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November 14, 2022

Thanks to all the readers who offered comments on the viability of another Trump run for the presidency in response to our piece, “An erratic Trump needs to clear his head and assess his role.” Hundreds of responses came in; we’ll have results and a follow-up possibly as early as tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a piece at TOWNHALL you might like to see.

President Trump has continued interjecting himself, posting about the senatorial election in Arizona.

This EPOCH TIMES piece is subscription-only, but we’ll summarize. Trump said in a post on Truth Social that “possibly corrupt” officials had “lost control of the tainted Election in Arizona” after the Senate race was called for Democrat incumbent Sen. Mark Kelly. “This is a scam and voter fraud, no different than stuffing the ballot boxes,” he said. “They stole the election from Blake Masters. Do election over again!”

Trump complained about the long lines at the polls due to machine malfunctions and a judge’s refusal to extend voting hours. “People were forced to wait for hours,” he correctly said, “then got exhausted or had other things to do and left the voting lines by the thousands.” That last part was an assumption, but it does seem that when Democrats want the polls kept open later for one reason or another, judges typically rubber-stamp their request rather than risk being accused of disenfranchising them. Why do they not do the same when it’s the Republicans being disenfranchised?

At this writing, Masters still has not conceded the race, saying there were hundreds of thousands of pro-Republican ballots left to count. We shall see, but we know how these extended vote counts mysteriously tend to go in the end.

Masters himself said:

“If, at the end, Senator Kelly has more of them than I do, then I will congratulate him on a hard-fought victory. But voters decide, not the media; let’s count the votes,”
“For my people who knocked doors in the 115 degree heat, and for the million+ Arizonans who put their faith in me, we are going to make sure that every legal vote is counted,”

As votes continue dribbling in for the Arizona governor’s race, the impressive GOP candidate Kari Lake is so far not pushing ahead the way it had been thought she might. As of late Sunday night, victory is looking less likely. Katie Hobbs’ campaign is essentially declaring victory. You remember Katie Hobbs, the Arizona secretary of state who is in charge of...say it with me now...ELECTIONS?

“This one hurts,” says Bonchie at REDSTATE. “...Arizona would have been lucky to have a governor with a backbone who isn’t afraid to protect her constituents. Instead, they are going to get Katie Hobbs, a cowardly do-nothing whose top concerns seem to be abortion and avoiding questions...There are going to have to be questions asked about why this happened while other GOP candidates in Arizona prevailed.”

And this brings us to the main focus for today: the loss of trust in the outcomes of our elections. Leftists maintain that “saving democracy” and maintaining faith in elections means prohibiting anyone from questioning or challenging them in any way. Right...we’ll have more trust in elections by making them LESS transparent. That is so off the mark that one has to wonder if their attitude stems not from the desire to protect democracy but from the need to hide their, um, cheating.

We can do postmortems and try to come up with explanations that don’t involve fraud, but that involves a good bit of reaching. (Remember our talk about Occam’s Razor, the simplest and most obvious explanation usually being the correct one?) The explanations that are given to us don’t make sense, given everything we see. And that’s just what Wayne Allen Root says in a new column, called “You’ve been gaslighted --- Democrats just stole another election.”

Word to Google or anyone else who wants to flag this as “misinformation”: By doing the Democrat Party’s bidding, you might think you’re “saving democracy” or “preserving trust in our elections,” but you’re doing just the opposite. You need to quit with the so-called “content moderation” and just let everybody talk about this. That’s because much of what we’re seeing really does NOT makes sense, just as it didn’t in 2020. All you’re doing, Google, is taking a side, and the side you’ve taken is likely the real source of the misinformation.

Anyway, I’ll quote an excerpt from this one paragraph, which touches on many issues we’ve talked about here:

Think of all the times in just the past few years you’ve been gaslighted. They lied to you about open borders…they lied about Hillary’s 30,000 deleted emails…they lied about spying on Trump…they lied about Russian Collusion…they lied about a perfectly fine Ukrainian phone call…they lied about massive Biden corruption in Ukraine and China… they lied about the Hunter Biden laptop…they lied about the origins of Covid…they lied about the need for lockdowns and masks…they lied about the need for Covid vaccines…they lied about the vaccines being “safe and effective”…”

It goes on. Congratulations, government! You’ve lied so much, you’re the reason we have so little confidence in what you say about the election. Why shouldn’t that be a lie, too? What’s to trust?

Root goes on to point out the huge disconnect between how people say they feel about the issues and the way they apparently voted. Because of all the government’s lies, it’s up to them to convince us that the results reflect the will of the voters. Just telling us we have to shut up and believe it doesn’t wash.

Pardon the cynicism, but millions of us feel just like Root when he says this:

“While also facing the worst economy in modern history…and the worst inflation in America’s history…and out of control crime…and open borders…and failing schools…and polls showing 75% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction…Yet Biden beat all of that?

“If you believe Democrats made a miracle happen, without cheating, rigging and stealing…I have a bridge to sell you, over the Atlantic Ocean, in the Vegas desert.”

Root’s piece is a must-read. No matter how it is labeled, it’s not “misinformation” –- it’s one knowledgable person’s opinion, an opinion that millions of Americans share and have good reason to believe. The government, “colluding” closely with Big Tech as we now know, is working to silence this point of view. If our own commentary gets flagged, it’ll just prove my point.

Root goes on to show that, to his mind, the proof of a rigged election in a number of states simply comes from looking at Florida, which did it right. Florida has laws that discourage cheating: voter ID required, strict laws (prison time!) against voter fraud, no universal mail-in ballots sent out, no drop-boxes, no ballot harvesting, no ballots accepted days after Election Day, and “no counting for days until the desired results is achieved by the Democrat Party.”

Paul Simon wrote the song “50 Ways to Leave your Lover.” I’d say there might be 50 ways to rig an election. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. These don’t necessarily involve hacking voting machines –- although they could, as voting machines are demonstrably hackable. When the FBI hid the evidence of Hunter Biden’s highly incriminating laptop, assisted by 51 former intel officials who claimed the story had the “classic earmarks of Russian disinformation” (give me a break), it could be argued that that in itself was election-rigging. Similarly, when Democrats hid Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman’s cognitive issues by saying he was unimpaired and refusing to allow a debate until well after early voting had started, that was rigging an election, too. If they could be this dishonest, I don’t put anything past them.

And it’s not “conspiracy theory” to say so. Concerns about elections must be taken seriously. Whoever dismissively calls them "baseless" is the real threat to democracy.

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Comments 1-10 of 70

  • Pam Tuggle

    11/17/2022 10:59 AM

    I truly respect you and have followed you for years. I live in Georgia and heard you were actually in my town yesterday. I told my daughter, I seriously wish I could just sit down with him for a blunt honest conversation and have questions answered. Because I trust you. My concern is the manner in which Trump is so quick to call names and berate others. I definitely do not want to go the way of the “left”, but I seriously wonder if Trump will help or hinder the race. I understand the media is a huge hindrance. But I would just really like to hear from someone who knows him personally, and can tell me honestly. I know a great little coffee shop. Lol! But I know you have traveled on in your campaigning. Congratulations to your daughter!

  • Christine Perry

    11/16/2022 01:19 PM

    I am one of the biggest supporters of DJT. But, with this disastrous mid-term I wished he would have waited for the dust to settle.
    Do I feel there was big-time fraud in the election? YES.
    Do I feel we need DJT now? YES.
    I am just so disillusioned with everything political.
    Besides, I'm from Pennsylvania and we had flawed candidates. BOTH!
    Friends I talked to felt OZ was another Romney or Chenney and forget Fetterman.
    I pray for President Trump every day.
    I still dream about how different our Nation would be today under his fine watch.
    God Bless you Governor and yours.

  • John P. Crowder

    11/16/2022 06:16 AM

    You say, "“While also facing the worst economy in modern history…and the worst inflation in America’s history…and out of control crime…and open borders…and failing schools…and polls showing 75% of Americans believe the country is going in the wrong direction…Yet Biden beat all of that?" Well, Huckablowhard, even if all that were true, many Americans are sufficiently aware that Trump and his MAGAminions are far worse. "Going in the wrong direction" is spectacularly exemplified by the Trump-inspired insurrectionist attack on the Capitol. The wonder of it all is that so many supposed evangelical Christians are throwing in with an immoral, lying, womanizing, self-promoting reprobate such as Donald J. Trump!

  • Charlotte Harris

    11/15/2022 03:17 PM

    Yes I believe there was some cheating going on. If you have to cheat to get elected shame on day they will stand Before God So thankful Sara won in Ark

  • Zella James

    11/15/2022 03:04 PM

    Well, CA's done it again! "Governor" Newsom is back in, but not by American/Californian's votes! Come on now. All those signatures to recall Newsom, yet, he "won" the election to NOT recall? Hmmmm. Now, he's "re-elected governor of CA!? NOT! Bet he's so glad the system could be flooded with absentee ballots and, all those dead people and older dementia folk who voted for him. Three blind mice! Nope! Now he gets to keep the high gas taxes, LGBTQ? agenda, and protect "women's" rights of their bodies to murder babies up to 28 days after birth. God help and forgive CA. Every knee better bow before God lowers the boom on CA!

  • Debbie Jude

    11/15/2022 02:47 PM

    I am so bummed about the election results in Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, and we will probably
    get the same results from Georgia. My opinion is that we will never ever have a fair election, because of cheating and the FBI that we currently have that are in cahoots with them.

  • William Schlumpf

    11/15/2022 02:40 PM

    Vote fraud is voter suppression. Every fraudulent vote disenfranchises a Citizen.
    We must insist on random automatic audits of election results so there is no question our process is clean. Also we must restore election day to Election Day.

  • Brenda Nelson

    11/15/2022 01:07 PM

    I’m saving this article to share everywhere. Well done.

  • Allen Clay

    11/15/2022 10:55 AM

    As much as I like most of the programs Trump began, I do not believe he should run again. He's much too divisive. Even now, he's screaming election fraud in more than one race. If he had the "pull" he thinks he has, the endorsements he made would have come through. I believe he actually hurt some candidates with his comments.
    Trump is not presidential. If he had had no Twitter account, he'd probably still be president.

  • Brian Weninger

    11/15/2022 09:52 AM

    Hi Mike--
    I am NOT very knowledgeable when it comes to politics and elections. As an American, I believe in doing my civil duty by voting responsibly (which typically puts me on the conservative side of the spectrum, although I don't claim to be a "Republican"). However, as a born-again Christian, I also try to remember that my TRUE citizenship is in Heaven, and not just here in the U.S. of A.
    Born and raised in Wisconsin, I'm often embarrassed when my state shows up "blue" in the national polls and election results. There are 72 counties in Wisconsin... all but 15 or 16 are typically "red"...yet we ended up a with Democrat Governor... and Biden (supposedly) won the state in 2020. Unfortunately, it's the liberal areas around the bigger cities--Madison, Milwaukee, etc.--that give the state its tainted hue when viewed from a national perspective. I understand it has to do with population distribution, etc...but, as a rural "farm boy," it just looks funny when more than 75% of the state is red, but it's still been shaded blue in the last couple elections.

    Anyway, I'm writing today because I'm hoping you might help me understand something. I was looking at the results of our most recent election last week and found it kind of interesting that the state's voting totals don't match up depending on which race you look at. It was projected that Republican Ron Johnson won the Senate race by a narrow margin of 50.5% over Democrat Mandela Barnes. (I haven't gone back again to check the "final" numbers, but at the time of my viewing, Johnson reportedly got 1,334,580 votes to Mandela's 1,307,282....for a total 2,641,962 votes all together).
    However, in the Governor's race, there was a total of 2,648,455 votes (6,493 more than the Senate's total votes). I realize +/-6500 votes may not be a HUGE difference when looking at the large scale of things, but why is there any difference at all? I find it hard to believe that 6500 citizens came out to simply vote for the governor and decided to ignore the Senate race altogether. However, it seems to make even less sense when you take a closer look at things.

    Sadly, it seems that Democrat Tony Evers was re-elected Governor of our state. He somehow managed to get 51.2% of the vote (1,355,409) compared to Republican Tim Michel's 47.8% (1,266,126) with the other 1% (26,920 votes) going to independent candidate Joan Ellis Beglinger.
    I guess my point is that, just in looking at the Republican numbers when comparing Senator vs. Governor, there were apparently 68,454 people that voted for Ron Johnson that did NOT vote for Tim Michels. I don't know....but if my math is correct, that sounds like a LOT of voters would've had to jump party lines when they voted for the governor. I understand that not everybody votes the straight party line. (As mentioned, I don't profess to be a "Republican" myself and have always TRIED to look at each candidate's just been a long time since the Democrats have had any candidates that I could stand behind at all!). Still, 68,454 seems like a pretty large amount...especially when most people seem to strictly be on one side or the other these days.
    Even if one assumed that the 26,920 "independent" voters were all Republicans that didn't like Tim Michels for some reason, there would still be 41,534 people that voted for a Republican Senator that did NOT vote for the Republican Governor.

    Likewise (or vice versa, depending on how you look at it?), Democrat Governor Tony Evers somehow managed to get 48,127 more votes than his former Lieutenant Governor (Mandela Barnes) did as the Democrat candidate in the Senate race. Why didn't the Democrats come through for him like they did for "Taxin' Tony"?

    I just find it kind of interesting that the numbers aren't a little closer....or that they don't match the party lines across the different races. I'm not sure what, if anything, that difference might prove (or even insinuate???) I noticed a similar discrepancy in the 2020 presidential election when Biden supposedly won, yet in other races, the Republican's captured more votes than their Democrat opponents. At that time, I jokingly speculated that perhaps the Democrats were so focused on making sure Trump lost, that they simply forgot to rig the other races...but after observing similar differences in numbers again, I'm just curious as to why there might be such a variance. Any insight you can offer would be appreciated.
    Thank you!