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December 10, 2022

I doubt that this will come as a shock to you, but a new survey by the retail technologies company Swiftly found that for most Americans, “food costs are too high.”

The survey found that about two-thirds of Americans are struggling to afford groceries, and 83% use coupons or other rewards programs to try to bring prices down. Three-quarters of consumers have changed their grocery shopping habits to deal with high food prices. That includes more shopping for deals, buying cheaper alternatives and forgoing certain food items. And there’s been a big drop in online shopping and grocery deliveries. Both exploded during the pandemic, but now, more people are going to the store themselves, which is cheaper.

The study’s authors said this affirms the importance of keeping brick and mortar stores around for people to be able to shop themselves for food they can afford. I would add that it also affirms the importance of ending the wave of thieves going through stores like a swarm of locusts, stealing everything they can carry with nobody stopping them and nobody prosecuting them.

Of course, some people would disagree with that, but fortunately, they’re idiots. Like the prominent feminist author who’s being lambasted on social media for drawing some stunningly dumb conclusions from seeing diapers locked up behind security glass at her local Rite Aid.

She claimed this symbolizes that America is a country that “wants to force women into childbirth and then lock up diapers.” She went on to advocate that women who need diapers should be allowed to steal them, then added “Law enforcement (esp in NYC) would like us to believe that there are roving gangs of shoplifters who are interested in diapers for reasons beyond keeping babies clean. It’s disgusting.” Then she topped off that insanity by claiming that since security is tighter in poor neighborhood stores than in wealthy neighborhoods, that’s a sign of prejudice against low income women.

Now, let’s smash that with the hammer of facts: EVERYTHING in New York City Rite-Aids is being kept behind security glass because thanks to Soros-backed Democrat prosecutors, there are roving gangs of shoplifters that will steal literally anything they can pick up. Yes, shoplifters are interested in diapers for reasons beyond keeping babies clean, like selling them to get money. After all, it's not as if the stores have any. Security is tighter in poor neighborhoods because crime is higher there. If you legalize shoplifting, those stores will close, as many already have. As noted above, stores are necessary for poor people to find affordable food, and she’s advocating for something that will force stores in poor neighborhoods to close.

Finally, something I haven’t heard anyone else mention: if leftists care so much about poor families being able to obtain diapers, maybe they should stop fire-bombing pro-life pregnancy centers that provide them free of charge.

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