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November 2, 2022

While the Biden Administration continues to falsely claim that our southern border is secure, illegal immigration keeps setting new records, like approximately 2.4 million migrant encounters in fiscal 2022. But there’s another, tragic record that those in power really don’t want to talk about.

They don’t mind ignoring all the violence and death unleashed on Americans by allowing drug gangsters, convicted felons and fentanyl and other deadly drugs to come rushing over the border. But it’s still politically useful for them to keep pretending to care about the fate of the migrants themselves, even as they turn a blind eye to the brutal abuses of coyotes and the sexual assaults and trafficking of women and children. Now, here’s another record that I doubt will receive much attention from the White House:

Citing internal Border Patrol data, CBS reports that in the past year, at least 853 migrants died while trying to enter the US illegally. That breaks the previous record of 546 migrant deaths set in 2021, also under Biden. Due to smugglers abandoning people to brutal desert terrain, blistering heat and dangerous river currents, there are so many deaths that morgues in border towns have run out of space. The states have to provide refrigerated trailers to store all the bodies.

The unsecure border and the tacit message from Biden that America is wide open are luring people to their deaths, and I’m fed up with hearing anyone who opposes that being accused of lacking compassion. The leaders of blue Northern cities who complain of a relative handful of illegal migrants being sent to them don’t even know a fraction of what border towns are dealing with because of policies they support. I wonder if a visit to a makeshift overflow morgue might finally make them realize the tragic consequences of their policies?


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  • Richard Bennett

    11/05/2022 02:33 PM

    Photos of these makeshift overflow morgues might help these Yankees understand ...