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November 21, 2022



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5 One Lord, one faith, one baptism,

6 One God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all.

Ephesians 4:5-6 KJV

Prayers for the victims

Prayers today for the victims of a shooting Saturday inside a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs that left five people dead and 25 injured. An unnamed heroic bystander reportedly grabbed a handgun away from the shooter, hit him with it, and he and others held down the shooter until police arrived.

President Biden admitted in his statement that “no motive in this attack is yet clear,” then went on to turn it into a political statement about hate crimes against gays and the need for more gun control laws and an “assault weapons” ban.

But as is often the case, facts quickly intruded on the attempted political exploitation of the tragedy. It turns out that a year-and-a-half ago, the shooter allegedly threatened his mother with a homemade bomb and forced the evacuation of his neighborhood while police talked him into surrendering. Despite this, there’s no record of prosecutors charging him with felonies, or the police seizing the weapons and ammo that his mother told them he had, under Colorado’s “red flag” law.

So once again, people are dead because nobody followed the laws that were already on the books, but the Democrats’ solution is more gun laws. Here’s a novel idea: how about if we try enforcing the laws we have for a change?

Kari Lake refuses to concedes

The media may have projected Katie Hobbs to be the winner of the Arizona Governor’s race by a narrow margin, but Republican Kari Lake refuses to concede. She says she’s assembled a top legal team to investigate suspicious Election Day “problems” in Maricopa County. And while 100% of media coverage of her slammed her as an “election denier,” she has a strong argument in questioning how this election was run. Losing Senate candidate Blake Masters echoes that sentiment.

The state Attorney General’s office has sent a letter to Maricopa County election officials, demanding that they explain Election Day problems that “go beyond pure speculation, but include first-hand witness accounts that raise concerns regarding Maricopa’s lawful compliance with Arizona election law."

You can read the letter at the link, and more about the many serious problems uncovered by attorneys hired by the RNC’s Election Integrity Program to monitor the voting here:

And for those who think it’s too late and nothing can be done, note that the Berlin Constitutional Court in Germany just ordered that a slate of elections from 2021 be done over due to widespread irregularities, such as long waiting times, temporary closures at polling stations and incorrect or missing ballot papers. Or as we call that here, a typical Election Day in Maricopa County.


Voting for Trump

Jennifer Oliver O’Connell at writes about some Evangelical leaders, many of whom are friends of mine, who supported Trump in 2016 but want a change now.

I won’t second-guess their reasons, and I’ve made mine clear that if Trump earns the nomination, I will support him. This article describes some Evangelicals as having previously looked at Trump as the “second coming of Jesus,” which is not only not true, it’s blasphemous. No political candidate is perfect or will ever represent everything I want morally and spiritually.

When I vote, I have a limited number of choices of people to hire, and I have to pick the person I think will do the best job. I am under no illusions about Trump’s personal drawbacks, but he’s also the man who got the economy booming, brought rising wages to all demographic groups, made America energy-independent, kept inflation below 2% and, most importantly to me, gave us the judges to finally overturned Roe v. Wade while other Presidents only paid the pro-life movement lip service. If there’s a better candidate among the Republicans, then may he or she win the nomination. But when it comes to the general election, I have no doubts at all that if Trump is the candidate, with all his faults real or imagined, he will be much better for America and for Christians than whoever is the nominee of the party that’s practically declared war on people of faith.

Happy birthday to President Biden

Sincere happy birthday wishes to President Biden, who turned 80 on Sunday, or as most government workers call that, “retirement age plus 15 years.” I wish him many more happy years, hopefully at home enjoying his great-grandchildren.

However, Biden is already the oldest man ever to serve as President, and he’s still talking about running for reelection in 2024, which has even many in his own party alarmed, as that linked article makes clear. Remember when Democrats used to tell us that Ronald Reagan was too old to be President? Brace yourselves: when Reagan left office after two terms, he was 77. That's a year younger than Biden was when he started. 

Twitter News

I’ve said that I wouldn’t write much about Twitter because despite the obsession with it among media talking heads and celebrities who think they’re political experts, it’s just not that important. The media talk about “the reaction on Twitter” as if it actually means something. It’s a site where literally anybody – including a lot of bots that don’t even exist – can get a page for free. It's even easier than finding a soapbox to stand on in the park and rant, but somehow it carries more weight. Even so, only a small percentage of Americans are on Twitter or ever look at it, and 90% of the tweets are generated by less than 10% of the users. Yet people are fired and blacklisted because of “Twitter reaction.” The reaction to Twitter reactions should be, “Who cares?”

Nevertheless, there has been a lot of Twitter-related news over the past few days, so I’ll attempt to recap it and link to more, for those who are interested. Then when I’m done, might I suggest reading a good book?...

First of all, a lot of the Hollywood and media figures mentioned above had conniption fits after Elon Musk held an online poll asking if Donald Trump’s Twitter account should be reinstated. I thought Democrats these days were all in favor of the tyranny of the majority and “our democracy,” but they went ballistic when Trump won 51.8% to 48.2%. and Musk reinstated his account.

While there was much rejoicing among Trump’s fans, leftist celebrities, already seething that people they disagree with would once again have the right to speak, threw the predictable tantrums.

Many celebrities vowed yet again to leave Twitter, apparently under the delusion that the lack of their foul-mouthed and uninformed political opinions would represent an unbearable loss to public discourse. One was John Leguizamo, who for some reason was still on Twitter 12 hours after vowing to leave, tweeting more of the hot garbage he’s famous for. If he’s really leaving, then hurry up already.

For what it’s worth, Trump says he’s not even interested in returning to Twitter and will stick with Truth Social.

But restoring his old tweets brought a reminder of why the left is so desperate to censor him: people could once again see his tweets from January 6, 2021, and see that he didn’t urge his followers to stage an insurrection, he urged them to stay peaceful, “no violence,” and respect the Capitol Police and law enforcement. Bonus: this article includes a tweet from AOC about January 6th in which she argues against reinstating Trump, and it’s truly remarkable in that every single claim in it is demonstrably false.

Otherwise, I was glad to see that Musk reinstated the Twitter accounts of Project Veritas, which upsets the left by committing actual journalism…

…And of the Babylon Bee, which upsets the left by actually being funny.

Maybe even funnier than the Babylon Bee was CBS, which tried to virtue-signal by declaring that it was leaving Twitter for TikTok, then almost immediately backtracked after being hit with a wave of mockery. It’s very telling, though, that CBS let us know they’d rather be on a platform controlled by communist China than one that allows Americans to exercise free speech.

Finally, one story about Twitter that’s genuinely interesting to me: Author Oliver Campbell wrote a Twitter thread explaining what he believes Elon Musk was doing by giving Twitter’s staffers a big job with an impossible deadline and firing all those who complained about it. The left had a shrieking fit, but that’s because they have no experience at running a business, where it’s called “Whaling and Culling” and is a common practice to identify and retain the employees who buckle down and do most of the work while the ones who were there mostly to censor others and drink free wine on tap self-identify themselves as non-essential. Very worthwhile read.



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