybe they never existed?

  • Paul Schaber

    11/02/2022 01:01 AM

    all the Biden Administration is go down onto the border and look across and see the Tent Cities sitting all along the border. Then take a look at he people over there they are Venezuelans. What deals has Hunter made with Maderos and Russians and Chinese that control the oil he will need very soon due to this stupid plan he and Jennifer of Energy Department and Interior Secretary had made with Blinken's stupid deals .

  • ken moore

    11/01/2022 09:31 PM

    45 freight box cars full of illegals to delaware
    2 747's full of illegals to marhha's vineyard

  • Sharon Faulkner

    11/01/2022 08:35 PM

    Just a thought about the so-called Pelosi attacker. Shortly after Liz truss was ousted his prime minister in Britain AOC congratulated them saying that in this country it is hard to get rid of political leaders. Now most people agree she was talking about Nancy Pelosi so who can say that this Nut Job wasn't inspired by AOC to attack Nancy Pelosi?

  • pat green

    11/01/2022 06:00 PM

    I know Jesus instructed us to forgive and in due time I will, but I will never forget watching through a window my wife of 53 years having dementia and a massive stroke being all alone them not even allowing me in to hold her hand. I have no doubt that did it to her being all alone.