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December 28, 2022

The Twitter file dumps have continued, providing a growing mountain of evidence of collusion between federal agencies and social media to trample the free speech rights of Americans. You can tell how bad it is by the way the mainstream media has pivoted from ignoring it to mocking it to now trying to make up believe it's nothing, why, things have always been done this way (spoiler alert: no, they haven't.)

The latest file dump took a new twist, moving from the political world to the clampdown on free speech and scientific debate (i.e., “misinformation”) surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Bonchie at has a summary.

And here’s more…

It’s disappointing to see that the Trump White House also worked with Twitter to target “misinformation,” but at least that was highly focused on actual misinformation with the goal of preventing runs on grocery stories. It was only after Biden took over that the crackdown on any deviation from government COVID narratives was given seven booster shots of steroids.

Once again, it’s shocking but not surprising to see revealed the ironfisted censorship of scientific debate and the silencing not just of average Americans but also highly credentialed experts for daring to question government COVID narratives that we now know were false, sometimes in ways that got people killed.

In fact, we’re now learning that even non-credentialed podcast hosts were right about things that the government not only had wrong but were demonizing people for saying. Like that exercise helped you avoid severe infection and hospitalization. The government “experts’” stance was to silence that truth and close all the gyms and parks.

Some even tried to censor President Trump for encouraging people not to be afraid of COVID or let it dominate their lives.

Funny how Franklin Roosevelt is remembered as a great Democrat icon for saying, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” If Trump had said that, it would have been “misinformation” and probably yet another impeachable offense.

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  • Jacqueline Fullen

    12/29/2022 08:05 AM

    I’m becoming hopeless. I fear for my grandchildren