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February 3, 2022

This week, schools across the country are launching a “BLM Week of Action.” According to a “starter kit” on BLM’s website, this includes indoctrinating children as young as five with lots of radical left brainwashing. That includes four BLM “demands,” including “counselors, not cops” (because removing cops has made our big cities SO much safer for children, especially children in minority neighborhoods) and 13 BLM “guiding principles,” which include “black villages” and “globalism” (translation: racial segregation and communism.) Also, the "disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics." I imagine that means preventing parents from having any say over what their children are “taught.”

Judging from BLM’s actions, I assumed their guiding principles were more along the lines of shaking down white liberal corporate leaders for huge amounts of money which they spend on mansions instead of sharing it with the black communities that have been devastated by the riots and crime waves they encouraged.

I love the quote in that story about one of BLM’s founders who resigned after spending millions on fancy homes, that she was criticized “for her perceived opulence while claiming to be a Marxist.” But that’s why the only people who love communist governments are the people who run them: that’s where all the money is.

I’m baffled as to why BLM should even have so much influence in schools, considering that Americans’ approval of the group, which soared after the George Floyd killing, soon began plummeting, as this story from last August reminds us.

Isn’t it bizarre that when parents protest racist, leftist Critical Race Theory being taught in schools, they’re told they’re crazy, there’s no CRT in schools. And then when schools openly push that divisive, racist propaganda, we’re told we’re domestic terrorists if we want it removed.

I know your kids have already missed a lot of school due to the pandemic, but if their school is observing “BLM Action Week,” it might not be a bad idea to homeschool them for just one more week, and spend that time finding a better school.

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  • Red Green

    02/03/2022 02:23 PM

    Anyone who supports the marxist blm movement is ignorant of it's true purpose or they agree with it's objective. Either way, these "useful idiot's" will suffer the same as everyone else effected by marxism's tyranny, suppression and violence. Even the so called "political elite" can become expendable. The handlers that put them in their "position" can and will remove them at their pleasure.

  • Ken Bacskai

    02/03/2022 09:10 AM

    I wonder how it is that our professional sports leagues (NFL, NBA, MLB) haven't tuned in to the fact that BLM is a Marxist, anarchist organization - with one of its tenets being the dissolution of the nuclear family. I'm so tired of seeing "Black Lives Matter" on the back of so many football players' helmets and that same logo emblazoned in the end zones and along the sidelines as well as on the basketball courts. It's my understanding that the NFL's program "Inspire Change" is a platform for funneling moneys to BLM. This organization has to be called out for what it is.