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November 11, 2022

Speaking of people who should be fired, President Biden announced that “everyone wants me to run for reelection.” Wow, another poll that's wildly incorrect!

At Biden's first post-election press conference, as expected, he crowed about the lack of a red wave, taking that as a sign that Americans approve of his top-to-bottom disastrous policies and unconstitutional overreach. One reporter pointed out that surveys show 75% of Americans think the country’s heading in the wrong direction and asked, “What do you intend to do differently?”

Clueless Joe’s response: “Nothing, because they’re just finding out what we’re doing.”

I think that actually outdoes Stacey Abrams’ claim that black males weren’t supporting her because they were “misinformed” as the most arrogant, condescending quote of this election season. Most of us are keenly aware of what he’s been doing because we’ve had to deal with $5 gas, empty store shelves, 5 million illegal immigrants, political prosecutions, rampant crime and drugs, and hostile nations who sense our weakness ramping up aggression against their neighbors.

He might be correct that all the young people who blunted the red wave by voting for Democrats because they have little life experience and heads full of leftist mush put there by college professors haven’t figured out what he’s doing yet. But if you read this newsletter, you’ve known from day one, when he kicked off his Administration by reversing border security measures, shutting down the Keystone XL Pipeline project and declaring war on our domestic oil and gas industries.

And he is correct in the sense that a lot of people who voted for Democrats are about to get a rude awakening as to what he’s been doing. For instance, those low gas prices he bragged about were due to draining our Strategic Petroleum Reserve. It’s now at record lows and has to be refilled, so expect gas prices to start rising again. Also, good luck if you’re on a limited income and need to buy heating oil this winter. Oh, and that train strike that he managed to kick down the road a bit? It’s threatening to flare back up and disrupt the supply chain just in time for Christmas. That is, if the urgent shortage of diesel fuel doesn’t do that first. So yeah, Joe, some of us already know what you’ve been doing. 

He also raised eyebrows by dismissing Republican plans to investigate his son Hunter’s shady foreign business deals and his alleged profits from them, scoffing that “it’s almost comedy.” I admit to doing my share of Hunter Biden jokes, but there’s nothing funny about the staggering amount of corruption at the highest levels of government that the evidence on his laptop suggests.

However, I do think it’s funny that so many commentators were aghast at Biden's comments and stunned that “he seems to have learned nothing.” Come on, man! One of Joe’s most famous traits is that he’s been in Washington for over half a century and learned nothing! Why would he start now?



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Comments 1-2 of 2

  • Maryann Allen

    11/13/2022 10:04 AM

    I think the only voices urging him to run in 2024 are those in his head! Even his own party is embarrassed to own him! He’s a disaster to America and his party! He needs to retire and wifey needs to act responsibly and quit covering for him instead of trying to stay in the limelight

  • Glenda Schmalz

    11/12/2022 04:01 PM

    It amazes me how they keep saying things to justify abortion. Pregnancy is not an illness. Abortion is not a cure. And how they keep finding votes until the democrats have enough to win....