February 16, 2022

“Crackpipe-gate” (as it’s facetiously been dubbed) has taken another twist or three. You’ll remember that the Washington Free Beacon reported that $30 million allocated by the Biden Administration was going to include “smoking kits” to make smoking crack and other illicit substances more sanitary for addicts, and that the kits include crack pipes. The White House denied that it was supplying free crack pipes. 

Now, the Washington Post reports that the Free Beacon reporter who wrote the story said the HHS spokesperson did not specifically say that the kits would include crack pipes, but he did confirm that the kits were for smoking crack, and based on what’s included in such kits around the country, they reported that the government would be funding crack pipes.

That's a point for the White House's side. But even WaPo admitted that it’s unclear what HHS’ intentions were, since the story ran before the kits were created.

Now, here’s another twist: Jeff Charles at reports that Biden is under fire now for denying that he plans to give out free crack pipes (and no, not from his son Hunter.) A nonprofit group called the Drug Policy Alliance that seeks “alternatives to strict laws” in aiding addicts, is angry because it was under the impression that the Administration did intend to include crack pipes in the kits. A spokesman fumed, “It would seem pointless to distribute these kits without” pipes, which “are the main part of the smoking kit to prevent the transmission of disease.”

(Although I feel I should mention that they are the main part of transmitting crack, which is arguably worse than disease.)

And another twist: The Free Beacon fired back that the HHS spokesman told them that they do “not specify what is in the kits, leaving that detail to program participants at the local level.” And we know some local programs have given out free crack pipes.

As to the question of whether Biden’s HHS planned to give away taxpayer-funded crack pipes to addicts, it’s not clear whether they did or didn’t. There don’t seem to be any strong denials, though, that they wanted to give away syringes. So either way, they’re using our tax money to help addicts keep using crack and heroin in the name of “compassion and public health.” I don’t think they understand what either of those terms means.

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  • Pat Kennedy

    02/23/2022 04:15 PM

    Revelation 9:21 (CSB) And they did not repent of their murders, their sorceries, their sexual immorality, or their thefts.

    The word sorceries was translated from the Greek word, according to Strong, "pharmakeia," I think that is self explanatory.

  • Gerry Ring

    02/23/2022 03:00 PM

    What is the chance of getting a word copy of Mike's opening statement from his show of 5-6 Feb 2022?

    Very powerful.

    And true.

    Just wondering.

    R/Gerald Ring

  • Nancy Martin

    02/21/2022 07:37 PM

    "they’re using our tax money to help addicts keep using crack and heroin in the name of “compassion and public health.”"

    In our house, that's called ENABLING.

  • Edward Vanover

    02/21/2022 12:34 PM

    It would seem that from a legal point of view the dispensing of ANY items that enable people to engage in an illegal activity, which 'doing drugs' is, should result in charges brought against the givers for "aiding and abetting" a criminal act.
    Compassion, in this respect, isn't. There is no compassion in supplying drug supplies to an addict! All that does is enable their habit.

  • Ed Thompson

    02/21/2022 10:05 AM

    Well damn— I really had my hopes set on getting my free crackpipes but guess I’ll settle for my free COVID-19 test kits made in China where Covid-19 came from— I just wanted all the free souvenirs I could get from the government to show future generations how completely ridiculous this current administration has become! Maybe in the future America will still belong to Americans!! And God/Jesus Christ will still be King of Kings. Hay I’m still allowed to believe / dream, right?

  • David Hunt

    02/21/2022 09:03 AM

    I enjoy reading your writtings. I agree with your writting. I have grown tired of your writting, because, while it does a great job of pointing out the hypocrisy of the left, nothing, absolutely nothing, is ever done about any of it. Today's hypocrisy will be forgotten, and new hypocrisies will be identified tomorrow. The cycle has worn me out.

  • Grace LaMontagne

    02/21/2022 12:06 AM

    I enjoyed your newsletter as usual, but I was wondering if you have any info on Kevin McCarthy. Personally I don’t like him, but now I just read that he is working back room deals all over the country making it look like he’s trying to help republicans get elected if they help democrats get elected in key districts. Is this true?
    Also, why would Kevin McCarthy be considered for speaker and not Jim Jordan, Matt Gaetz, Josh Hawley, Tom Cotton, Marjorie Taylor Green, Ted Cruz, Loren Bobert, Louie Gomert to name a few. We need a trusted conservative and that is not Kevin McCarthy. We cannot afford to repeat the years of traitor Paul Ryan.

  • Lee R Swann

    02/20/2022 11:35 PM

    Mike, thank you for all the email newsletters and other communication you send out. However, I am dismayed at all the reports from Durham, Tim Fitton and others about all the SCANDAL and illegal actions taken by Hillary & the Clinton machine. Also ALL the Hunter Biden et al PROOF of illegal actions in Ukraine, China, Russia, involving the Biden consortium. All these reports are well & good. BUT WHAT IS TO BE DONE ABOUT IT (THEM)? WILL WE EVER SEE ANY OF THESE CRIMINALS DOING JAIL TIME? EVEN PROSECUTED? I AM TIRED OF ALL THE DELAYING TACTICS THAT THEY HAVE USED TO AVOID PUNUSHMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!