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November 10, 2022



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In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1


As all the postmortems of the midterm elections roll in, one narrative that’s rising to the top is that many Republicans who were Trump supporters are now starting to see DeSantis as the Party’s future and Trump as an anchor. Blogger Don Surber sums up the case well that even though we Trump supporters know most of the accusations hurled against him were false, manufactured and libelous, they worked to made his name toxic with millions of voters, especially Independents who never be convinced to vote for Trump or anyone aligned with him.

Surber points out that while Trump-backed candidates in red states and districts did well, those in swing states polled well below other Republicans, suggesting that if Trump ran for President, he would not be able to carry those states, even if he won them before. The betting markets seem to agree, as DeSantis has leaped into the #1 spot as most likely President in 2024 (29.7% odds) with Trump falling to second (17.6%.) You’ll be relieved to know that AOC is at 0.6%.

Trump also hasn’t helped his own case by continuing to focus on the 2020 election (which I agree was unfair and a travesty and has yet to be really investigated, but it’s over) instead of the future, and by attacking other Republicans against whom he holds grudges. As great a President as some of us think he was, it takes a strong team to win the Presidency, and you don’t win by tackling your own teammates.

When I ran for President in 2016, Trump was my primary opponent. I refused to let debate moderators goad me into attacking him (and they tried.) I told them that every person on that stage would be a better President than anyone the Democrats nominated, and I think history bore me out.

After Trump won the nomination, I didn’t sit around sucking on sour grapes. I thought about how I could help restore American strength and values outside of the political realm. I also joined wholeheartedly in helping Trump’s campaign. When he became President, I continued to defend him against a barrage of false and unfair charges, although I did criticize him when I felt it was warranted.

Now, I fear, is one of those times. Maybe it’s possible for Trump to somehow overcome the huge resistance against him among Independents, but he’s not going to do that by alienating Republicans, too. As much as I would love to see Trump make a comeback in 2024, he needs to remember that making America great again -- returning power from Washington to the people, draining the Swamp, and restoring Constitutional rights, military strength and the rule of law -- is a popular movement, it’s not a cult of personality. It’s bigger than any one person. I know he loves America, and that’s why he gave up so much to run for President.

If he cares about Making America Great Again as much as I think he does, I hope he will reflect seriously on what’s the best way to accomplish that, if what he’s doing now is really helping, and whether he can make his greatest contribution by leading the parade or cheering it on from the sidelines.

Related: Trump’s former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany agrees that Trump should put any announcements about his 2024 plans on hold until after the Georgia Senate run-off. There’s no point in stirring up a lot of animosity and side issues that might impact an election as important as that. This would be a good way to show Republicans that he can prioritize the GOP winning the Senate over his own political plans.

Some good news

If you’re looking for good news in Tuesday’s disappointing election results, there actually was quite a bit, and not just in Florida. For instance, on Wednesday, Zach Nunn edged out incumbent Democrat Rep. Cindy Axne in Iowa’s District 3. That not only flipped the seat, it also means all of Iowa’s House members are now Republicans.

In Texas, Monica De La Cruz isn’t just the first female Hispanic Republican to win in the 15th District, she’s the first Republican ever to win it in over a century.

And parental rights groups had a good night in many school board elections.

Finally, I hate to engage in schadenfreude, but it’s hard not to smile when you read about a tech billionaire and Democrat mega-donor who spent $10 million to elect Biden and nearly $40 million on Democrat political operatives to turn America left losing 94% of his net worth overnight. It’s the biggest one-day proportional loss among billionaires in history. And no, it’s not Mark Zuckerberg.

More "What Happened" stories

If you’d like to read some more “What happened?” post-election commentaries, here are some thoughts from Victor Davis Hanson (he agrees with me that state-to-state immigration is making red states redder and blue states bluer.)

Brandon Morse at makes a similar point to mine about the red wave being stopped by young voters who’ve been brainwashed with leftism. We will lose this nation if Republicans don’t do something about our schools acting as indoctrination centers.

Kevin Downey Jr. at PJ Media is also worth reading.

And Kurt Schlichter always is.

October inflation numbers

Thursday, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the October inflation numbers, the latest results of those policies Biden refuses to change. Inflation continued rising, up 0.4% from September, and 7.7% from a year before.

The good news, if you can call it that: both numbers were 0.2% lower than economists predicted. And the annual core inflation rate, which doesn’t include food or energy, was 6.3%, which was down slightly from September’s 40-year high of 6.6%.

The bad news: I don’t know anyone who can live without food or energy. And on an annual basis, food prices were up 10.9%. I don’t know about you, but I wish that most of the food I buy was only 10.9% more expensive than it was a year ago. It seems as if some things are up by that much every time I walk into a store.


MSNB-See the craziness!

No sooner had voters in Pennsylvania elected stroke victim John Fetterman to the Senate than MSNBC’s Katy Tur began speculating on him running for President, although she admitted there are “some variables, obviously.”

Apparently, cognitive impairment is no longer a disqualification for being a Democrat President. I guess it would enable the Party to put up a likeable front man while all the real decisions got made by a bunch of radical staffers who could never get elected if voters knew they were actually going to be running the White House. Then again, nah! That could never happen!

Would someone look into this please?!?

I’d hate to be accused of being a treasonous, insurrectionist election denier, but it would be nice if some “fact-checkers” could look into this story and explain the lines showing two sudden, startling leaps in votes for Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

RIP Dan McCafferty of Nazareth

By Pat Reeder, “Huckabee” pop culture guru (

Here’s one that will be sad news for the serious classic rock fans: Dan McCafferty died Tuesday at 76. The cause was unspecified, but he had long suffered from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD.) McCafferty was the longtime lead singer of the bluesy Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, and his powerful, gruff, “gargling with razor blades” vocals helped give them their unique sound.

Although they were never a superstar band, they released 23 albums with McCafferty from 1971 through 2014, influenced many other bands, and scored such hits as “Love Hurts,” “This Flight Tonight” and “Hair of the Dog,” which Guns ‘N’ Roses covered. Axl Rose even asked them to play at his wedding, but they declined.

McCafferty retired from Nazareth in 2013 after his COPD and a stomach ulcer made it impossible for him to tour. But he did continue to sing when he could, and he released a solo album, “Last Testament,” in 2019.

Music vlogger Pete Pardo did a nice salute and retrospective that you can see here. RIP:



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Comments 1-10 of 12

  • Rosanne Clement

    11/12/2022 02:00 PM

    I think it is more than time to have college students submit their ballots in their home town, not in the state they are attending school. We have no control over how kids are raised outside of our own state.

  • Larry Rippere

    11/12/2022 12:22 AM

    Sorry to hear you shop at the same sort of grocery store we have here in California. 11% price increases? I just WISH that was all month-to-month!!! Like we're seeing some juicy 20%/months here.

    Ad we're also glad that the "core inflation rate doesn't include food or fuel. What DOES it include: cosmetics?!??

  • Paul Kern

    11/11/2022 09:55 PM

    Glad you put up the article on the fraud in Michigan. Have seen honest reports of the same in other states like Arizona. Defective" bugged" voting machines.Drop and roll where someone delivers thousands of fraudulent ballots that many officials ignore but caught on camera. As well as democrat intimidation of voters. California has now enshrined ballot harvesting as a constitutional right I understand. Need to rebuild Congress. Uninstall his Imperial Majesty the mouthpiece for the left. It has to be a grassroots effort! We can no longer trust many of our elected officials. They are addicted to the power like McConnell and many others.

  • Lester L Jones

    11/11/2022 07:45 PM

    Re: Drop and roll, I never thought I would see/hear of such criminal activity being tolerated in this nation. Surely the communists are all busy as bees all over the nation, working to wrest it from our posterity and make it another 3rd world hole. They tried it with Lincoln and got caught, and went to jail. However, they got him another way. We hope and pray for there to be someone with enought guts to stop these Godless shenagians and jail a bunch of criminals.

  • Howard Vail

    11/11/2022 03:02 PM

    I couldn't help but marvel at 8000 Memphians voting for a dead woman, but how many of those votes were cast early before her Nov. 5 death?

  • George Reynolds

    11/11/2022 02:01 PM

    The Republican Party should be renamed the "Fractious Party". Instead of hanging together, they blame one another for the election losses. On the other hand, the Democrat Party presents a united front, for better or for worse (and it's usually worse), but they stay together and don't attack one another.

    I was a Trump supporter in both general presidential elections, but the way he is behaving now, bad-mouthing governors DeSantis and Youngkin, I have lost faith in him. He is acting like a spoiled brat, making everything about him, instead of what is good for the party and the country as a whole. We need healing and unity, not dissension.

  • Karol Larsen

    11/11/2022 09:21 AM

    Dear Mike
    While I think you're right on most of the time and I love your newsletter I'm disappointed you have jumped on the clear propaganda anti Trump bandwagon!
    First of all he deserves his rightful 2nd term. 2nd -which ex president have you ever seen with such a loyal following and huge rallies ? 3rd- those independents who say they wont vote for him are probably democrats that jumped ship anyway. You're going to tell me if push came to shove these "independents" will vote democrat over Trump in the next election? Then they're not a true independent anyway.
    4th and biggest- why do you keep saying yea maybe 2020 was stolen but it's time to move on!!?? A resounding NO! Justice needs to be served!! Its clear there was fraud then and clear there was fraud in the midterms- so were supposed to roll over and continue to allow them to get away with it? Bull! It's time to get real judges and hold these people accountable for the treason they committed! If we do they'll stop, if we dont they will continue. Now put your daughter in Trumps place, would you still let bygones be bygones?? (BTW congratulations to her!)
    Please address these issues! I've written you several times and I know I'm not the only one who feels this way!!

  • Jerry

    11/10/2022 09:15 PM

    DeSantis is probably the best candidate at this time Not to take so much from Donald the enemies have hammered him so badly, all the good he has done is forgotten swept under the rug and the negativity just continues yes some self inflicted when one takes on the media and DOJ and the FBI one does not have a counter to it I really don't know how he has stood up to all of that those 3 entities are the most powerful forces in the USA. The Government entitlements to the population are not going to let a Conservative take the gifts they receive each month by voting for it. So many orange barrels to navigate around so many road closures so many detours just to get to American prosperity this Administration is anti American it has a lot of weapons to get to destroy the American Dream. Donald has the same type of people surrounding him just like Harris had.

  • Kathleen West

    11/10/2022 09:01 PM

    Amazing how 'people' now view Trump.......Loser, Has Been, Old, Braggart, etc. Now some folks would like to see him take a 'back seat' and direct the PARADE but stay out of the White House. Mostly because he did NOT get 100% of those he endorsed IN!!! So now, he is supposed to just FADE AWAY? Or be a CHEERLEADER for others?..........Or he is just too OLD? I also see that many MSM, newspapers, etc are already putting out LIES about what Trump actually says regarding DeSantes and others.....................REALLY LYING!! ..... The man still runs his company which is something just about no one in government has done and YES he is 'old' but he DOES get the job done & was respected/FEARED by FOREIGN COUNTRIES. No one was quite ready to take on TRUMP & you and other folks want him to stop? As long as he was Propping up those you all wanted he was fine, now he is not. And what about the folks who are 'StiLL' attending his rallies, they don't feel this way. Looks like the LEFT & the WOKE culture has invaded the lives & minds of some of those who I thought better of. Being 82 years of age & quite viable, I want someone who HAS upset the SWAMP & now knows who is rotten and needs to be removed & all of the SPENDING stopped, oil reserves going out the window, Border Wall Built, Keystone Pipeline restarted and keeping Ukraine's crooks flush with money and weapons..StOPPED. And Sanctuary Cities and States need to have all the ILLEGALS and NO Federal Funds made available to them. We are real close to being a FULL ON Communist/Socialist Country. Truthfully I have much more to say, but the above just came flying out of my mind and I will end it now as I am sick, tired, fed up with Our Government and many of the people in it as well has WOKE companies.
    Have a Good Evening.
    God Bless
    Kathleen West

  • Paul Kern

    11/10/2022 07:43 PM

    I saw this coming about the elections. As long as the establishment Republicans want to play kingmaker they will hand the baton to whatever dead man the left puts up. I am seeing blue states like mine descending into savagery. Think the Morlocks in the Time Machine. I appreciated the good Donald did accomplish even when many RINOs fought against him! I see a lot of good DeSantis has done but without a team like Donal had I would have doubts about voting for him. Surprised about GenX recent polling by Barna indicated they are turning conservative. I know a GenXer who wants to about my times. A boomer who served 1972-1976. Hope gives me some hope.
    We all need to bend the knees and weep for God to move